Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment is a very fascinating concept, and it is definitely something you should consider if you want to improve your mental function, regulate your mood, enhance your relaxation, and experience something new.

Brain entrainment has become quite popular, though it has not yet become very widespread. Those that understand the concepts behind brainwave synchronization, rhythmic entrainment, sound entrainment, isochronic entrainment, binaural entrainment, and quantum entrainment find it to be quite fascinating, which is why there is so much brainwave entrainment music available online.

For your benefit, below you will find everything you need to know about binaural beats and how your brain can be benefitted thanks to binaural recordings…

Binaural Beats

The concept behind brainwave entrainment is quite fascinating, and it is one that has intrigued many researchers for the last few decades.

For the purpose of training your brain, two different sounds are pumped into your ears, one sound in each ear. One sound will usually be a few Hz higher than the other, and this will create a resonance in your ears that will travel along the nerves of your auditory canal to your brain.
Your brain will respond by altering itself in order to handle the different frequencies of the beats.

As an example of binaural beats and binaural recordings and their effect on the brain, let’s imagine that in your right ear you will be hearing a tone at 350 Hz.

The music will be going into one ear at this frequency, but another tone will be going into your ear at 360 Hz.

The two tones will be at different frequencies, which will actually make your brain sit up and say, “Hey, what’s going on?” The two different tones will mess with the brain, so the brain will adjust itself in order to handle it.

This means that your brain will be experiencing a binaural beat that you can’t actually hear, but that beat is the difference between the two Hz of the two tones.
If the one tone is 350 Hz and the other is 360, that means that the binaural beat will be at 10 Hz. Those 10 Hz will act like a conditioning agent that will affect your brain, as your brain will have to adjust. It will train the brain to react quickly to the different sounds, hence the name brain entrainment.

Uses of the Binaural Beats

Remember that the brain is basically a lot of electricity, and all of the signals sent throughout the brain are passed along nerves that respond to the electric signals.
When you pump music into your ears, your brain picks up the vibrations in your ear canal and translates the vibration into electricity that it then uses to configure its settings to adjust to the music that you are listening to.
That is why soft, relaxing music puts you to sleep, dance music gets you in an active mood, and heavy metal or hard rock pumps your body with adrenaline.

The binaural beats act the same way that music does, but it is much more subtle thanks to the fact that you can’t actually hear the beats.
Remember that the human ear can usually hear sounds only as low as 20 Hz, so anything under that frequency is too low for you to hear.
The average binaural beat is between 4 and 40 Hz, so a lot of the beats are not going to be picked up by your ear. Only your brain will respond to the stimulation of the nerves in your ears, and the result will be the brainwave entrainment.

How your brain responds depends entirely on the signals that are sent. If the sounds are very low in frequency (Hz), your brain will go into sleeping mode. If the sounds are very high in frequency, your brain will go into action mode.
What the results are depends on the sounds that you are pumping into your ears, as well as what the frequency of those sounds are.

Basically the sounds stimulate your brain, and your brain reacts according to the sounds that are pumped into your ears. It is quite a fascinating concept, and one that can have a number of effects.

Say you are quite stressed out at the end of a long day of work, and you’d like nothing more than to kick back and relax with a good book. However, you can’t really unwind after so much coffee and tension, so this is where the brainwave entrainment music comes in handy.

All you have to do is turn your MP3 player to the right music with a specific range of Hz, and you will end up going from an active state to a calm one where you can finally relax and kick back. The music will melt into the background as your brain slowly calms down.

If you need to sleep at night but you have problems with insomnia, the brain wave entrainment music can help you to do so. What it does is mimic the frequency of the electricity passing through your brain when you are sleeping, and so your brain tries to copy that.
It slowly passes you from active brain waves to more relaxing ones, and finally down to the brain waves you have when you’re sleeping. You will find that your mind will calm and slow down as you get to sleep, and you will be able to get rest much more easily.

Don’t think sleep is the only thing that can be achieved with the brainwave synchronization, but you can also give yourself a massive boost of energy by using the right music.
All you have to do is pump music into your ear that has binaural beats that mimic the way that your brain reacts to a rush of adrenaline or when you’re working very hard, and your brain will go in time with the music. It will give your body all the energy that you need, and you will find that you can easily work hard and give it 100%.

Many people have a hard time focusing on their tasks, and that is because their brain waves are either in the sleepy frequency or in the frequency where it is too active.
If you can’t concentrate on your tasks, you will find that using the sound entrainment can be a good way to go. You can use the music to slowly wake up your brain and get it active, or even to slow it down to the point where you have all the focus you need to complete a certain task.
Rather than having to struggle to work, you can use the binaural entrainment recordings to get your brain in the right shape.

The truth is that there are many more uses for rhythmic entrainment and isochronic entrainment music, and you can alter your mental state effectively by using the right music.
Want to make your self-hypnosis more effective? Using the music can help you to get into the deep hypnotic state that will make your efforts work better.
Want to have more energy at work without drinking coffee? Try the binaural beats and watch your energy levels rise.
Want to be very creative? Get your brain set at the creative frequency and see it work wonders.
Want to learn a lot in a very short amount of time? Brainwave synchronization can be your best tool!

Think of It Like This…

One good way to picture how brainwave entrainment works is looking at it like two pieces of metal.
If you hit one piece of metal and it resonates at, say, 400 Hz, you will hear the sound in your ears. If you put another piece of metal near it, they will both try to match the resonation of the other in order to be resonating at the right frequency. Nature loves a balance, and that is what happens when you use two pieces of metal to create a sound.

It’s kind of like hitting a tuning fork when tuning your guitar. If you put another tuning fork up near it, the second tuning fork would start to vibrate and make the exact same sound as the other one.
This means that the first tuning fork has basically trained the second one to vibrate at the right frequency, and that is what is happening in your brain when you listen to the brain wave entrainment sounds.

The music going into your ears acts like the first tuning fork, and your brain acts like the second tuning fork that tries to get in tune with the first one.
Your brain can’t handle it when it is out of sync with the other frequency, so it tries to get in tune in order to make it easier to handle.

This means that your brain is basically being trained to respond a certain way to a certain stimulus, and that is how the brainwave entrainment works.

Keep in Mind…

You need to remember that listening to the music doesn’t automatically mean that it will work.

Many people listen to the binaural beats and find that it doesn’t work, but that has to do with the fact that they aren’t being responsive to the music.
They are thinking, using their minds, and keeping their brain harnessed, and so it isn’t free to be entrained as the music resonates.
Most of the people that think brainwave entrainment doesn’t work will find that it won’t work for them, as their brain is not allowed to respond.

Those that listen to the music with the idea that it will or could work will usually find, however, that it really does work. They have let their brains respond to the music, and so it does.
It’s kind of like how hypnosis works, and you can only be affected by it if you let it affect you. You can listen to all the brainwave entrainment music in the world with no effect, but once you are willing to let it affect you, you may find that it will be just what your brain and your body need.

The States of Brain Activity

There are four general states of your brain’s activity, and each state uses brainwaves of a certain frequency to affect the brain:

Delta State -- Delta state is usually when your brain is very deep in sleep, and you will find that those who are hypnotized also end up with brain waves in this state.
The brain waves usually resonate between 1 and 4 Hz, which is very, very low. The brainwave entrainment music to help you sleep usually ends up taking you down into Delta state using the right frequency of brain waves.

Theta State – Theta state is when you are very relaxed and calm, and most of the time your brain goes into Theta state when you are sleeping.
REM sleep and non-REM sleep are both in the Theta state, which uses brainwaves between 4 and 8 Hz.
Those using brainwave entrainment to help them to relax, unwind, de-stress, and calm down will usually get their brain into the Theta state.

Alpha State –In Alpha state, your brain starts to produce a lot more alpha waves between the frequencies of 8 and 12 Hz. This is when your brain is awake, though it has not yet reached full consciousness and focus.

Beta State – It is in Beta State that your brain is completely awake, and you will usually find yourself energized, focused, and easily able to concentrate on the task at hand. Brainwave entrainment music that gives you energy, helps you to focus, and gives you the ability to learn quickly will usually use Beta waves, which range between 16 and 24 Hz.

You can see why brainwave entrainment is such a fascinating topic, and you will find that we have so much left to learn about the human brain as you study more about brainwave synchronization and entrainment.

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