Hit the Ol' Spot!

Have you heard about g spot orgasm, and you find that it intrigues you? Have you been wondering about the female g spot - where it is and what to do with it? Does the female spot even really exist? And if it does, does its stimulation really allow that fascinating orgasm that so many rave about ecstatically (and which is sometimes called squirt orgasm, even if not all g-spot orgasms lead to squirting)?

Yes, the female g spot does exist. It is a special place within the vagina. When it is properly stimulated with love and care, that stimulation can bring about a g spot orgasm. This orgasm is among the very most intense orgasmic experiences that a woman can have. Or, they can be.

Some women are embarrassed by the idea of seeking a g spot orgasm.

Should they really be "obsessing" over their lover touching their female g spot? Is that what love, even erotic love, is all about? Well, no, not at all, but it CAN be a lot of fun - as well as pleasure.

And I have to tell you right off, that the scientists don't think that every woman alive even has a g spot - a fair percentage apparently don't ... which sounds kind of weird, if you ask me, but what do the scientists know, huh, they used to deny the existence of the female g spot and, for that matter, what do I know?

Every woman is unique and you certainly don't need ANY kind of spot - neither the clitoris or the g spot - to have an orgasm that rocks your world.

No, I'm not kidding, I mean that. You can even have an orgasm without anybody (including yourself) touching you. I know this from experience. (If you want to read more about that, please visit the page How to Give a Female an Orgasm - Without Even Touching (Advanced Male and Female Orgasm Tips).

Sex is fun, pleasurable and all round entertaining. So why not enjoy the heights of sexual pleasure as much as you can? About the worst that can happen is you getting tired.

And no, wanting to experience a g spot orgasm - and all the other kinds of orgasm there are - is not about "sex addiction", which in fact kills erotic pleasure.

Nor is it 'perverse' or 'wrong' to want and enjoy sexual fulfillment. If you're a woman, knowing how to give yourself a g spot orgasm is a natural, even beautiful thing. If you're a man, it's actually the same thing, because men, too, have a g spot, the male g spot, but that's another story.

If you're a man or a woman wanting to pleasure your female partner by finding the g spot and giving her a g spot massage, well, whether or not it leads to actual orgasm that's a wonderful thing.

Stimulate your female g spot by yourself or have your lover do it. What matters is your pleasure, and your spiritual connection to your lover and/or with Life/the Universe. Fulfilling sexual pleasure makes you feel more alive, more ready to embrace and experience all other aspects of life.

An orgasm can be like when you are at the peak of health ... like soon after you have eaten a filling, delicious, well-prepared feast ... or like when you read great books or listen to great music. Or, if you prefer a different kind of analogy: like when you get paid very good money for "a job well done".
Everything gets a "glow" around it. Everything is numinous and luminous. Fulfilling, deep sexual pleasure is a part of all this. This is true of almost all kinds of orgasm, of course, not just g spot orgasms.

(Though there are indeed types of orgasm that are, well, almost dull, and should probably be called 'mild release' or something similar instead of orgasm. You might get one of those if you're very tired, for instance, or very controlled and unable to really let go and enjoy yourself).

When you, as a woman, know how to find your female g spot, you know something very important about how to find the ecstatic heights of your own sexual pleasure.
So, why not start sharing your g spot orgasm with him? That doesn't preclude that you ALSO give yourself a g spot orgasm to yourself, alone, some other time.

Further, as a woman, you might not be in a relationship right now. There might be any number of reasons for this.
You might have experienced a tragic divorce. You might be working too hard or have too many career concerns. You might find it hard to find someone who matches your desires or personal needs.
But whatever your reason, none of this means that you have become asexual. You don't have to be a celibate.

If you know how to use a g-spot vibrator  for example, you can pleasure yourself as you need and desire even when you are alone. If you are self-aware enough to know where your own g spot is, you can experience a g spot massage with a g-spot vibrator. You can do this privately.

But you can also have your lover give you the g spot massage. The vibrator or the hands can be used.

Finding the G Spot

It's a strange thing about us human beings. We need to discover, over and over, our own bodies. So, how should you go about finding the g spot?

For finding your g-spot, put your hand palm-down on your vulva. Slowly insert a finger (index or middle) into your vagina. Your vagina needs to be wet for this, so you may use lubrication if you feel the need.
Next, crook your finger as if you were saying "come hither". At a spot on or close to your finger's second knuckle, you should be able to feel a slightly ridged area on your vagina's upper wall.

You will need to explore your female spot. Get to know how it feels. You see, the g spot feels different than the rest of the vaginal walls. It should feel ridged, and when you get sexually aroused it will swell with blood. It's analogous to the man's penis in that way.

When your g-spot is stimulated, you may very well feel an urge to "go pee pee". But that's not urine that your body wants to eject. You're feeling the urge for female ejaculation.
As a rule the female ejaculate has nothing to do with urine but is a completely different kind of water based substance. And yes, unless you're sick with an infection, the female ejaculate is sterile and completely safe to drink, should you or your partner feel like doing so.

G Spot Massage

G spot massage, and female ejaculation, are spoken of in the writings of the sacred practice of Tantra. It is said that "Yoni massage" (this is vaginal or g spot massage in the language of Sanskrit) can typically engender greater sensitivity and vivaciousness to the female g spot.

The g spot massage leads to the incredible experience known as female ejaculation.
It's written that this experience releases amrita. "Amrita" means the sacred feminine waters.
This is not the same thing as male ejaculation, which seeds new life.
Via the "amrita" release, a woman discovers how to release old beliefs or emotions which prevent her from her full erotic joy. These beliefs and emotions also block her from realizing her full potential in the role of lover. These in fact lead to the "pain body" experienced during menstruation.

Once you, as a woman, know where your female g spot is, you can guide the hands (the fingers) of your lover to it. You may also be able to intuitively figure out positions for intercourse that will let your lover stimulate your g spot.
If your lover's penis can rub against your g spot then you can experience incredible ecstasy. The two of you, together, will know the greatest intimacy imaginable.

Massaging the female g spot is not, however, about reaching g spot orgasm. A female g spot massage can, however, definitely be incredible foreplay!
Massaging the female g spot in this way is meant to build the mind-blowing intimacy just mentioned above.

Female G Spot Stimulation to Reach G Spot Orgasm

So, stimulation of the female g spot may be for:

- Giving a woman an intense, full-body female orgasm.

- Achieving Amrita release.

- Sharing Tantra (that is, "spiritual sex").

- As a woman alone, having fulfilling masturbation with a g spot orgasm.

Basic Facts about the Female G Spot and G Spot Orgasm

Some basic, elemental things to understand about having, or giving, a female g spot orgasm:

- In modern times the female g-spot was unknown before 1950, when it was discovered by a male doctor.

- The inquisitive doctor was called Grafenberg, hence the G in g spot.

- The female g-spot is not the clitoris. At all. It is INSIDE the vagina and totally distinct.

- Knowing how to find the g spot can be tricky, because it's only about the size of a U.S. quarter coin.

- Knowing how to find the g spot can be just as tricky for a woman as it is for her man.

- If you are a woman alone, the best way to touch your g spot is with a curved, stiff dildo.

- The female g spot is actually bean-shaped. In medical terminology it's the spongy tissue of the female paraurethral gland, the analog of the male prostate.

- The g spot is harder than the tissue that surrounds it, because when it is stimulated the tissue fills with a rush of blood.

How to Give a Female a G Spot Orgasm

If you're a man who wants to pleasure his woman with a g spot orgasm, you first need to find it. Here's how:

Have your woman lie down on her back with her legs spread as if for intercourse. Next, slide your longest finger inside her as far as it can go without forcing. (Make sure you have closely clipped fingernails first!)

Once your finger is in, crook it as if to say "come here". You should feel a ridge or rough place in the wall of her vagina. That's her female g spot.
If you're hitting it, she should show some surprise or sudden pleasure. She will let you know for sure!

It may help if you get her aroused first. Arousal is what causes the female g spot to become hard and more noticeable to a touch. You don't mind, do you?

Once you know how to find the g spot, you can attempt to stimulate it with intercourse. If you are above average in size (you don't have to be a giant), and if your penis has some curvature to it, you may be a "perfect fit" for giving your woman a g spot orgasm. But, if not, the two of you can always explore various positions to see if your penis can "hit the ol' spot." Typically the best positions for this are the woman riding on top or the man taking her from behind "dog-like".

And if not, you can always use a sex toy (dildo) of the right size and curvature on her. After that, you can then enter her and use your penis on her clitoris. She will love you ecstatically!

If you do use a dildo on your woman, the best technique is to "tap, tap" her g spot with it. The female g spot yields the best response to firm, but not rough, stimulation.

The G Spot: The Ol' Spot, Indeed

As a woman, aging gives you something to look forward to: better sex! Why? It's because the female g spot becomes more easily accessed after a woman enters her mid-30s. That's because her vaginal lining has become thinner by then, as her body produces less estrogen by then.

So, you see, sex really can get better with age ...

As a man, if you take good care of yourself health-wise, you will continue to be able to get hard, powerful erections throughout your entire life.

Once you're well into middle age, you may need to also take supplements (occasional testosterone injections, or ginseng herbs for instance), but you don't have to become "limpy and gimpy" for any reason at all.

And, once you're into your 40s and beyond, you have (or should have) experience, maturity, and the benefit of reading writings like this on that all enable you to be a better lover than ever before.

As a woman, you will (or should be) be more emotionally stable after you're into your 30s and beyond.
This means that you can give, and receive, sex with greater pleasure (received and given). You will have much more experience by then, experience that informs you what you like as well as how to pleasure a man better.
And, you will have that ol g' spot more accessible for stimulation than ever before.

In Summation about the Female G Spot and G Spot Orgasm

If you have never been able to find your woman's g spot before, now you understand how to.
If you're a woman who has wondered about her own g spot, you don't have to be embarrassed that you've never been able to find it in yourself before.

Now you should see clearly why stimulation of the female g spot is considered to be so important for sexual fulfillment.

But you also see that it goes beyond just the ecstasy of the g spot orgasm. Hitting the ol' spot can also be for Tantric practice, or for g spot massaging that leads to the heights of spiritual intimacy between a man and woman.

If you're a woman who is single, or by yourself, you know how to pleasure yourself by giving yourself your own g spot orgasm.

And remember ... you have something to look forward to as you age!


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