Self Esteem Exercises

If your self esteem is less than average, it is important to find ways to improve it.

Many times we have low self esteem because we feel that our personalities are not strong enough for people to accept us. And instead of finding ways to solve our low self esteem, we over compensate and end up feeling inferior to everyone around us.

If you are serious about improving the way you view yourself, these self esteem exercises will help you to feel like the quality person that you are.

Really root for someone else.

This is sometimes one of the most difficult self esteem exercises because it seems like it will actually lower your self esteem as opposed to improving it.

However, many times when you take the attention off of yourself, and you focus on making someone else feel important, it can greatly improve your self esteem.

Allow yourself to fail.

Many of those who have low self esteem are actually perfectionists in disguise. Does the thought of failing make your throat tighten and your heart race?

Instead of always trying to be perfect without admitting you're a perfectionist, just fail. This is not to say that you should give up on life, quit your job and spend the rest of your days eating ice cream on the couch.
However, this is definitely one of the more crucial self esteem exercises because if you can let go and stop trying to be perfect, you know that you're on the road to conquering insecurity.

Don't always crave the spotlight.

Always wanting to be the center of attention is dangerous because when the spotlight is on you, your flaws are magnified.
If you always find yourself competing with someone to be the focus, then these self esteem exercises are exactly what you need. In preschool, one of the first things you learn is the art of sharing, so learn to share the spotlight.

The next time you are in a group of people, allow others to be the center of attention. Chances are you won't feel that you're under so much pressure to make everyone happy, and people will be drawn to your new attitude.

Write down things you are thankful for.

If you are caught up feeling sorry for yourself and thinking that your life is horrible, then it is time for you to learn to be thankful.
If you think you don't have anything to be thankful for, then you are in desperate need of a reality check. It is ok if you have to start out slowly, but try to write down one thing a day that you are thankful for. You will be surprised how quickly you accumulate a sizable list. The next time you are feeling self pity, just refer to your list and think about all you're thankful for.

Keep a negative thoughts journal.

Now that you're realized you have a lot of things for which to be thankful, you have to push aside your negative thoughts.
Most people are bombarded with negative thoughts on a daily basis; however, not everyone handles these thoughts in the same way. It is common to want to listen to those thoughts and live your life according to what they say, however, you cannot be a prisoner to your thoughts.

Buy a small notebook, and every time you hear those thoughts, write them down. It is important that you don't dwell on them, instead you can come up with affirmations that are opposite of your negative thought patterns. You have to do what you need to do to stay positive. Some people find it helpful to post notes around their house, or set reminders on their phones to remind them to keep a positive attitude during the day.

Stop gossiping.

Do you ever find yourself showcasing the weaknesses of others? Just because you feel threatened by someone, that doesn't mean you should prey on them and try to give them a complex.

People who are secure in themselves don't have to turn others against the people who threaten their self esteem. Instead of attacking others, and trying to win more friends by gossiping about the shortcomings of other people, you should stop and think if you'd want people to treat you like that. Remember that you don't have to be mean just so people will like you.

In fact, people will respect you more when they realize that you aren't going to gossip about them when they're not around.

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