10 Self Esteem Lesson Plans

When you are working to strengthen your confidence, it can be helpful to have self esteem lesson plans to help you stay on track. If you do one of these self esteem lesson plans everyday for 10 days, your confidence will increase with ease.

1. Do something for others.
Doing things for others will not only help you to take your focus off of your insecurities, but it will show you how much you have to be thankful for. For best results, consistently do things for others and you will begin to have a completely different outlook on life.

2. Stop blaming everyone for your problems.

Taking responsibility for your life is a sign of maturity. When problems arise, instead of looking around for someone to blame, take the mature route and handle the problem yourself. Once you get in the habit of doing this, you will feel accomplished and much more confident.

3. Give yourself a makeover.

We could all use a little updating, so instead of allowing the world to pass you by, you have to fight to look your best. When most people hear the term, 'makeover,' they worry that they'll have to spend all of their money on expensive clothes and accessories. However, you can have a very updated and sophisticated look at a fraction of the cost by keeping your wardrobe classic and shopping for bargains. It is ok to splurge and buy a few expensive pieces every now and then, but try to carefully pick your expensive pieces. You may be wondering how a wardrobe lesson, could be included in self esteem lesson plans, but the bottom line is the better you look, the better you will feel.

4. Trust yourself.
Many times we spend so much time learning to trust other people that we forget to trust ourselves. How do you trust yourself? You have to stop second guessing your every move, and live your life. This is not to say that you should throw caution to the winds and live carelessly, but you have to really believe that the choices you make will turn out for the best in the future. Even if you make a mistake, at least you tried. Remember that you don't have to be perfect in every area of your life because making mistakes is a natural part of life.

5. Have fun.
Having fun is a part of our self esteem lesson plans because when you are having fun, you don't really have time to be self conscious and insecure. Have you ever had a stressful day, and a friend takes you on an adventure to help you unwind? Chances are you probably forgot all about your horrible day during the adventure. Well, the same principle applies to having fun to rebuild your self esteem. However, instead of waiting until you hit rock bottom, get into the habit of living a fun life.

6. Make a decision and stick to it.
Many times when you have low esteem, you depend on the opinions of others, and find it difficult to make an independent decision. Instead of always relying on others to make your decisions for you, make your own decisions. This doesn't mean that you can't ask for the opinions and wise council of others, but you can't live your entire life being afraid to make your own choices.

7. Don't get caught up in the drama of others.
This is one of the more important steps in self esteem lesson plans because the moment you start worrying about the drama and petty problems of others is the moment you have lost sight of your goal of being more confident. Unless it is some sort of dire situation, when problems don't concern you, don't get involved.

8. It's ok to be quiet.
Instead of always feeling like you have to have a comeback or offer up an opinion on every situation, practice being quiet and listening. Many times, the less you say, the more people will respect you.

9. Don't let past regrets dictate your future.
When you think about your past, do you cringe? It most cases we get so caught up in the past that we are unable to live in the present. Every time you feel like your past is holding you back from having the life you want say, 'My past is in the past.' This will help you to stay focused.

10. Give up false humility.
When someone compliments you on something, instead of feigning humility, in order to get them to flatter you, just accept it, and move on. No one likes constantly having to convince someone that they are worthy or receiving a compliment. This is a great way to block any future compliments from your friends.

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