The Joy of Being Sexually Uninhibited

Basically an inhibition is when you deliberately limit yourself in an attempt to be accepted and to not be rejected by other people.

The trouble with inhibitions is that they keep you from being the person you really want to be and living your life to the fullest.
(To read more about inhibitions in general please check out the self improvement article Lose Your Inhibitions - The Why and How of No Inhibitions.

Sexual inhibitions are exactly the same. Sexual inhibitions keep you from being your self sexually and from experiencing and enjoying your sex life to the fullest.

If there is some non-permanently-damaging sexual activity between you and a consenting adult that you find repulsive or for some other reason don't want anything to do with, then you've probably got some sort of sexual inhibition.

This is extremely common. Almost everybody has, or has had, sexual inhibitions. The problem with that is that it doesn't feel nice. It feels limiting and unnatural.

And the truth is that that kind of inhibitions are useless - you don't need them.

Let me just repeat that: In your lovemaking with another consenting adult (or yourself) you do not need as much as one single sexual inhibition!
Having very few or no sexual inhibitions (other than not doing permanent damage), on the other hand, feels natural and wonderful. Well, you can get there, if you want.

You Don't Need Sexual Inhibitions

So, please allow me be blunt and get straight to the point:

Pretty much all kinds of sexual inhibitions are a liability.
They will ruin your sex life

If you want a good sex life, most of your sexual inhibitions have to go.

If you already have a good sex life and if you want to keep it over time, or, even better: If you want to have a great sex life, then ALL of your sexual inhibitions have to go.

Yes, all of them. Pretty much the only exception would be things that cause permanent harm to other people (physical and/or psychological/emotional harm). And hey, unless you are in need of psychological or psychiatric help, you have no desire to permanently hurt other people, least of all those to whom you make love.

So, to continue my blunt streak ...

As someone who is there, and who has helped other people get there, too, you can trust me when I say:

You don't need sexual inhibitions. Not a single one. Uninhibited sex, on the other hand, is SOOOO great!

Having sex with someone you love who loves you back, and knowing that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you feel like doing at any given moment is okay, is liberating and exhilarating in the extreme.

When you reach that point, you will realize that this is how it is supposed to be.

For you and your love partner(s) to be totally sexually uninhibited and having completely uninhibited sex is how your sex life was always meant to be - and how you will forever want it to be.

There really can be no discussion about this. None. Try it, and you will know.

However, it may not be like that for you now. If it isn't then you'll want that to change.

Ahh, uninhibited sex: the joy of being completely sexually uninhibited and living life with no inhibitions.

Anyone who has ever tried the very addicting drug of sex will agree when you tell them that finding ways to lose your inhibitions is the best way to enjoy sex. After all, sex is something that is natural, created to be good, and incredibly enjoyable. Why else would sex be created if not for us to enjoy it, so why should we let inhibitions get in the way of our enjoying sex the way it was meant to be?

Lose your Inhibitions

So many people around the world are very sadly inhibited, and it prevents them from being able to really enjoy their life to the full.

All their inhibitions do is tell them that they are unable to do what they want to do, and thus they have to fight to repress their natural, God-given urges to do things to members of the opposite sex that should remain in the bedroom.

Think about it for a minute: So many problems are caused by a lack of sex. If everyone in the world got the right amount (and the right kind) of sex, there would be a lot less frustration, bad tempers, angry wars, and misunderstandings.

Granted, more sex wouldn't solve all the problems of the world, but many of them would be solved.

If the Catholic priests, Orthodox Jews, and other religion-dictated sex-repressed people could have sex, there would be no scandals. Sex with no inhibitions is the secret to freedom, and there is nothing better than freedom.

Isn't that what life is all about: living life the full? If so, why would there be problems when sex comes into the picture?

It is sad that such a large number of people are taught from a very young age that sex is bad, as that causes them to war with their inner selves for the rest of their lives.

Sex is something that is natural, as is masturbation, sneaking a peek at naked men and women, and desiring beautiful women and handsome men. However, children that grow up in conservative or ultra-religious homes are told that sex is wrong, and thus they have to fight their urges to have sex.

Imagine how confusing it can be for people when their body starts telling them that sex needs to happen soon, or else!
They were taught all their life that sex was wrong, but all of a sudden it becomes a need.

These are the people that grow up worrying about their "strange" sexual urges, trying to find other outlets for their sexual frustration, and never really having fulfilling sex. They always think that sex is wrong, therefore to them it really is something that they should not be doing.

How to Lose Your Inhibitions

That's the secret to losing your inhibitions: telling yourself that your inhibitions are wrong and you have nothing to be ashamed of.
You were created with those genitals weren't you? That sex drive you feel is natural, right? Aren't you enjoying sex just the right amount, or do you think you enjoy it too much?

There is absolutely no reason why you should be inhibited about your sexuality, as it is something that is natural. Inhibitions are obviously natural, but why should you let that stop you? Everyone else has inhibitions too, but you don't see them freaking out about it. You can't let your inhibitions stop you, as that will make you absolutely miserable.

Want to get over your inhibitions? Here are some ways to lose your inhibitions and start having great uninhibited sex:

Accept Who You Are – Remember that some people have natural tendencies towards certain sexual activities, but who says those activities are wrong? As long as they are done safely, with consenting partners, is completely legal, and is enjoyable, what could possibly be wrong about it?
The way you go about it is more important than what you do, and you have to accept that you like certain things and embrace those things.

Correct Your Attitude – If you are thinking that there is a reason to be ashamed, that is a mindset that you need to correct.
You can't think that being sexual or wanting to have sex is wrong, as that will hold you back. Change your thinking and correct your attitude towards sex in order to start down the road to great sex.

Free Your Mind – Your mind is always going to play a central role in your sex life, and you have to force your mind to let go of the things that are holding you back from enjoying sex.
It may be body issues that are stopping you, or it may be your very conservative upbringing. Whatever is the case, let it go and free your mind from it.

Let it Out – Repression is usually the case when you have inhibitions about sex, and you usually keep your feelings inside.
However, the road to freedom starts with your getting it out of your mouth, as that throws it into the air and brings it to the fore of your attention. It might be hard for you to accept it, but you have to say aloud to yourself, "I like sex! Sex is good for me!"

Start Expressing It – If you have a hard time expressing your sexuality due to your inhibitions, find a way to force yourself to express it. If you are ashamed of your body, force yourself to purchase lingerie and show it off. If you feel that sex is wrong, start forcing yourself to have more sex. Find a way to let out your inner sexuality, and you will find that your life will feel better.

Live It Today – Find what you love about sex, and start living it today.
If you like lots of oral sex, start having lots of it. If you like to have sex in a different position or in a unique place, do it today.
Don't let your inhibitions hold you back and prevent you from being the person that you want to be and living life the way you want it; your inhibitions are your slave, not the other way around.

Getting over inhibitions sounds hard, and it really takes a good deal of effort and time.
After all, these inhibitions have been in your mind for years, and thus you have to overcome years of training and thinking.

However, if you really want to experience the joy of uninhibited sex, you are going to have to make yourself do these things that seem so strange to you. They may seem strange at first, but you can bet your boots that they will become second nature to you once you have become accustomed to them.

Living Life with No Inhibitions

Why would you live life with no inhibitions? What is the benefit of having uninhibited sex and enjoying your life as best you can?


Would you rather have sex with a woman who is ashamed of her body, or one that flaunts it?
Would you rather make love to a lady who is free with her expressions of pleasure, or one who remains silent?
Would you rather have the woman put you where she wants you to go and show with her body that she is enjoying it, or with someone that lays still and waits for you to get it over with?
Do you want a woman who actually enjoys sex as much or more than you do, or do you want one that just does it out of duty to you?


Do you want a man who is so ashamed of the size of his penis that he has a hard time getting up it, or with one that is free no matter what his size?
Would you prefer a man who experiments with different body parts when bringing you pleasure, or one that just mounts you and rides you until he is done?
Do you want a man that is adventurous and looking to have fun with sex, or one that just has sex in the same way that he masturbates – because he needs it?

Both sexes can agree that a man or woman without inhibitions will be far more fun than someone with inhibitions, as they are the ones that are able to have sex – the real kind of sex.

Sex is something that is fun, and it should be treated more like a game than a duty.
If you are having sex with someone because you think you HAVE to do it or it is a duty for you, then you aren't having sex at all. The only way sex can really be all that it's cracked up to be is if you can get out of your head and into the moment. Enjoying sex is the secret to great sex, and those that enjoy sex are the ones that make it pleasant for others.

Men and women both consider sex to be only as good as it is for their other partner. Your rating scale of 1 to 10 is not on how good your orgasm was, but how good your pairing was overall. You can have great orgasms, but if the sex is dull and flat all you will be getting is physical release. It isn't really sex or lovemaking if it isn't fun, so start having fun with your partner when it comes time to play "Hide the Salami".

Sex should be a game, and you have to find ways to make it fun. If it isn't fun, then it's just an exchange of fluids for the purpose of procreating. You didn't think sex could be boring, but it just got boring with that description right there.

Sex cannot be boring, as it is the best activity in life, and it is your responsibility to enjoy sex the way your body was meant to.

You were designed to feel every wave of pleasure, and uninhibited sex is reveling in the fact that your body is basically one giant sex toy that was created to give and receive pleasure!

Freedom = Responsibility

With the freedom of uninhibited sex comes responsibility, however. Just because you have no inhibitions, that doesn't mean that other people don't.

It is your responsibility to practice safe sex, not only to prevent pregnancies but also to prevent the spread of diseases. The number of partners you have sex with may not matter to you, but the fact that you can get an STD by having sex with too many partners should be a worry that you keep in mind.

The goal of sex is not to be as adventurous or original as possible, as there is nothing that you can do that hasn't already been done.

Don't go so far with trying to have sex that you end up getting hurt, getting in trouble (you can actually get arrested for indecent exposure), or get sick. You have to act responsibly with your freedom, as freedoms require a responsible attitude to handle properly.

If you can get that sense of responsibility through your head, then a whole new world of fun and pleasure opens up to you. You now have nothing that can hold you back from experiencing as much pleasure as your body will allow, and let me tell you that it is a lot of pleasure.

"Unto the pure, all things are pure." If you think something is right, pleasant, and enjoyable, and your partner agrees with you, why not? Things that you have been told were wrong may not be, and you can enjoy your life and your sex so much more thanks to the simple fact that there is no need for even one inhibition in your life.

Good luck, good sex, and may you enjoy your life of uninhibited sex and no inhibitions!




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