Want to Know about Underwater Lovemaking

Elemental Ideas about Sex Under Water

Have you been intrigued by the idea of sex under water? Underwater lovemaking and having underwater sex are fascinating ideas to many people.

Human beings are naturally fascinated by being in the water, as is proven by our love of swimming, kayaking, sailing, so on and so forth. So, the idea of getting submerged and having sex under water can sound like an incredibly romantic or deliciously kinky idea.

However, underwater lovemaking isn't nearly as simple as most people who have not tried it assume. Underwater sex can, in fact, be dangerous at worst.

Even if not done in a dangerous way, sex under water can leave you feeling all wet ... and not "hot and wet", either. You may want to fuck underwater, but you don't want to get all fucked up under water.

Before you attempt to make love under water, you really do need to know what you're doing. Underwater lovemaking should be well understood before attempted.
Even if your forays into underwater sex leave you hung out to dry, at least you will know that you took necessary safety precautions.

Safe Sex Under Water? Not!

If you're interested in having safe sex for preventing unwanted pregnancy, transmission of disease, or both, then underwater sex probably isn't for you. You see, the most often used safe sex precautions aren't effective under water.

For one thing, makers of condoms don't test our their products with underwater lovemaking. Wearing condoms while submerged in the water, therefore, can have unknown ramifications. Polyurethane, latex, and lambs' skin can be affected in unknown ways by various watery elements including salt, microbes, chlorine, heat, and suds.

If you're having sex under water in a large bathtub and you're trying to use latex condoms, these are especially vulnerable to being decayed by the usual bathtub oil-based elements like shampoo, bubble bath, body wash, and liquid soaps. And, you may already be able to deduce that water's slippery ways can cause a condom to slip right off.

And that's all just about the guy's problems. What about the gal?

The underwater thrusting that goes on while having sex under water can force salt, microbes, or chlorine deep into the vagina where they may cause irritation or even some kind of infection. The watery element also washes away the woman's lubrication, which is part of the attraction of having sex in the shower but can make things painful, friction-wise, with actual underwater sex. Finally, watery elements can destroy spermicides or dislodge inserted vaginal buffers.

So ... all things considered, you may find it far more exciting to have underwater foreplay but when it comes time for penetration get out of the water. Nobody has ever complained about hot sex on dry land.

But, What If You Insist on Trying to Have Sex Underwater?

Admittedly, there are some intriguing videos that can even be found on the Internet showing underwater sex events. It's a tempting event.

You may insist that having sex under water is still on your mind, no matter what! So ... what should you know?

- If you're still going to insist on trying some underwater lovemaking, have spare condoms at the ready since it's so easy for watery elements to cause a condom to break or slip off. This is smart but, as you can imagine, it could be cumbersome, and otherwise turn the supposed thrill into a comedy show. (The comedy show may be worth it, though!)

- If you're the gal, put a silicone-based lubricant inside you before the underwater sex. This is the best way to try to maintain a natural-seeming wetness so that the friction of intercourse is pleasurable, not painful.

- Stay away from the public pool. You don't know what's in there! Neither do the authorities who maintain it, so they pour in the chlorine, which is not good for the inner walls of the vagina.

Besides, when it's open (which is the only time you're supposed to be there), you never know who will show up.

- If you want sex in the bathtub, you'll need a fairly large tub even if you're not large people. An example of the right sized tub would be a Roman Tub such as can be found in some hotel rooms.
Of course, if you have access to a private one, there's always sex in the jacuzzi, especially one that you can stand up in. In fact, this is the second most popular "aqua sex" option after ...

- Sex in the shower is not always regarded as "authentic" sex under water, but it's the most popular "water sex" option for good reasons.
There's enough water to make things thrilling and add some extra friction, but you're not so submerged that all of the woman's natural lubrication gets washed away.
The important thing is to take precautions against slipping and falling, which is very dangerous of course. Those rubber bath mats are a very good idea. Try to use a shower that has a bar for a hand-hold, too.

- Forget the ocean. You might think that it could be very exciting to have sex in the ocean ... even with other people around (you have the possibility of getting caught but they probably won't ever know).

But as with chlorine, salt isn't what a woman wants in her vagina. You also don't want to experience "creatures" (like, jellyfish). And sand is ... everywhere. And it can get in ... everywhere, when things are wet.

As long as you have a towel and you're alone, sex on the beach is a good option. If you want to take a dip first and then have "wet" sex on the beach, that's pretty good, too.

Forget the lake, the pond, etc. Even those of these bodies of water with the cleanest water still harbor silt and unknown creatures.

So, What's the Deal with Underwater Lovemaking?

In the final analysis, having sex under water probably isn't something that you want to do more than once (just so you know). There are health dangers and too many complicated circumstances to consider.

The exception to this is probably shower sex. Men (and women who have access to a removable shower-head massager) masturbate in the shower a lot.
Couples fucking in the shower can be a regular practice without most of the underwater sex complications and worries.

If you're still fascinated by the idea of sex and some body or container of water going together, you can always do something proximal, like the sex on the beach idea.

You and your lover can take a cool, refreshing dip or swim in a pond in a glade, then get out and while still dripping wet fuck on the lovely green grass next to the water. As the woman, you can be sudsy and all wet in the bathtub, and suck your man's cock as he stands or sits at the side of the tub.

In the biological sense, our human bodies almost surely have evolutionary roots that go back to the water. So our feeling that water takes us home is primal and powerful.

But we somehow emerged onto dry land. Our sex lives probably belong here, too. We're not dolphins. Or fish.

Sex under water, at least for the most part, is just an alluring fantasy for people. But foreplay under water ... that's a different story!

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