Your Guide to Building Self Esteem

Building self esteem can seem to be so hard, especially when you are in the depths of despair or depression and feel like the world is collapsing around you.

However, did you know that self esteem activities and self esteem exercises can help you build positive self esteem, and self esteem building is actually not as hard as you thought.

Oh, sure, it looks hard now, but that’s because you are seeing it from the bottom up. When you have figured out how to build self esteem and you are at the peak of your life, you will realize that it wasn’t as hard as all that.

Don’t worry about reaching the top today, but just start taking little baby steps to start improving self esteem and boosting your life with positive self esteem.

Building self esteem is something that takes time, but every journey starts with a single step…

Get Started Self Esteem Building Now!

You know how they say “better late than never”? When it comes to building self esteem, the reality is that “better now than later”.

Low self esteem is basically like being in sinking sand.
If you just spend time sitting and wallowing, you are probably going to sink down. Even if you don’t sink further into the sand, you certainly aren’t going anywhere in a hurry.
However, if you make that first move to get out of the trap of low self esteem, it is going to be a hard one, and that is why most people dread making that first move.

If you can get past that first obstacle and move even just your arm, you can reach for the rope to haul yourself out of the sinking sand. Then you move the other arm, and then your torso, and then your leg, and then the other leg.

Finally, you have hauled yourself out of the pit of low self esteem, and all of a sudden possibilities have opened up to you.

Treat your low self esteem like this, and use the information below to help you make those small movements that will help you to get out of that pit you find yourself in and back onto solid ground where you can wash off all the mud and get on with your life…Happy Self Esteem Building!


Everyone has bad days, but they are not a valid reason to let yourself stay down and moping around. Sure you may feel ugly, useless, unattractive, and unloved every other day of the week, but that is just your mind playing tricks on you.
Don’t let those bad days affect you, but find the good things in life that will make you a better you!

Baby Steps

Start out with little baby steps that help to boost your self esteem.
These steps could be as simple as smiling at yourself in the mirror every morning, or trying on a set of clothing that you aren’t sure of. Whatever you can do, do it today!

Babies don’t learn to walk in a single day, and you won’t overcome your low self esteem and start building self esteem in a day either. One small step for your self esteem, one giant leap for your life!

Overcoming Low Self Esteem: See It

Sit down, shut your mouth, and open your mind. Stop talking and start thinking, and picture yourself as a happy person that feels confident and has high self esteem. Isn’t that person so attractive? Don’t you wish you could be that person?

You can, and keeping that picture in your mind is one of the secrets to transforming yourself into that person. If you can picture what you want to be like, you can do things that will lead you there.
Do you see yourself smiling at pretty girls or being coy with handsome men? Try it. Do you see yourself laughing and joking with friends? Why not do it?
Picture it, do it, and see it realized!

Do What You Are Good At

Everyone has something that they are good at, and I have absolutely no doubt that you are good at one or more things. Take time to think about it…Can’t think of anything? What about being good at organizing, being good at drawing, being good with people, or being good at multi-tasking?

Once you realize that you are good at something, you will start realizing that you are good at more and more things. Spend time thinking about those things, and make a list of what you are good at. Once you have your list, start doing those things as much as you can.
Hone your skills, and you may find that your life and self esteem will improve drastically!

Be Social

Many people with low self esteem find themselves tongue-tied when in social gatherings or situation, but you can’t let that stop you!

Find ways to be social, even with a person or two that you are comfortable with. Slowly start expanding your circle of social contacts, hanging out with a friend of a friend or a boyfriend/girlfriend of a friend. Once your circle begins to expand, you will see that it won’t be so hard to spend time and socialize with others, and you can continue to expand your circle faster.

If you can start out by being social a little more every day, you will eventually realize that it is one of the most enjoyable things in the world to do.

Terrify Yourself

That’s right: do something that scares the wits out of you and has your mind gibbering in terror. Why would that work?

Have you ever sat around a table and heard someone say “Oh yeah, last year I did some crazy thing”? everyone oohs and aahs at them, and the person feels better about themselves just by having done something that scares the wits out of them.
Having everyone ooh and ahh at you is pretty awesome, and it will make you feel a bit better about yourself. If you have done something that no one else has done, you have something unique about you that gives you an “edge” and makes you “better” in a certain way. Having this edge will help to boost your self esteem, and may even show you a few things that you really enjoy!

Practice Makes Perfect

If you have a skill or a talent that you feel you could be good at, why would you hide it from others or pretend that you don’t want to do it? If you are good at something, spend as much time as you can practicing it.

As you start developing your skills in a certain area, you will come to realize that you really do have something to offer society. The fact that you are good at something will help to stimulate your mind and open your eyes to the possibilities that lie ahead of you, and your self esteem will get a little boost.

The more you practice, the better you will get. The better your skills are, the more confident you will be in your abilities. The more confidence you have, the higher your self esteem. It’s a simple cycle, but it is one that will make your life one million times better.

Help Someone

If there is something else in the same boat of despair as you are, give them a helping hand and uplift them. There is probably nothing you feel like doing less than helping someone when you feel gloomy, but you should do it anyways.
When you help others see the bright side of life and deal with their low self esteem, all of a sudden the things that you are dealing with look kind of small and sad. That isn’t to say that your problems are pathetic, but they may look a lot more foolish when you actually take time to think about them.

Help others to improve their attitudes, and you may just find your attitudes about yourself improved as well!

Create Objectives

Everyone has something that they want to achieve in life, either becoming the best Chippendale’s dancer there is, becoming the next Bill Gates, or finding the secret to life.

It doesn’t matter what you want to do with yourself, but you do have to have something. You don’t even have to figure out your purpose in life, but you can easily think of things you want to achieve.

Once you have figured out what you want to do with yourself, set goals. Start with small goals that are easily broken down into steps that you can take one day at a time, and make a plan for reaching those little goals.

A mountain can only be climbed one step at a time, but you still have to break the climb down into different stages that you want to reach. Just like Mount Everest is broken down into different camps that the climbers have to reach, so too your goals and objectives should be made into smaller objectives that you can reach by taking small daily steps.

Focus on You

There are always going to be parts of your life that will require your full attention, as you need to improve in these areas. Find out what they are, and spend time working on them.

It may be unpleasant to realize that you are flawed, but those flaws are what make you human. Find out how to deal with the flaws or manage your weaknesses, and improve your life as best you can. Building self esteem doesn’t require that you are flawless, but you will need to work on your weaknesses in order to improve yourself.

Motivate Yourself

There has got to be some reason to do what you are doing, and most people find that they do what they do because it makes them feel good. Having money means you can spend it, which is why most people work. Having a partner means you can have sex and companionship, and being social means that you have friends who care for you.

Find out what really motivates you in life, and focus on that motivation. If you don’t think you have a motivation, read inspirational material, listen to uplifting music or audio files, and get as much inspiration and motivation as you can from others.

As you find what motivates other people, you will be able to realize exactly what drives you to do what you do.

Find the Good

There are things about you that your family and friends like, and you can find out about these things by asking. Obviously you don’t want to go around fishing for compliments, but you can find out what your good traits are just by asking.

Once you find out what people like about you, find out what they dislike and take steps to change it. If you can realize that most people will see the good in you rather than just the negative, life will get a lot easier for you.


Tell yourself that you can do it, and you really can. In the end it all comes down to what you think in your mind and tell yourself in your heart.
If you think you can’t do it, then you can’t. If you know you can achieve it, there will be nothing that can stop you.

Affirming to yourself is the secret of building self esteem and overcoming low self esteem, and it will help you to face your problems and overcome them.

Everyone has things that they don’t like, but focusing on the positive things and affirming them will make all the difference in the world.

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