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Isochronic Tones – Using Isochronic Beats for Isochronic Entrainment

Isochronic beats are a unique form of music that differ slightly from the other brainwave entrainment music

Continue reading "Isochronic Tones – Using Isochronic Beats for Isochronic Entrainment"

Brainwave Entrainment

One good way to picture how brainwave entrainment works is looking at it like two pieces of metal.

Continue reading "Brainwave Entrainment"

Binaural Beats – The Beauty of Binaural Entrainment and Binaural Recordings

Binaural beats are an amazing phenomena, and more and more people are using these binaural recordings as a means of binaural entrainment.

Continue reading "Binaural Beats – The Beauty of Binaural Entrainment and Binaural Recordings"

Set Your Goals

It’s important to find your goals in order to reach them, and setting personal goals is the first step in becoming a better person.

Continue reading "Set Your Goals"

The Difference Between Short Term and Long Term Goals

You can set your goals according to what you want, but in the end your progress in these goals is up to you.

Continue reading "The Difference Between Short Term and Long Term Goals"

How To Achieve Goals You Set For Yourself

Over time, you will train your mind to believe you can accomplish anything.

Continue reading "How To Achieve Goals You Set For Yourself"

Goal Setting Strategies That Work ... Plus … How To Set Goals

Setting goals allows you to go after your dreams in a controlled and achievable manner.

Continue reading "Goal Setting Strategies That Work ... Plus … How To Set Goals"

Goal Setting Theory and Tips

Knowing how to set goals is one of the many things that you will need to learn if you are going to succeed at anything in life.

Continue reading "Goal Setting Theory and Tips"

What Is a Goal? - Plus a Great Goal Setting Tip or Two

What is a goal? Get a definition of 'goal'; some sample goals objectives; a goal setting tip or two; plus hints about the practice & theory of goal setting.

Continue reading "What Is a Goal? - Plus a Great Goal Setting Tip or Two"

Why You Want a G-Spot Vibrator

Look up or go to the store and check out models of vibrators. Pick one out for yourself. (If you're a man, pick one for your woman.)

Continue reading "Why You Want a G-Spot Vibrator"

Female G Spot Orgasm: Hit the Ol' Spot!

Now you should see clearly why stimulation of the female g spot is considered to be so important for sexual fulfillment.

Continue reading "Female G Spot Orgasm: Hit the Ol' Spot!"

Elemental Ideas about Sex Under Water

The idea of getting submerged and having sex under water can sound like an incredibly romantic or deliciously kinky idea.

Continue reading "Elemental Ideas about Sex Under Water"

Humor and Sex

Oh, yeah, THIS is important! You REALLY need your sense of humor in your sex life. I'm not kidding.

Continue reading "Humor and Sex"

Uninhibited Sex - the Joy of Being Sexually Uninhibited

Uninhibited sex is SO great! Learn about being sexually uninhibited. How to lose your inhibitions and move towards having no sexual inhibitions.

Continue reading "Uninhibited Sex - the Joy of Being Sexually Uninhibited"

Making Love to a Virgin – Sex with a Virgin Doesn’t Have to Be Challenging

Doing something for the first time, be it virgin pussy or virgin anal sex, can be quite daunting for many people.

Continue reading "Making Love to a Virgin – Sex with a Virgin Doesn’t Have to Be Challenging"

Making Love to a Man –How to Have the Best Sex Ever

The many health benefits of sex and procreation are definitely not the only reasons that you should be having sex with your man, but you would do well to have fun with your sex.

Continue reading "Making Love to a Man –How to Have the Best Sex Ever"

Making Love to My Wife – First Time Love Making and Great Sex Tips for You

There are two aspects to your relationship – the spiritual and the practical. Here are some tips to help you work on YOURSELF in both areas

Continue reading "Making Love to My Wife – First Time Love Making and Great Sex Tips for You"

Great Tips for Communication in Relationsships

How to build a strong relationship through excellent communication

Continue reading "Great Tips for Communication in Relationsships"

Surviving Long Distance Relationships

Tips and advice on how to keep a relationship alive and well when you are living apart

Continue reading "Surviving Long Distance Relationships"

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Eckhart Tolle Quotes

Known for his rousing motivational speeches, as well as his writing, Eckhart Tolle quotes are considered as unconventional, as they are moving and uplifting.

Continue reading "Eckhart Tolle Quotes"

Kahlil Gibran Quotes

Born in 1883, Kahlil Gibran quotes hold as much meaning and sentiment now, as they did through his entire forty-eight year lifetime.

Continue reading "Kahlil Gibran Quotes"

Leo Buscaglia Quotes

Had he been alive today, Buscaglia would have been very impressed with his latest accolade, a guest appearance on “The Simpsons”

Continue reading "Leo Buscaglia Quotes"

Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

This seemingly average person, described as shy and introvert by his family, was and to some extent remains one of the world’s most influential people.

Continue reading "Mahatma Gandhi Quotes"

Wayne Dyer Quotes

Wayne Dyer quotes the “obstacles” in his childhood as being almost directly responsible for his success today.

Continue reading "Wayne Dyer Quotes"

Inspirational Thoughts and Spiritual Quotes on the Ego and Spiritual Awakening

I would like to present you with a couple of spiritual quotes - they're also inspirational quotes, of course, but a couple of them are of the slightly harsh, somewhat provocative variety.

Continue reading "Inspirational Thoughts and Spiritual Quotes on the Ego and Spiritual Awakening"

Don Miguel Ruiz Quotes

any of the most popular Don Miguel Ruiz quotes come straight from the book “The Four Agreements”, which is described by many as a motivational classic.

Continue reading "Don Miguel Ruiz Quotes"

Maya Angelou Quotes

Maya Angelou provides many motivational quotes for people who have experienced similar situations. She may be shy about being referred to as a legend, but that is exactly what she is.

Continue reading "Maya Angelou Quotes"

Dale Carnegie quotes

Quotes by Dale Carnegie are, without question, the most regularly used within the personal development and self help industry.

Continue reading "Dale Carnegie quotes"

Famous C S Lewis Quotes

C S Lewis was an academic, essayist, medievalist and lay theologian

Continue reading "Famous C S Lewis Quotes"

Deepak Chopra Quotes

Many Deepak Chopra quotes reinforce the importance of how a healthy mind helps maintain a healthy body.

Continue reading "Deepak Chopra Quotes"

Great Dalai Lama Quotes

The most commonly used Dalai Lama sayings are those from the current “guru” - Tenzin Gyatso.

Continue reading "Great Dalai Lama Quotes"

Brian Tracy Quotes

If you wanted to picture success, Brian Tracy fits the bill perfectly. One of the most famous Brian Tracy quotes

Continue reading "Brian Tracy Quotes"

Find the best Ayn Rand Quotes

Ayn Rand was a ballsy woman who, while strongly opinionated, rarely managed to not win over every person she met. Even today, nearly 30 years after her death Ayn Rand quotes and her diverse collection of works are used on a daily basis in everything from education to politics.

Continue reading "Find the best Ayn Rand Quotes"

Self Esteem Worksheets

One of the best ways to correct your self esteem is to regularly complete self esteem worksheets. These will ensure that you keep your self esteem in balance, so you don't have to do a complete self esteem overhaul.

Continue reading "Self Esteem Worksheets"

Find Self Esteem Lesson Plans that Suits You

When you are working to strengthen your confidence, it can be helpful to have plans for self esteem lessons to help you stay on track.

Continue reading "Find Self Esteem Lesson Plans that Suits You"

Low Self Esteem Signs - and Self Esteem Building Activities

Read about seven common low self esteem signs - and seven matching self esteem building activities!

Continue reading "Low Self Esteem Signs - and Self Esteem Building Activities"

Self Esteem Exercises

If your self esteem is less than average, it is important to find ways to improve it.

Continue reading "Self Esteem Exercises"

Read about Mindfulness for Beginners

Here is a great way to start out learning about this amazing yet simple technique that can help you to embrace the present and leave the past and future worries behind.

Continue reading "Read about Mindfulness for Beginners"

Great Self Esteem Games

Building a Positive Self Esteem with Games

Continue reading "Great Self Esteem Games"

Building Self Esteem Advice

Positive self esteem is an important part of life, and you will find that improving self esteem will help transform your life.

Continue reading "Building Self Esteem Advice"

How to Overcome Low Self Esteem

Building self esteem can seem to be so hard, especially when you are in the depths of despair or depression and feel like the world is collapsing around you.

Continue reading "How to Overcome Low Self Esteem"

Tips for Your Wedding Night Lovemaking

Tips for Men and Women on Their Special Night

Continue reading "Tips for Your Wedding Night Lovemaking"

Lovemaking Positions

Different positions not only spice up the lovemaking and make it much more exciting.

Continue reading "Lovemaking Positions"

Love Making Techniques - Some Sexual Techniques for You

Some Sexual Techniques for You

Continue reading "Love Making Techniques - Some Sexual Techniques for You"

Romance and Love Making

Love making. Consider the words. They actually mean 'the creation of love'. And that what makes love making romantic: When it's an expression of love.

Continue reading "Romance and Love Making"

Polyamory relationships

poly relationships - to some people it means freedom, and to others it means taboo

Continue reading "Polyamory relationships"

Love Match/Love Compatibility Test

Do you want to know if you really love someone? If you are truly compatible?

Continue reading "Love Match/Love Compatibility Test"

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