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• Personal development, spirituality, self help, love, happiness ...
• ... transformation, inspiration, mental health, self esteem ...
• ... empowerment, relationships, motivation and self improvement.

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• Short ideas, longer articles, stories, recommendations ...
• ... reviews, warnings, websites, Q & A (advice columns) ...
• ... self improvement advice, musings, jokes, quotes and more.

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The Concept Behind These Pages

This page gives you an overview of several SHARED self improvement and motivation blogs. The idea behind that is this:

You are probably reading stuff here on because you are interested in personal development, spirituality, transformation, self help, inspiration self improvement and motivation. Well, that's great! You are just the kind of person these pages are made for.

But perhaps you've got something on those subjects you'd like to share with the world? An idea, a thought, an opinion, an observation, a story, a review, a quote, a spiritual joke or something like that?

If so, then this is the perfect place to do so. You can even do so anonymously, if you like. Or, on some of the blogs, you can include a link to your own website (a so called backlink) - as long as it's relevant to the readers of this website.

You don't need to be a professional writer, author or blogger to write here. All you need is enthusiasm!

Ready to share? Jump down to 'Where to Submit (or Read) What')


The 3 Main Criteria for Content on these Pages

1) It has to do with self improvement, personal development, motivation, inspiration, transformation, self help or spirituality

2) It follows the simple guidelines of the blog where you share it

3) It's valid and useful to the readers of this website(my decision)
(If you want, you can refer to 'Legalities' below).

(Share your stuff in the areas of self improvement and motivation ...

What You Might Share (or Read)

Just to give you an idea about what you might share (or read if you prefer to peruse what others have shared), here are a whole bunch of examples:

- Tell the world about a wonderful, amazing self help book you've read!
- Give us some great, short self improvement ideas or tips.
- Warn us about a miserable self improvement CD you've listened to.
- Tell us about a great personal development book you've written!
- Make us laugh: Share your inspirational jokes & motivational jokes!
- You have fascinating personal transformation stories? Share them.
- Write a personal development essay/commentary & share it!
- Write some motivation articles and share them with the world!
- Share your favourite self help quotes or funny spiritual one liners.
- Warn us about less than cool spirituality websites you've visited.
- Introduce a spiritual teacher whom you love.
- Let us all know about yourwonderful self help website or blog!
- Tell us about the latest self help seminar you participated in.
- Share your motivational poems and motivational speeches.
- Tell us about the fine personal development audios you've recorded.
- Warn us about that dreadful self help DVD you've just watched.
- Show us your demotivators (funny demotivational posters).
- Share your inspirational thoughts ...
- ... or even your tips on how to make love!
- Ask the Personal Development Guy a question, get a blogged answer.

Where to Submit (or Read) What

These are the pages on which are dedicated to sharing stuff about spirituality, self help, personal development, inspiration, transformation, self improvement and motivation:

Shared Blog: Short Self Improvement Ideas

• Share your short (less than 300 words) self improvement ideas, stories, advice, musings, jokes, quotes, etc.

Your ideas & stuff in the areas of spirituality, inspiration, transformation, personal development, self help, self improvement and motivation are very welcome indeed on the page Short Self Improvement Ideas - where you can also read all the short wonderful things that others have shared, of course.

Shared Blog: Self Help Websites

• Share your knowledge of relevant websites - recommend the great ones and warn us about the lousy ones! Relevant means:

- self improvement websites and self help websites
- personal development websites and empowerment websites
- spirituality websites and transformation websites
- inspirational websites and motivational websites
- love websites and relationship websites
- mental health websites and self esteem websites
- and the occasional SERIOUS sex / making love / tantra website.

Oh, and let's not forget all the inspirational blogs, mental health blogs, etc. There are some powerful, enlightening and funny blogs out there!

So please also share your recommendations and warnings about your favourite: personal development blog, self improvement blog, self help blog, spiritual blog, motivational blog, get out of depression blog and serious blogs about sex (tantra blogs).

(And yes, you can also promote your own website, as long as it's relevant and provides value to the readers of these pages).

You can find, read and add to these website recommendations and warnings on the page Self Help Websites.

Shared Blog: Motivational Words

• Share your motivational words of all kinds (plus pictures).

This demands a bit more explanation - which is that it includes, for instance:

- motivational stories, motivational articles and motivational statements
- motivational phrases, motivational slogans and motivational mottos
- motivational poems and motivational songs
- motivational quotes, motivational sayings and motivational quotations
- motivational speeches and abstracts from motivational books
- motivational ideas, motivational thoughts and motivational theories
- motivational jokes and funny motivational posters
- motivational pictures, motivational wallpaper and motivational posters
- motivational cartoons and motivational videos (YouTube )
- demotivators (funny demotivational posters, anti motivational posters)
- demotivational quotes and demotivational sayings, thoughts & ideas

All this and more you can find, read AND SHARE on the page Motivational Words.

Shared Blog: Self Improvement Advice

• Ask a question about empowerment, spirituality, personal development or self improvement and get a blogged answer from the Personal Development Guy - or from the other readers of this website (in their comments to your submission). (You can also ask love questions and relationship questions. It's a bit like one of those Dear Abby advice columns, only about personal development). It happens on the page Self Improvement Advice.

If you want to share something,
but you're unsure where to share it
- don't worry!
Just share it, and let me sort it out!



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