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Hi! Soren Lauritzen, the Personal Development Guy, here.

Let me tell you a bit about myself.

Brief Background Info

Soren is a Danish man’s name, and I live in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. (Denmark is a small Scandinavian country south of Sweden and Norway and north of Germany). Danish society is kind of neat, cute really, and apart from the dark and occasionally cold, snowy wintertime, Denmark's a great place to live.

What I Do

Today I work as a coach/counsellor/guide in consciousness [LINK], healer [LINK], teacher and author [LINK].

I call myself the Personal Development Guy, and that's because I combine personal development, self improvement [LINK] and spirituality [LINK] with both:

a) A theoretical framework at the cutting edge of psychology, coaching and spirituality


b) A great sense of love, acceptance, inner peace, joy, playfulness and fun.

My Background: A Normal Life

I haven't always been the Personal Development Guy. Many years ago I lived a fairly standard life. After I graduated as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) I used to get up in the morning and drive a bicycle for around half an hour to get to work (in Copenhagen lots of people drive bicycles - not as many people as in Beijing, China, but still a large percentage of the population).

I used to work with project management and then, over the years, I gradually drifted towards executive coaching.

That was actually quite a few years before the word 'coaching' even reached Denmark, so we didn't call it coaching, we called it 'sparring'. I became a sparring partner for the management of the media company where I worked. This was probably the beginning of 'the Personal Development Guy'.

At the time my primary hobby was writing fiction. So I wrote several novels and had them published. That was kind of fun. (They haven't been translated into English yet, but that might happen someday - you can see them on the Danish website of Athena Forlag - please note that the text there is in Danish).


So there I was, going about my business, when suddenly, BAM! something happened.

Actually it was more like BAM! ... pause ... BAM! ... pause ... BAMALAMA-DING-DONG!

What Happened? Wild Things!

What happened was this: I had spontaneous experiences with clairvoyance (BAM!) and healing (BAM!). At the time those two words were NOT a part of my vocabulary. I had no relation to them what so ever.

Since other people witnessed (and participated in) my strange and powerful experiences I couldn't really deny them. ("What? I'm clairvoyant?" Yeah, obviously. "WHAT? I can do healing?" Yep, no doubt about it!)

So, I concluded that my view of the world was too limited and decided to see what I had been missing out on.

And that's where the BAMALAMA-DING-DONG! enters the picture.

Self Improvement, Personal Development and Spirituality

I started a process of absolutely intense and groundbreaking personal development. I really started becoming the Personal Development Guy.

In the course of seven years of I explored brain research, personal development, self improvement, self help, spirituality, consciousness and life itself. And being an extremely curious kind of guy, I pretty much went to the very limits of most of them.

This process was wild. If you read about yogis and such persons who do a lot of personal development, have groundbreaking insights and discover that they can do weird things that are NOT part of what is considered 'normal' well, that's pretty much my story.

If I tell you about the things I've experienced there's a good chance you'll decide that I'm a whacko and lying through my teeth. And a whacko I might be, but I've discovered that total honesty is much, much more powerful that the alternative, so I do not lie. Instead I just keep quiet.

Surrender, Relaxation, Intuition and Flow

In the Indian spiritual traditions it is generally recommended that you don't get caught up in all the funny things that you discover you can do, but simply move on in your personal development. I agree. There's always more, no reason to limit yourself.

A few things that have to do with consciousness, healing and some energetically based things to do with my physical body I still use on a regular basis. But most of the things I tried, experienced and discovered that I can do I don't really use today. They are simply there as possibilities.

What I do use today is what you might call intuition. You might also call it something like surrender of the ego. Or: Trusting my soul and life itself. Or: Flow.

That's the most powerful thing I know, because it utilizes all available resources (including the 'wild' possibilities) and often produces what might be called miracles.

In actuality, though, those miracles are simply things falling into their natural and perfect place when resistance is removed.

The Culmination

Like I said, the most intense part of the process that lead to me becoming the Personal Development Guy lasted about 7 years (it's an ongoing process, of course).

At some point it all came together. On an 'inner journey' (exploration of consciousness), I experienced what I call Home (my core or soul identity) and later I experienced total unity with everything in existence. I chose to let these experiences transform myself and my life.

Things that I had taken for granted (thoughts, habits, beliefs, etc.) fell apart; and in the clear light of absolute reality [LINK] everything sudden fell into place.

The main point? Everything ... you, me and all of life ... is a unified whole.

For between 3 and 6 months these experiences affected every waking moment of my life in what was mostly an extremely pleasant way. (It could a bit disconcerting at times when it totally clashed with the prevalent mindset of my surroundings).

Actually now, years later, these experiences still affect every moment of my life, even if it's in a more quiet way.

Coming 'Home' - on Demand

The inner condition I call Home (or soul identity) is such a great experience. It's where our consciousness belongs. It's inner peace, spaciousness, joy and unconditional love.

That's why I decided to find a method that would help myself and others return Home at will.

I tried many different techniques and approaches, most of which didn't work too well on me, and thus I ended up developing the Let Go Method which is a simple and reliable means of returning Home. The Let Go Method also has a powerful capacity to heal and transform.

Come to think of it, it's probably quite fitting, too, that someone who calls himself the Personal Development Guy should have developed his own methods. I have developed several, of which I consider the Let Go Method the most prominent.

Developing a Coherent Theory

Furthermore, being a bit of a thinker (and writer), I also wanted to describe in words how it all fits together. (Also quite fitting for 'the Personal Development Guy').

So, I spent several years developing a coherent theoretical framework at the cutting edge of psychology, coaching and spirituality.

That framework (and my own state of consciousness) form the basis of all my work. Which, of course, not only includes personal counseling [LINK], buy also this website and its sister websites Smartass-Self-Help.com and Quotescoop.com.

What I Use It All For

Today, as the Personal Development Guy, I am able to describe how many, many things fit together. That includes things like human needs, feelings, thoughts, habits, beliefs, relative reality, absolute reality, etc.

I can write with some authority about all of those things plus love, sex/love making, letting go, relationships and personal development - to name but a few examples.

Also, I in the course of writing some small and easy to read books [LINK] about personal development, I have discovered a funny ability: Writing from the perspective of Life Itself.

This has come to be known as 'Notes from Life Itself to You' and is an integral part of those books. You can also see some examples of those Notes from Life on this website [LINK].

Becoming Self Employed

At some point along the way I realized that having a paid job was holding me back. So I quit my old job and became self employed as a coach/guide/counsellor, writer and teacher: the Personal Development Guy.

When I decided to take my messages to the international scene via books, special reports and websites I carefully studied the market for webhosting and learning how to build an e-business.

Site Build It (Sitesell, Inc.), also called SBI was by far the best alternative out there.

So I settled on the moniker 'the Personal Development Guy' and bought my first SBI website (this one, thePersonalDevelopmentGuy.com). I haven't looked back since. Building a combination of a great information website and a profitable e-business is pretty hard and challenging work, there's lots to learn and lots to do, but it's also great fun and I love it.

I would recommend SBI to anyone who has a serious intention of building a profitable e-business. If that's you, you can click this link to the 'regular' SBI info page or this link to the special SBI info page about Content 2.0 - a special and powerful feature that's unique to SBI - it allows you to build your own little FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc. Note, though, that although those are two different info pages, you get Content 2.0 with your SBI no matter what (you don't have to use it, of course).

How I Work

Basically, as the Personal Development Guy, I combine personal development and spirituality with a sense of playfulness and fun. I work from a place of great experience, powerful knowledge and total acceptance. I have a deep respect for everybody, but truly there is no reason whatsoever to take anything TOO seriously. And that certainly includes myself.

(Very) Alternative Versions of This Text

To see some alternative versions of texts about me, please visit the About Me page at Quotescoop.com.

That's it, for now. Thank you for spending time with me!

Yours Sincerely

Soren Lauritzen

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