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This blog is where I'll rant and rave and perhaps wax poetic (or not!) about anything that takes my fancy. Mostly, of course, it will be about stuff that has to do with personal development, self improvement, self help, self actualization, spirituality, leadership, inspiration and motivation.

And, of course, it's based on my own personal empowerment theory.

Whether you're interested in will power, thought power, subliminal power, belief power, power of the mind, the power of words or the even greater power of letting go of beliefs, thoughts, feelings, etc., you'll probably find something here. ;-)

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 Sell Your Soul? Soul Power and How to Sell Your Soul - or Not
(Newest entry!)

 How to Give a Female an Orgasm - Without Even Touching (Advanced Male and Female Orgasm Tips)
(2nd newest entry!)
 A Lesson in Letting Go and Letting God
(3rd newest entry!)

 Email Addiction, BlackBerry Orphans and Your Internet Addiction Disorder 

 Can I Breastfeed My Husband? 
. . . .Adult Breastfeeding Your Man / Woman or Not?

 German Crafts: The Ego Building Old Roads & Wonders

 Ephemeral Art and German Bunkers

 Good vs Evil: Is it Real?

 The Gift of Healing

 Inventing Reality

 Looking for a New Love?

 Another Weird Body Taboo: Breastfeeding in Public!

 Our Bare Bodies: What's the Big Deal?

 Crazy Thoughts about You and Me

 Inspirational Thought for the Day: About Work

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Happily Focus Free Holistic Thinking

Contrary to the rest of this website this blog is not focussed on any particular subject.

It is, in other words, a winding, non-direct road to personal value development, radical acceptance, self esteem building, spiritual inspiration and perhaps even self actualization, enlightened spirituality and kosmic consciousness. If you please! :-)

Along the way I'll be sharing positive thoughts, self improvement ideas and self motivation tips while asking both deep questions, confusing questions and funny stupid questions.

After all, I am a certified executive coach who does life coaching online [LINK] ... or is that certifiable online life coach who does business coaching online? ... or is it both - or more? ;-)

Learn How to Do It ... Or How Not to Do It

Also you can expect some practical and mental self help. I might, for instance, look into subjects like:

- how to have sex
- how to save a relationship
- how to end a relationship
- how to forgive
- how to find inner peace
- how to let go and let god
- how to make people laugh
- how to give unconditional love
- how to gain self esteem
- how to control your emotions
- how to be yourself
- how to start an online business
- how to make your own website
- how to be happy
- how to sell your soul

Oh, by the way, that last one is a joke. Even more than you think. You know why? Well, I'll tell you, but you'll have to read the blog ... :-)

Purpose: Human Growth and Development ... for You and Me Both

The purpose of this blog is human growth and development in general, and specifically to help both you and me with personal growth and inspiration.

Sometimes it'll be short & sweet and able to fit right onto this page; other times it'll be longer and contain a link that will take you to the full article on another page.

Unserious Edutainment?

And since I love good quotes, funny questions, motivational phrases and quotes, inspirational sayings and short funny jokes, I'll present at least one in each blog entry. For instance:

If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change the way you think about it.

~ Inspirational saying ~

Don't take yourself too seriously. Nobody else does.
~ Inspirational saying ~

Since life and experience is a matter of trial-and-error, there's no need to take choosing - or life itself - too seriously.
~ Soren Lauritzen ~ , the Personal Development Guy

I love really funny quick jokes etc., but I warn you: Though I do appreciate sweet and cute jokes, I mostly prefer nasty jokes, rude jokes and politically incorrect jokes. Like, for instance:

Speaking of women: Research shows that 1.5 percent of all men like big legs, another 1.5 percent like small legs, while a whopping 97 percent like something in between.


Why do farts smell? So the deaf can enjoy them, too.

In other words: Don't expect too many clean funny jokes or clean short jokes. Dirty and x-rated jokes are much more likely.

How Often?

My blogging aim with Soren's Blog: Inspirational Thoughts will be to make at least one entry every second week, but hey, don't take that statement too seriously, because I don't. ;-)

Sorry, No Comments! But ...

 Oh, and just so we're clear: Soren Blog: Inspirational Thoughts isn't one of those blogs that you can comment on.

I'd love for you to participate on this website, though. To do that just jump to the page SHARED Blogs: Self Improvement and Motivation and either share your stories, opinions, ideas, advice, website links, articles, reviews, recommendations, etc. - or read and comment on what others have shared.
Alrighty then, let's get on with the blog.

Inspirational Thought for the Day: About Work

I know (and know of) so many people who really aren't very happy with their job. But never the less they stay in it. They don't dare to make a change. Not for a better job, and certainly not for a life as a self employed entrepreneur (or infopreneur).

As I'm writing this the world is still pretty much in the throws of the latest economical crisis. And so the people I talk to are scared. "My job might suck, and my boss sucks even more, but changing jobs right now is impossible, just look at the terrible state of the economy," they tell me.

But I know of other people who do change job in this economical climate, with great success, and the people talking were scared of changing their job before the crisis, too. Ergo: The economical crisis is just an excuse for doing nothing because change is scary.

If A equals success, then the formula is: A equals X plus Y and Z, with X being work, Y play, and Z keeping your mouth shut.

~ Albert Einstein ~

Work is either fun or drudgery. It depends on your attitude. I like fun.
~ Colleen C. Barrett ~

It's not that I don't understand people who are afraid to change their work life, I do. I used to be just like that myself. It took me years to gather the courage to make a change and become self employed. And I'm telling you, there's a huge difference.

Not only in what I spend my time on, but in the amount of satisfaction I get from doing what I do (e.g. teaching, coaching and writing stuff like this). What's the main difference?

Well, I can say it in one word.

Just one.

You know what that one word is? Do you want to know?

It's: Love.

I love what I do today. I LOVE it. And that makes all the difference in the world to me.

Therefore the inspirational thought for the day is this:

You, too, can do what you love. You can make money off of it. Not only can you make a living, you can make a life.

And if you really DON'T want to change your current job, who's to say that you can't change what you DO in that job? For many people that's probably the first place to start.

You might, for instance, ask yourself these questions: 'Did I ever like - or even love - this job? If so, then what about this job was it that I loved - what characteristics? Or, alternatively, what characteristics would I love for my job to have? And finally: What can I do to get those characteristics into my current job? (And then, of course, start acting on it).

Because, in the immortal words of the Beatles: 'All You Need Is Love'.

Let me end this blog entry with a few selected inspirational sayings (quotes):

My father always told me, "Find a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life."
~ Jim Fox ~

Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy.
~ Kahlil Gibran ~

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
~ Inspirational saying ~

What we really want to do is what we are really meant to do. When we do what we are meant to do, money comes to us, doors open for us, we feel useful, and the work we do feels like play to us.
~ Julia Cameron ~

Tags/keywords for this blog entry include: inspirational thought for the day, inspirational thoughts, job, inspirational saying, work, motivational phrases, fear, economical crisis, love, change, entrepreneur, infopreneur and inspirational sayings.


Crazy Thoughts about You and Me

If you are like me and pretty much everybody else, then you're stark raving mad. Or, at least a part of you is. Nuts. Round the bend. Bonkers. Off the wall. Wacky. Mad as a hatter. Barmy.


I know, that's a pretty drastic statement. But it's not one that I make lightly. I make it based on observation - of myself, of those around me, of my coaching clients, and of the people in the city where I live.

Thus, the first of several very appropriate inspirational sayings for this blog entry is:

All of us are crazy in one way or another.

~ Yiddish proverb ~

Right now, you may be thinking "Crazy, I'm not crazy!" (...) To read the rest of this blog entry on Soren Blog: Inspirational Thoughts please click here: Crazy Thoughts.

Tags/keywords for this blog entry include (but aren't limited to): crazy thoughts, mad as a hatter, blog, inspirational sayings, inspirational thoughts, motivational phrases, self esteem, life esteem, worrying, fear, love, partner, sex life, parents, kids, job, traffic, shopping, coping strategy, beliefs, feelings, needs, behaviour, ego, mind, relative reality, absolute reality, truth, stillness, presence, awareness, letting go, the let go method, good quotes, personal development, self improvement, good quotes, personal development, spirituality, self improvement and the personal development guy.

Our Bare Bodies: What's the Big Deal?

inspirational thought bare bodiesNow, that's a really good question! I don't have a definitive answer for it, though, because I guess that there are all sorts of things involved: Culture, religion, other beliefs, habits, self esteem, lack of experience and just plain ignorance. And probably several other things, too.

In this blog entry you'll get my 'take' on our bare bodies (or one of my 'takes', at least). Depending on where you're coming from, you may either find that what I have to say seems liberating, or exotic, or like common sense, or provocative.

If you're easily provoked by stuff to do with our bare bodies, please skip this blog entry.

Full nakedness! All my joys are due to thee, as souls unbodied, bodies unclothed must be, to taste whole joys.
~ John Donne ~

But not everyone feels the same as the poet and priest, John Donne. Let me tell you a little anecdote from my own life.

Bare Bodies on the Bus

Some years ago I went on a rather long bus trip to go skiing (in the winter Denmark sometimes has lots of snow, but Denmark doesn't have any real mountains). This particular bus had a single television screen placed high up in the front, and the travel company showed some movies to pass the time.

We were nearing the end of the trip and had seen several movies. Then, at some point in the last movie of the trip, one of the female characters went to the beach where she took off her blouse and exposed her bare breasts (...) To read the rest of this blog entry on Soren Blog: Inspirational Thoughts please click here: Bare Bodies.

Tags/keywords for this blog entry include: bare bodies, nakedness, questions, Denmark, alienation, shame, pain, discomfort, acceptance, love, joy, pleasure, acceptance, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, soul, looks, age, race, gender, genitals, motivational phrases, breasts, tits, inspirational thoughts, penis, topless, topfree, inspirational quotations, inspirational sayings, and the Personal Development Guy.


Another Weird Body Taboo: Breastfeeding in Public!

As a sort of continuation of my previous blog entry (about bare bodies), I have to share my sense of wonder regarding something else to do with the human body: breastfeeding, particularly public breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is a mother's gift to herself, her baby and the Earth.
~ Pamela K. Wiggins ~

Breastfeeding is nature's health plan.
~ Inspirational saying ~

Breast milk is better than any udder milk!
~ Inspirational saying ~

Just the other day I took part in a social event in a restaurant. We were about 20 people who met to celebrate something, and one of the couples present has recently had their first child. This created the interesting conundrum: Can you breastfeed babies in a restaurant?

My own immediate response is 'Why on Earth not? A restaurant is a place where you eat, isn't it'?' But as it turns out not everyone shares this view. (...) To read the rest of this blog entry on Soren Blog: Inspirational Thoughts please click here: Breastfeeding in Public.

Tags/keywords for this blog entry include: breastfeeding in public, bare bodies, restaurant, nakedness, breast taboo, public breastfeeding, questions that make you think, Denmark, motivational phrases, intimacy questions, food taboo, stupid questions to ask people, mother taboo, questions to ask a girl, nudity taboo, breastfeeding quotes, breasts, tits, breastfeeding joke, funny stupid questions, inspirational quotations, inspirational thoughts and inspirational sayings.


Looking for a New Love?

Are you between girlfriends or boyfriends right now? Between lovers? Don't have a partner?

If you're looking for a new love I'd like to give you a couple of motivational, inspirational thoughts. I've got lots of them (as will be witnessed by the pages about Love and Relationships), but in this article I'll just present you with a handful.

Motivational Thought no. 1 When Looking for a New Love

Notice the word 'new'. New means 'not as usual'. It means that it's a good idea to do something you don't usually do.

Yes, you have a routine. We all do. We have lots of habits, and old habits die hard. However, if you're looking for a new love and you haven't yet found him or her, it means that your regular habits, haunts and actions aren't doing what you want them to do. You need to do something new.

Aim high and go skydiving to meet new people. Aim low and go scuba diving to meet new people. Or aim for a new rhythm and (...) To read the rest of this blog entry on Soren Blog: Inspirational Thoughts please click here: Looking for a New Love.

Tags/keywords for this blog entry include (but aren't limited to): looking for a new love, finding true love, unconditional love, never been in love, the law of attraction, role model, success, mistakes, habits, pretending, relax, zen sayings, let go, boldness, needs, behaviour, presence, good quotes, fear, blog, inspirational sayings, inspirational thoughts, motivational phrases, personal development, self improvement, and the personal development guy.


Inventing Reality

The inspirational thought for the day is this: We're all busily inventing reality - whether we know it or not. The very simple means by which we do so is: Decision. Consciously or unconsciously we decide what is going to be our reality and then we 'make it so' as Captain Picard (played by Patrick Stewart) in the TV-series 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' so often said.

If we do so unconsciously it can be a terribly trying experience - particularly if our subconscious is full of limiting and self depreciating beliefs (e.g. low self esteem). In some cases though, it's just the other way around. To show you what I'm talking about I'll tell you a story from my own youth.

Danish society in general is characterized by a large amount of equality. Both equality between the sexes and between rich and poor. (Relatively speaking, that is, compared to much of the rest of the world).

Many years ago, at the Danish equivalent of high school, I was surprised to find some young men (there weren't any girls in that particular group) who considered themselves very 'cool' and 'smart' and 'dapper' and 'clever' and 'in'.

These guys would wear expensive clothes, in fact usually overdressing compared to everybody else. Oftentimes they would wear suits and ties when the rest of us were quite casually dressed. Also, they would poke fun (or what THEY considered fun) at other people, usually by putting other people down. Obviously they considered this behaviour 'cool' and 'clever'. So, by behaving like this they thought they became 'smart'.

After watching them for a while (...) To read the rest of this blog entry on Soren Blog: Inspirational Thoughts please click here: Inventing Reality.

Tags/keywords for this blog entry include: inventing reality, inspirational thoughts, inspirational sayings, be yourself, just be yourself, relative reality, absolute reality, short inspirational stories, putting people down, condescending, personal development, self improvement, the personal development guy, Roosevelt quotes, Eleanor Roosevelt quotes, good quotes, saying yes, saying no, being negative, being positive, follow your heart, president Calvin Coolidge.


The Gift of Healing

"Do You Have the Gift of Healing?"

A friendly, curious girl whom I met socially recently asked me the above question.

Considering that discovering the existence and reality of healing (with me as the unwitting healer) was one of the primary things that prompted my process of personal development many years ago (briefly mentioned on the page About the Personal Development Guy) this question made me smile.

Before that pivotal experience 'healing' wasn't even a word in my personal dictionary. And now ... well, now healing is everyday practice for me.

So in answer to the girl's friendly and curious question I said, "Well, yes, I have the gift of healing, just like you."

And then she had a large number of other questions about healing, most of which I've included in this blog post (...) To read the rest of this blog entry on Soren Blog: Inspirational Thoughts please click here: The Gift of Healing.

Tags/keywords for this blog entry include (but aren't limited to): gift of healing, types of healing, energy healing, intuitive healing, beliefs, power of belief, wholeness, empowerment theory, healer, healee, learn healing, alternative energy healing, distance healer, distance healing, distant healers, chi kung exercises, healing animals, reiki healing attunements, reiki blog, usui reiki symbols, blog, Soren's blog, inner peace, joy, love, in love, playfulness, personal development, the personal development guy, inspirational thoughts, joke about healing.


Good vs Evil: Is it Real?

Approximately a years or so ago I was standing in front of an audience who was busy asking me questions.

I had been giving a speech on the subject of love and relationships. As usual, when I give speeches, do workshops and teach people the audience was composed mostly of women.

One of these women, who had identified herself as Sophie, had been asking me a number of questions and I was quite enjoying answering them.

I was also well aware that - again, as usual - most of the audience considered me ... well, something akin to an exotic animal. They loved observing this exotic animal (looking at me and listening to my speech), playing with me (asking me questions) and being titillated by me (listening to my answers and relating them to their own lives), but they sure wouldn't like live with me on an everyday basis. I was much too strange and exotic.

Good vs Evil

Anyway! This woman, Sophie, who had asked several questions already, each one more philosophical than the previous one, now asked:
"You're talking about love and fear, but you aren't talking about good and evil. Why aren't you talking about that? In your world view isn't there good and evil, isn't it good vs evil?"

What a great question! I want that to be the subject of this blog post.

inspirational thoughts good vs evil relative

Good vs Evil: That's Relative

My answer to the lady Sophie was this:

"Good and evil are (...) To read the rest of this blog entry on Soren Blog: Inspirational Thoughts please click here: Good vs Evil.

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Ephemeral Art and German Bunkers

The ephemeral art of sand sculptures built in the shadow of German bunkers creates questions that make you think ... about one of the most fundamental choices in life!

Vacation in the Middle of Nowhere, Denmark :-)

I've just come back from a week's vacation in the north western part of the small kingdom that is Denmark. (That's about as far away from the capital of Copenhagen - where I live - as you can get).
We lived in a cottage right about in the middle of nowhere. No landline phones and no Internet - which was kind of interesting in itself. It made me realize how used to, and dependent on, the Net I've become. But that's not the point here - or maybe it is, sort of, because this blog post is partly about contrasts.

The cottage is situated more or less in the expansive dunes near the beach, so we could hear the sea both outside and inside of the house. And since that sea is in reality the Atlantic Ocean (though locally we simply call it the Western Sea), well, there's quite some power to it at times. Big waves, big noise.

Ephemeral Art Contest

Every Wednesday during the summer there's a 'sandcastle building competition' on the beach.

Regular people (mostly local Danish tourists like myself) sculpt wonderful things out of the readily available beach sand and sea weed and shells and after a few hours of sand sculpting the winner of the week is selected by local judges.

Consequently, every week new sand sculptures arise out of the shapeless beach sand. They last from a few hours to a few days, depending on the weather and the sea. Talk about ephemeral art!

So, this week, on the beach there were men, women, snakes, crocodiles, castles, tennis rackets, racing cars, canoes, gigantic chess boards and giant ice cream cones - all sculpted out of sand.

Something else, that's on that beach, too, is concrete bunkers (...) To read the rest of this blog entry on Soren Blog: Inspirational Thoughts please click here: Ephemeral Art and German Bunkers.

Tags/keywords for this blog entry include (but aren't limited to): ephemeral art, german bunkers, sand sculptures, smile now die later, live laugh love, ego, enneatype, sandscapes, questions that make you think, smile now cry later art, enneagram, identity, soul, blog, inspiration blog, defence, acceptance, relative reality, inspirational thoughts, worrying, fear, love, coping strategy, needs, behaviour, personal

development, self improvement, spirituality, the personal development guy.


German Crafts: The Ego Building Old Roads & Wonders

In the previous blog post I talked about my summer vacation in a small cottage in the middle of nowhere in the part of Demark that's farthest away from the capital where I live.

I talked about the Nazi German occupation of Denmark during World War 2 and the contrast between scared egos building concrete bunkers and happy souls/hearts building the ephemeral art of sand sculptures (like full size horses, canoes and racing cars) in the sand. I even remembered to include some photos.

This time I thought I'd briefly mention another aspect of that. I thought I'd mention what I might (only slightly jokingly) call German crafts.

German Crafts: Very Big Sidewalks!

In order to get to that particular part of Denmark (which is sparsely populated) where I spent my vacation you some means of transportation (preferably a car) and you need roads. We had a car and we used the roads - which when you ride a car on them curiously go 'bump-bump-bump-bump!' on an entirely regular basis. Why do the roads do that?

That's because the roads in that part of the country are pretty old and made by big, fat, square slabs of concrete put next to each other. Those roads are essentially big sidewalks!

Guess who built those roads? (...) To read the rest of this blog entry on Soren Blog: Inspirational Thoughts please click here: German Crafts: The Ego Building Old Roads & Wonders.

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Can I Breastfeed My Husband?
Adult Breastfeeding Your Man / Woman or Not?

One of the people I'm helping as a personal development coach and consciousness guide (face to face, not life coaching online) has recently had her first child.

In the course of a recent session the following conversation took place:

"Soren, I noticed that you have written something about breastfeeding on your blog ..." (Long pause).

"Yes, that's right, I did," I answered by way of encouraging her to continue.

"And I know that you're very open minded ... in fact I think you're the most open minded person I know," she said.

"Thank you."

"Yeah, well, that's why I'm asking you this. I know you're not an expert on the subject or anything, but, well, it's like this: My husband has enjoyed that my breasts have grown, you know ... huge, like this, and he sees me nursing our child, and now he wants to breastfeed, too, and I'd actually like to let him!"

She said this last part of her long sentence very fast and almost breathlessly.

"Yes, okay. So?"

Can I Breastfeed My Husband? Well, Why Not?

"SOOO, is it okay? Can I do that? Can I breastfeed my husband? I mean, is it wrong? I don't know, it just seems, you know, strange. He's an adult, after all. Not a child."
"Well, does he kiss and suck your tits under normal circumstances, when there's no milk in them?"


"So what do you feel would be the problem of letting him kiss and suck them when there is milk in them?"

"Well, nothing I suppose, when you put it like that, but ..."

"Yes, but what?

"Nothing." She blushed and looked down at her hands in her lap.

"It turns you on, is that it?" (...) To read the rest of this blog entry on Soren Blog: Inspirational Thoughts please click here: Can I Breastfeed My Husband? Adult Breastfeeding Your Man / Woman or Not?.

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Email Addiction, BlackBerry Orphans and Your Internet Addiction Disorder

thoughts about email addictionWe are living in the information age. The time of the Internet, email, wi-fi, smartphones and much more.

This means more than just new possibilities - it also gives rise to a whole new set of interesting problems, including for example email addiction, Facebook addiction, Internet addiction disorder, and a phenomenon known as BlackBerry orphans.

What can happen is this: Normal, healthy people become scatterbrained, and develop an attention deficit. They can't focus on anything for more than a few minutes, and they gradually become unable to think deep thoughts and be creative. The quality of both their work and their life experience declines.

There IS hope, though! Read more in the blog post: Email Addiction, BlackBerry Orphans and Your Internet Addiction Disorder .

Tags/keywords for this blog entry include (but aren't limited to): email addiction, internet addiction disorder, blackberry orphans, facebook addiction, alvin toffler, dealing with information overload, blackberry addiction, myspace addiction, blog, inspirational sayings, inspirational thoughts, inspiration blog, self esteem, overcoming low self esteem, beliefs, behaviour, mind, behavior, letting go, good quotes, personal development, self improvement


A Lesson in Letting Go and Letting God

inspirational thoughts about letting goMy home country of Denmark is placed pretty far North on the globe. In the winter it gets cold.

This cold, in connection with the Danish national mode of transportation - bicycling - paves the road (so to speak) for A Lesson in Letting Go and Letting God.

Click it if you want to read a true story from the Personal Development Guy's life.

Tags/keywords for this blog entry include (but aren't limited to): letting go and letting god, being flexible, a lesson in letting go, Denmark, Scandinavia, let go let god, being adaptable, letting go of control, acceptance, let go and let god, blog, being accepting, inspirational thoughts, letting go, snowboarding, winter, intention, steering via intention, bicycle, inducing consciousness, personal development, driving, traffic, self improvement, biking, skiing, spirituality, the personal development guy.

How to Give a Female an Orgasm
- Without Even Touching
(Advanced Male and Female Orgasm Tips)

inspirational thoughts about womenSure, you can do that - it's quite possible (as long as you remember that it is not so much a question about GIVING someone an orgasm as it is a question about the other person allowing the experience of an orgasm).

Why I am writing about this in my blog? Because someone I met socially and didn't know surprised me with a question about it!

Note, please, that this is advanced lovemaking (more advanced than e.g. beginners tantra). So, if you happen to be REALLY interested in sexuality, please enjoy the love making article How to Give a Female an Orgasm - Without Even Touching (Advanced Male and Female Orgasm Tips)

Tags/keywords for this blog entry include (but aren't limited to): how to give a female an orgasm, making love, give a female an orgasm, love tips, give a female a orgasm, female orgasm tips, how to give an orgasm, male orgasm tips, how to give a female an orgasm, how to get an orgasm, woman having orgasms, inspiration blog, advanced sex, inspirational thoughts, advanced love making, beginners tantra, female orgasm how to, love energy, unconditional love, sex, tantric love making, sex energy, manipulating subtle energies, sex talk, how to give a female an orgasm, love talk, love partner, sex life, letting go, personal development, self improvement, how to give a female an orgasm and the personal development guy.


Sell Your Soul? Soul Power and How to Sell Your Soul - or Not

When I first started this inspiration blog I promised you a self improvement article on the subject of selling your soul. Well, I have written it, and as it turned out it got quite extensive with a lot of interesting personal development information in it. So, if you want to know something about soul power, your soul identity, the anatomy of the soul, whether someone else can steal your soul or you can lose your soul in other ways ... or ... if you are actually contemplating how to sell your soul to get ahead in the world, you might want to read Sell Your Soul? Soul Power and How to Sell Your Soul - or Not.

Tags/keywords for this blog entry include (but aren't limited to): sell your soul, how to sell your soul, selling your soul, definition of soul, soul power, soul for real, mind body and soul, soul meets body, soul spirit, consciousness soul, soul identity, soul consciousness, self concept, beliefs, happiness, joy, love, inner peace, freedom, wholeness, being whole, ego, ego psychology, seven human needs, choice theory, ruthless people, becoming evil, lose your soul, steal your soul, all is well, inspiration blog, inspirational thoughts, letting go, the let go method, personal development, spiritual growth, self improvement and the personal development guy.


More Blog Posts Are On the Way ...

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Inspirational Quotes, Poems and Funny Short Stuff
If you want, you can also get your personal development, spirituality and general wisdom in an ultra light version - or even add your own wisdom to the site. Just go to the other sister of this website at:
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This is where you might go for a quick 'fix' of wisdom and humor. A special treat is that this site has forums for you to present your own wisdom and humor in the form of inspirational short funny quotes, jokes, notes, letters, stories, SMS text messages and poems. Share your wisdom and witticisms with the world!

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Positive Parenting Ally is the parenting equivalent of the Personal Development Guy. This is where you go if you want really deepen your understanding of parenting, empower your kids and make everyday life more easy and joyful.
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