Making Love to My Wife – First Time Love Making and Great Sex Tips for You

“Making love to my wife has gotten boring!” This is one of the most common complaints for men that have been married for many years, but the good news is that your sex today can be as good as your first time love making many years ago.

“But it’s so dull!” you may say. Eating food would be dull if you ate the same thing every day, which is why it is important that you spice things up and make it more fun, just like you do with your meal.

Want to be a good husband who finds his wife irresistible? Here are some tips to help you….

The Spiritual and Practical Side

There are two aspects to your relationship – the spiritual and the practical. Here are some tips to help you work on YOURSELF in both areas:


Be Honest and Trustworthy– Being honest means that your wife can trust you and feel safe, which is really important if you want to build a loving and caring sexlife. It also ensures that there are not any blockings between you, things not said, small lies etc. All these blockings will slowly destroy your relationship, so avoid them from the start.

Be Fatherly – You will find that there are very few things that are more attractive to a woman than seeing her husband interacting well with her children. Being a great father to your kids can help to add a zest to your relationship that can get it back on track.

Be Willing to Learn – That’s right, you are going to actually have to learn stuff to improve your relationship.

Have an open mind and take time to study relationship books and counsel to help make your relationship with your wife a lot better and more productive.


Get Dirty – Getting dirty is the best way to show your wife that you love her, which will help to put the spark back in your relationship. Pick up a broom, get some dishwater on your hands, and clean out that garage like she asked you (Hint: The garage is a great place to have sex!)

Get Physical – Most women like to feel wanted by her man, and touching her more often is the best way to show her that you are still attracted to her. Give her a massage, hold her hand, or have her sit on your lap (and see what comes up!).

Get Romantic – Sure romance may be for gals, but you will be doing it for her. It may go against your manliness to watch romantic movies or spend time talking, but it actually takes a real man to do those things and be romantic with his lady.

Get Intimate – That’s right, there is nothing like boredom with sex than having more sex. You might be surprised to learn that most men that say they are bored with their wives are having almost no sex, but rekindling that physical passion is sure to rekindle the emotional stuff as well.

These tips can help you to start making love to your wife like you never have before, and it can help you get your relationship back on track.

The First Time

“What do I do when making love to my wife for the first time?”

If you are one of the very few couples that wait until their marriage to have sex, congratulations and sincerest apologies. The fact that you have waited means that you are dedicated to each other, but it means that you have missed out on all the best parts of life.

If you are just getting down to having sex with your wife for the first time, then you definitely need to check out the First Time Lovemaking page to find some great tips to help you…

The Pleasing of a Woman

When it comes to pleasuring a woman, it is actually much easier than you might expect.

Don’t think you’re that good in bed? Here are some tips to help you up your game drastically:

Attention – Giving her attention inside the bedroom and during the day is the secret to being the best lover. Notice how her body reacts, what she does when you do something, and what she seems to like most. That will be the clues that will turn you from an Average Joe into a Sex Superman.

Continuity – There are few things more sexually stimulating for a woman than skin on skin contact, even if you aren’t having sex. One great way to get her very in the mood is to get naked, lie in bed, and snuggle in the buff. Let the sexual hijinks ensue!

Building – Just like in movies, dramatic tension is very important. Start out slow, build up to that moment of climax, but take your time about it. In fact, if you want to go the “2 forward, 1 backward” route of slowly building up and decreasing the tension, you may end up with her begging for it(not a bad night’s work).

Detouring – Don’t always go from Point A (mouth) to Point B (nipples) to Point C (sexy bits), but take your time getting there. Detour from Point A to the area around Point B and back up with no contact, and on and on it goes.

Taking your time and being thorough is just as important in bed as it is at work, so be sure to do a thorough job that isn’t rushed.

These techniques are actually guaranteed to work, though you have to use them at the right time for them to be effective.

Sex During Pregnancy

Many men wonder “Is making love to my wife when she is pregnant ok? I have heard that sex during pregnancy can harm the child, and we have no sex once the child is born.”

Let’s break this down:

1. During the first 6 months of the pregnancy, your wife will have a small belly that will hardly get in the way. You can have great sex during pregnancy, especially in the first six months.

2. Once you crack the 6 month mark, you need to start being careful. Sex positions that allow very deep penetration aren’t dangerous, but the missionary position is not recommended due to the fact that you are placing weight on the baby.

3. After the birth, there are 40 days of no sex, and this is the hardest part for the guy. Women often feel unattractive as they have not yet lost their baby fat, and many of them avoid sex for as long as six months after giving birth.

There you have it, the truth about pregnancy and sex. It may be hard for women to start having sex after pregnancy, but you can bet your boots that the change in hormones that they are experiencing will likely make them very horny during their pregnancy.

If you can give them time to recover, sex after pregnancy can be just as good or even better than the sex was before pregnancy.

Two Kinds of Play

When it comes to having sex with your woman, there are two kinds of play that you need to spend more time doing:

1. Foreplay – That’s right, foreplay is one of the most important kinds of play. It gets her warmed up and ready to go, and is guaranteed to make the sex a lot better.

In fact, you may find that spending more time on foreplay will make your sex significantly better, and you will become a foreplay addict like so many men.

Sex is often painful for women that don’t get enough foreplay, as their bodies don’t produce enough natural lubricant.
Getting her warmed up and wet will help you both to enjoy the sex a lot more, and will add a good deal of spice to your relationship.

2. Afterplay – Almost as important as the foreplay, afterplay is the fun that you have once the sex is done.

Just because you have both reached an orgasm (hopefully), that doesn’t mean that it’s time for you to roll over and start snoring.
You can lie in bed enjoying the warm feelings you get after sex, and it will help you to cool down after the exertion. It will also help you both to feel connected to each other, as you are sharing a moment together.

Don’t just jump up and run off to get cleaned up or roll over and start snoring, but spend a few moments talking and basking in the wonderful feelings that you get after sex.

Foreplay and afterplay? Sounds like a lot of work.


You can actually have more fun with your sex if you include these two types of play, as playing with each other is fun.

Don’t automatically go from 0 to 60 in a matter of minutes, but taking your time and remember: Men are like light bulbs that can switch on and off, but women are more like a clothes iron that takes time to heat up and cool down (but is really hot when fully heated).

Key Tips for Making Her Happy

Seeing as orgasms are just as important for women as they are for men, here are a few tricks to help you make her show the “happy face” she gets if you do your job right:

Try sexy scents – You may find that a sexy cologne is enough to turn a woman on, especially if you use one that is good for your manly smell. Experiment with different scents until you find one that will make her hot.

Keep her feet warm – You might be surprised to find that women’s feet can actually be quite sexy for them. The feet are the first part of the body to get cold, but allowing her to tuck her feet between your legs will bring you closer together and will initiate the physical contact that will lead to other fun things (wink, wink!).

Deviate from the hot spots – Just because there are certain parts on her body that feel great, that doesn’t mean you have to go straight there every time. Find those spots that feel great, and imagine that they are the 12 on a clock. Spend time at 10 and 2 o clock to make her want you to hit the 12 mark even more.

The sexy spine – Did you know that the spine can be quite sexy, and can make her arch her back in pleasure if you hit the right spot? Get on the right side of her spine, and slowly kiss downward until you hit that one sensitive nerve bundle that makes her moan.

These are a few unique tips you can use to help you make her as happy as a pig in a mud puddle, or a fat kid locked overnight in a bakery.

Making Love to My Wife: Case Study

Gary has been married to Anne for 10 years, but their love life has changed.

Their first time together was the first time for both of them, but it was kind of awkward due to the fact that neither of them had ever had sex before. Slowly they got used to each other, and their lovemaking went from good to amazing over the first year or two.

On their 3rd anniversary, they went on a vacation to Maui, and this is where they found the joy in underwater lovemaking for the first time. It comes as no surprise that they installed a Jacuzzi in their home the minute they returned from vacation.

Five years into the marriage, Anne got pregnant.

This was great for Gary, as he found that Anne was a ravenous sex beast during the first 8 months of her pregnancy. However, immediately after their baby – Garth – was born, they experienced a period of absolutely no sex.
This lasted for a year after the baby’s birth, as Anne suffered from complications with her childbirth that took her months to recover from. Even after her recovery, she still had a very low sex drive and lots of pain when having sex.

Gary has a piece of advice for all men going through a similar situation:
Sex during pregnancy is great, but it is tough to deal with the dry spell after your wife gives birth. Men, remember that your love for your woman is the most important thing. You both love each other, and you will get back into the groove
of having sex again even if it takes a long time.

If you can remember that sex is second to love, you will get through it alright.

Their sex life is better than ever, which is proven by the fact that they have 3 more kids.



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