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Most of us chase success like schoolgirls chasing the cutest boy in class around the playground.

We have our arms stretched out wide, our sticky fingers wiggling to grab the back of his shirt, only to fall flat on our faces in the dirt as he takes an unexpected cut to the left. Yes, there are many other boys on the playground, but all the girls want that one boy.

You know who he is. He is the one who has the swagger, but who doesn’t yet know he has it. He is the one who goes home and complains to his all-knowing mother that those sticky-fingered girls just won’t leave him alone at recess.

That boy is success. He is right under your nose, but seemingly untouchable. Everyone dreams of catching him, but not everyone has the inspiration to pull themselves up from the dirt after taking a nosedive during the chase.

thoughts about inspirational stories
Those who do catch the shirttail of success are the ones who pick themselves up from the ground, band-aid their bloody elbows, and study the playground for another chance to continue the chase. It takes inspiration and strength to do that, which is where inspirational stories are powerful.

Everyone takes a nosedive into the dirt from time to time, but not everyone summons the courage to get back up and try again. Inspirational words from others can give you the strength you need to pick yourself back up.

After the fall, some give up too easily and run off with one of the other boys, never to truly experience the power of that one boy no other can match. This is because that one boy can be slick, and he knows just when to take that cut to the side to get you off his shirttail. If success were easy to bag, then he wouldn’t be the boy with the swagger that everyone wants. He would be just another nose-picking amateur running around the playground.

If you want to become your own version of success, you must tap into the power of inspirational stories and use them to find your own courage. You must always get up after the fall, and never give up on the chase.

If you know inspirational words can help you turn your life around and make changes for the better, this page of inspirational stories is for you.

If you have yet to discover the power of inspirational stories but are willing to give them a try, stick around and see what could really become of your life.

You will find a lot of information about the power of inspirational stories on this page, and you are encouraged to keep reading the first time you visit this page.

After reading it once, you can bookmark the page and come back whenever you need inspirational words for strength, courage, insight, or comfort. This quick list will give you direct access to pages of inspirational stories dedicated to different needs and life circumstances:

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What Is Inspiration?

Inspiration means something different to me than it will to you, and it will mean something different to you than to others reading this page. Think of it as a bold streak of lightening flashing through the sky. You may look out your window and see a flash of white momentarily lighting up the sky, while your neighbor sees a bluish streak stretching through the sky. You are looking at the same lightening strike, but you see something slightly different.
That is exactly how inspiration works. One person may read inspirational stories and take nothing away from them, while someone else reads the exact same inspirational words and their life is forever changed. These two people have different life experiences, different perceptions of the world, and different goals in life. What they need to be inspired will be very different because they are very different people.

Consider inspiration to be anything that…

  • Allows you to see life in a fresh light

  • Opens your eyes to blind spots in your life

  • Brings opportunity into your life

  • Restores hope, happiness, or strength in your life

  • Motivates you to take action

  • Inspiration is something that has a moving effect in your mind, which leads to changes in how you act. It is anything that changes your world for the better. It doesn’t do the work for you. It just gives you the strength and courage to pull yourself up out of the dirt, study the playground of your life, and continue the chase.

    Harnessing the Power of Inspirational Stories

    Success often comes just when you want to give up. It comes right after the nosedive into the dirt, as you lie there with your bloody elbows and knees, tears streaking your face. It is in that moment that many people crawl to the sidelines of the playground, bury their faces in their hands, and quit the chase.

    We have all been there, right?

    In that moment, you do not think you have the strength of body or courage of mind to lift your face from your hands, scour the playground, and pull up to your feet for yet another chase.

    You may be in that spot right now. Your bloody elbow might be the loss of your job, or your bloody knee might be the end of your marriage. You may have a bloodied, black eye representing the loss of a child.

    Inspirational stories can help you tap into the strength you need to lift your head and resume the chase around the playground.

    The strength is in you!

    You may just need some inspirational words and the uplifting of others to summon the courage and lift yourself up. You might not have that outpour of love and inspiration from others in your life, but you have it right here!

    Harness the power of inspirational stories. Allow these stories to help you through all of the bloody elbows and knees of life. You may even get a bloody lip or black eye from time to time, but these inspirational words will always be here for you. They are powerful, and they are willing to share some of that power with you.

    From Inspiration Comes Action

    Just reading inspirational stories will do nothing for your life. You have to take the power and strength offered through those inspirational words and use them to take action in your daily world. It is this action that ultimately changes your life for the better, but inspirational words get the credit for pulling you off the pavement and shoving you in the right direction.

    from inspiration comes action
    Remember, those who remain on the ground with the blood dripping from their elbows never catch success. It is those who lift up, collect themselves, and return to the chase that enjoy all of the rewards in the end.

    The chase is action. It is running, extending those arms, and wiggling those sticky fingers eagerly.

    You may sit still for a moment, crying over your bloody limbs and reading inspirational stories for courage. You will need these reminders of your own strength from time to time. What matters is that sooner or later you move to all fours, then lift your torso up, and slowly pull up to your feet. Sometimes you may leap up and get right back into the chase, and other times you may need a few hours on the sidelines.

    What matters is that you seek out inspirational stories and eventually use their power to pull yourself up. That is when you will feel the surge of satisfaction that comes when the shirttails of success are firmly in your grip.

    Where Is Your Blood?

    Right now, you are bleeding. It may be your elbow, your knee, or it might be your lower lip. It may be trickling out slowly, or it may be pouring like hot water from the shower faucet. It may be fresh blood, or it might be a few years old. This blood represents the pain, torment, guilt, regret, and shame that you have experienced in life. It represents the things that block your path to becoming your own definition of success.

    Most people see this blood and they panic. They allow it to stop their forward momentum in life. They become alarmed and back down from the chase.

    You cannot let that happen to you! My goal with the inspirational words on this site is to ensure that this never happens to you.

    Rather than becoming alarmed and backing down, spend some time accepting whatever is causing you to bleed. Acknowledge that the blood is there, acknowledge the deep emotions attached to the blood, and then use inspirational stories to wrap it up in gauze and pick yourself back up. This is how you turn the most painful events in your life into positive influences, for yourself and others.

    Believe it or not, your blood is inspirational to others. Your pain, guilt and fears need to be shared with others. You may not have the courage to do the sharing right now, but that does not mean you cannot spend some time right here learning from the blood of others. After all, that is all inspirational stories are: bloody elbows, knees and lips after someone took a nosedive into the dirt in the heat of the chase for success.

    Fortunately, inspirational stories show you not just the blood, but the drying up of the blood and the healing of the wounds. Inspirational words show you that getting up and trying life again pays off. They can also show you how to get up when you do not think you have the strength.

    Right now, you might think that you do not have the strength. You might think you are down for the count. The cutest boy in class has taken that unexpected cut to the right and left you tripping over your own feet, sliding across the pavement on your knees, and landing in a heap of defeat.

    Don’t count yourself out so fast!

    Inspirational stories are powerful. They can lift you up, and send you back out into the chase. Do not give up. One day you will be sharing your own inspirational words and all the blood will be dried, washed away, and the wounds healed.

    It all starts right here, on this page of inspirational stories. Learn from others so one day others can learn from you.

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