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Achieving Goals Is The Whole Point

There would be no purpose to setting goals if you didn't intend to achieve them. Goal setting isn't like daydreaming, it is more like road mapping. The hard part is figuring out how to achieve goals you set.

One of the best goal setting tips to know is you'll get better results when you break a big goal down into smaller steps. For example, reaching goals for weight loss, such as losing 40 pounds, is certainly achievable, yet many people continually fail.

Rather than setting a huge goal of losing 40 pounds in six months and then floundering because you don't have a clear path to follow, break the goal down into more manageable goals that lead to the ultimate goal.

In the weight loss example, you could set a new daily goal each morning. For that day set a goal not to drink a cola, not to eat bread, or not to eat after eight pm.

Since weight loss is about burning more calories than you consume, you could also set goals to be more active. For example, you could set a daily goal to take the stairs at work that day or go for a bike ride.

The daily goal may seem insignificant by itself, but it is easily achievable, and when added up day by day, those small goals will lead you to your weight loss destination. When learning how to achieve goals, remember the importance of short term goals.

How To Achieve Goals When You Don't Know Where To Start

It is fairly easy to map out goals for weight loss since you know what you have to do to lose weight, it is just a matter of getting motivated to do it. But how do you go about achieving goals when you don't know where to start?

Say for example, you want to start a new business and earn $10,000 per month by the year's end. The problem is you don't know what kind of business to start and you aren't entrepreneurial minded.

When figuring out how to achieve goals like this, you have to start with what you do know and build from there.

You may not be able to build a week by week goal plan when you first start. You may have your ultimate goal set for months away, but will need to build towards it day by day as you gain more knowledge and experience.

In this case, you could set a daily goal to read a book about business start-ups, ask a business owner for advice, or do research online.
You'll have to build the road to your ultimate goal brick by brick as you pick up new knowledge and skills, but if you persevere, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish by goal setting.

Achieving Goals Is A Measure Of Success

Even if you are not certain of the path you should take, by setting small goals and achieving them on a daily and weekly basis, you are proving to yourself you have what it takes to succeed with goal setting.

The more practice and experience you gain with reaching goals, the more confidence you will have for setting the really big and seemingly impossible ones.

Remember, when you have your subconscious mind on your side, you can accomplish anything you believe you can. There is no better way to train your subconscious for success other than setting and achieving goals.

Some Goal Setting Tips

Be realistic - It may seem obvious, but keep in mind, you should set goals that are possible to achieve. For instance, you wouldn't want to set a goal to lose 40 pounds in 2 weeks. That may be possible if you are a contestant on the Biggest Loser, but it is a pretty lofty goal for someone losing weight at home on their own. By setting unrealistic goals, you make things very hard on yourself and you end up feeling like a miserable failure, when the truth is you are not a failure at all, your goals are not realistic.

Don't make your goals too easy – On the other hand, don't go overboard and make your goals too easy to achieve either. Your goals should push you out of your comfort zone because that is how you will grow and change. There is a saying that if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten. So use your goals to stir things up so you get the results you seek.

You can't set too many goals – Once you learn how to achieve goals, you may get hooked on setting them and that is a good thing. The more goals you set, the stronger you become. Just make sure you are achieving goals and not failing them because you are too scattered.

Write your goals down on paper – Writing your goals down and reading them often seems to give them more power because your mind can focus on them more readily. Keep your goals list in sight as you work or go through your day so achieving your goals is always on your mind.

Have fun with goal setting – Your emotions play a huge role in how you create your life. There is little use in setting life goals if you dread trying to achieve them. If the thought of reaching your goals fills you with joy and excitement, then you know you are on the right track.

Use goals for boring tasks – Not everything in life is enjoyable. You will encounter all kinds of things you must do in work and school that you don't like. Goal setting is perfect for this too. By breaking big, boring tasks into smaller more manageable ones, you can get your term papers finished by the due date with a lot less stress.

An Action Plan

Achieving goals is a step-by-step process.
Small goals lead to the fulfillment of big goals. Small actions lead to the accomplishment of small goals.

Never think because what you are doing is small that it is insignificant because all the steps add up to bring you the fulfillment of your desires in a quick and orderly fashion. If you don't know how to achieve goals, then the whole process falls apart and you won't make progress.

So focus on the small steps and let them lead you to your destination. Here are a few tips on how to achieve goals.

• Read your daily goal aloud every morning and envision how you will complete it. Give it priority over other less important tasks.

• Keep your goals to-do list in a handy place so you can see it often during the day. This will remind you to accomplish your daily goal and will keep your mind focused on your long term goal.

• As often as practical, read your goals aloud each day. You can word them as affirmations and repeat them with feeling so they become real and possible to achieve.

• When you accomplish your daily goal, scratch it off your list and allow yourself to feel a sense of accomplishment. This may sound silly, but it is a very important step in achieving goals because it reinforces the idea you are fully capable of being a goal achieving machine.

• At the end of the day, right before you drift off to sleep, review your goals once more. Take pride in the goals you accomplished and write down the goal you will accomplish the next day.

How To Achieve Goals Using Your Feelings

Learning how to achieve goals requires full use of your skills.

You have to use your intellect to come up with good goal setting strategies.

You have to use your willpower to achieve your goals.

Reaching goals also requires the use of your feelings because your emotions are what train your mind to become a success.

When you set a new daily goal, take a minute to reflect upon the pride of accomplishing a previous daily goal. Hold onto that feeling as you imagine yourself accomplishing the new goal you set for yourself.

Over time, you will train your mind to believe you can accomplish anything. When you develop unstoppable self confidence, you will attain your goals more quickly and easily.

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