Making Love to a Man –How to Have the Best Sex Ever

Making love to a man doesn’t have to be all work, and you can have some pretty great sex featuring full body orgasms just by getting creative with your foreplay techniques, learning a bit on how to give head, changing up love making positions, mixing humor and sex, and so much more.

The many health benefits of sex and procreation are definitely not the only reasons that you should be having sex with your man, but you would do well to have fun with your sex.

There are so many ways that you can make sex fun for both yourself and your man, such as trying some bedroom games, trying some tantra techniques, finding different ways to masturbate each other, really learning how to make out and how to French kiss properly, showing him how to hit the G spot for a G spot orgasm (yes, G spot location doesn’t require heavy duty equipment, but is actually easier than you might think), and getting out of your routine with sex.

Sure you may not have a gushing orgasm or squirting orgasm every time he tries eating a girl out (you), but being fuck buddies, friends with benefits, boyfriend and girlfriend, or man and wife certainly has its benefits.

The main benefit of sex with someone you know is that you can get creative with what you know the other person likes.

Want to know how making love to a man – your man – can be the greatest thrill of your life? Read on to find some ways to turn your sex life from humdrum into earth-shattering love making…

Fitness for Great Sex

When it comes to having great sex, there is nothing like fitness to help improve your sex. If you are in good shape:

1. Your man will love your body, as it is tight and lean (or round and curvaceous). Remember that being in shape makes your body more appealing to your man, just like his trim body is appealing to you.

2. You will be able to enjoy sex a lot more. That’s right; if you aren’t worrying so much about trying to hold yourself in a certain position or trying to avoid hurting yourself, you can have tons more fun with sex.

3. You will be able to last longer. Many overweight men and women have a hard time with sex, as they are unable to hold their body weight up. The blood is also restricted and cannot reach their genitals, so they have a hard time enjoying sex. You both can last longer just by getting in shape.

4. You can experience stronger orgasms, and give them as well. When you have been doing exercise like pelvic floor exercises or Kegel exercise, your sex muscles will be stronger. Stronger sex muscles = better orgasms.

Isn’t it awesome what just a bit of sex can do? Being fit when having sex will make it even more enjoyable, and you can bet your boots that fitness is the best way to increase the “friends with benefits” benefits.

Men Love It When You Orgasm

The most erotic thing that you can do when having sex: have an orgasm.

That’s right, men love it when women have an orgasm, as it means that they are “doing the job” just right. Men try eating girls out because they know they love it, they try clitoral stimulation and finding the G spot just to give a powerful clitoral and G spot orgasm, or they learn how to finger a girl just so they can give her a screaming squirting orgasm.

It doesn’t matter if you have a squirting orgasm or just a regular full body orgasm; the fact that you made it that far is incredibly erotic to the man you are with.

All the erotic belly dancing, foreplay ideas, bedroom games, and trying different ways to masturbate have one goal: giving you the best sex ever by giving you every kind of orgasm in the book (anal orgasm, clitoral orgasm, G spot orgasm).

Men love it, so why withhold from them the thing that they love most about sex with you? If it takes a G spot vibrator to help you reach the right spot, you might be surprised to find that most men are willing to do what it takes.

Men will do just about anything to get you to the point of no return, but remember that your mind has a lot to do with your ability to orgasm. Do him a favor and get yourself in the mood before having sex, and it will be the best sex ever for him because he feels that it was really great sex for you.

Fun Ideas for the Best Sex Ever

If you want some fun foreplay ideas or ideas for giving him the best sex ever, here are a few things you may want to try:

Sexy Dance – Sounds kind of silly when you imagine yourself doing erotic belly dancing or swinging around on a stripper pole in your bedroom, but you can bet that his mind will be blown to see your delicious body gyrating sensuously.

Sexy Phone Call – When he is least expecting it, give him a call on his cell phone. When he picks up, whisper something sensuous to him. If you are the kind of woman that likes to play with herself when her man is not around, call him and let him know what you are doing, or even let him hear you. You can bet your boots that he will be quite ready for some good old fashioned fornicating when he gets home.

Oral Sex – Most guys enjoy a bit of oral sex, both giving and receiving. Learning how to give head is just a part, but teaching him how to finger a girl to give her a good orgasm can be a great skill to add to his oral sex skills. The combination of finger and oral sex is sure to drive you wild, which will lead to a great night of fun for him.

Change it Up – Don’t always have sex in the same places and at the same times. Try and surprise him with sex at special times, such as in the car on the way to work, at the gym, or during his lunch break. It may be hard to break him out of a routine that he has set, but it is sure to be great sex due to the fact that it is something different.

Gaming Time – Try different bedroom games to have fun with him, and watch his creative mind get to work trying as hard as he can to win the game so he can have the prize: you. It may seem silly to play games in the bedroom, but tacking on some fun to the sex will certainly add a new element.

Read Something Sexy – There are lots of raw sex stories that you can read online, and you might be surprised to find that they can be quiet effective in getting your morale and his member up. Mixing humor and sex is great, but mixing sex and stories can be a great way to have fun with your whole sexual experience.

Make Him Work For It – Just because he’s your boyfriend/husband/friends with benefits male, that doesn’t mean that he can get it without a bit of work. Make him work for the sex, by covering yourself with whipped cream and having him lick it off, tying yourself up and making him undress you, etc. He will love the novelty of it, and it will add a brand new spice into your lovemaking.

Keep It Trimmed – You may think that it’s no big deal if you let certain parts of the female anatomy grow a bit of hair, but many men prefer it to be close-cropped or completely shaven as it allows them greater access and more visual pleasure. It will be extra work, but find out what he likes and keep it that way.

Tell Him What You Want – Many women just hope that the men will pick on their subtle signals to do something, but hoping a man will pick up on a subtlety is like hoping that a dog will drive your kids to school – probably not going to happen. You don’t have to tell him in graphic detail, but it can be fun to give him specifics on what you want him to do to you. You can make it a game that neither one of you will do anything unless the other person tells you exactly what to do, thus forcing you both to talk sexy in bed.

Surprise Him – There are many great ways that you can surprise your man and get him lusting after you within seconds. For example, when he’s in the shower, start playing with yourself and getting yourself in the mood. When he comes out of the shower, he will definitely be in for a pleasant surprise and will be glad to take over the job for you.

Don’t Let Him Touch You – Changing things up can be a lot of fun, so tie him up and remove the use of his hands. You will then be in total control of the situation, thus allowing you to have lots of fun doing exactly what you want. Not only can you run wild on his body, but you are able to have him do exactly what you want him to do to you.

Be a Sex Slave – Take turns being each other’s sex slave in order to spice things up. Make it a set thing that one night a month, the first one home is the master while the last one home is the slave. Plan what you want him to do to you, and make it a point to get home earlier. Guys often like a bit of dominance from their women, and you will be in for a great fucking when he gets home.

Explore His Body – If you already have him tied up, you can have your way with his body and pretty much do whatever you want. Try exploring his body, and see what he responds to best. There are certain things that are tried and true, but you may find that he surprises you by loving something very unexpected.

Case Study

Marie is a woman who has had a lot of sex partners, but has been happily in a relationship for five years.

She has had a lot of experience pleasuring different men, but pleasuring her boyfriend is very easy due to the simple fact that they like to spice things up.

Her love making with her boyfriend started out as a purely physical relationship, but it has evolved into something that words fail to describe now that they know each other’s bodies very well.

From her vast store of experience, Marie has shared a few tips for women who want to do it right by avoiding these simple mistakes:

1. Don’t think you know it all – “Sure you’ve had lots of sex, but you can always learn more. After all, every man is different and a brand new challenge, so learn more about sex and what you can do to pleasure him.”

2. Don’t think about your flaws – “The way you see yourself in the mirror is much more critical than the way he sees you in bed. Keep your mind on the enjoyment of sex, and stop worrying about how you think you look.”

3. Don’t think he’ll get subtlety – “Lots of women hope that men will read their mind and get what they want, but telling him outright is not only more effective, but it’s lots sexier as well.”

4. Don’t think it’s all his job – “Too many of us ladies like to think the man has to start everything and get the job done, but we can take charge and do what we want as well. Most men find it very sexy!”

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