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The World's Biggest Love Problem

Our main problem with love is this: Lack of consciousness. Pure and simple.

Although we know in our heart of hearts exactly what (and where) love really is, with our minds we have forgotten it.

As young children we used to know the bliss and ease of the unconditional love that exists inside of us, but the stress and pain of growing up in an unconscious world has made us wary, defensive and fixated in ways that are damaging to ourselves and others.

Sorry, but Your Mind Has Been Infected ...

If your mind were a computer, I would submit to you that is has been infected by a virus which distorts your way of thinking, believing, deciding and looking at yourself and the world.

If you are like most people you are fixated on your needs and the external world (particularly other people), and you have powerful defensive mechanisms.

While there is absolutely nothing WRONG with this, this is a page with important love tips, and I have to tell you that it DOES have some very undesirable consequences in most areas of your life. Including your love life.

Your Love Life Suffers

In short, the above mentioned things make something that is really the most simple and natural thing in the world - love - seem complicated and difficult. Those things cause feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, jealousy, loneliness, sorrow and countless other kinds of suffering to arise.

Love is also just about the most desirable and wonderful thing in the world, and to have it linked to that kind of hardship and pain seems almost perverse. Nevertheless this is the reality for most people ... including you, most likely, or you wouldn't be reading these love tips.

Break the Vicious Circle

love tips figurine man womanAnd to make matters worse we pass this madness on to our children ... just like it was passed on to us. There is only one person who can break this vicious circle: You.

Happily, you absolutely can. You can raise your consciousness and make changes for the better, and I'll help you do it. So, to get lots of important love tips, just read on.

How to Move On

By becoming more conscious of the (absolute) truth about love, you do your bit in helping all the children that you come into contact with stay open and loving. You also help everyone else around you - and yourself. Step by step you can fix your love problems and achieve your goal of experiencing love.

Love tips:
No matter what your love problem or love goal is, it will help you to have these primary aims:

- to make yourself more conscious; to remember the real connections, the main truths about love

- to de-program yourself and remove the virus; to de-learn any and all misunderstandings about love

- to acquire some concrete, useful tips and tools, that you can use in your everyday life

Some Good News about Love and Consciousness

Love in itself is NEVER a problem. Consciousness in itself NEVER is a problem.

love tips cute white stuffed gorilla heartProblems are caused by the ABSENCE of love, which in its turn is caused by the ABSENCE of consciousness.Those are some of the most important love tips I can give you. As, indeed are these love tips:Love and consciousness contain the solution to anything. All your problems with love have a simple solution. By pouring more love and more consciousness into anything, you will make it simpler and easier. If you take action, too, you will solve your problems.


Just by INCREASING your consciousness of love you will DIMINISH your problems.

By USING your increased consciousness of love in practice you SOLVE your problems!

Love Tips about Your Love Goals and Love Problems

Love is not difficult, it is simple and easy. It is our most fundamental nature. We do however, find love extremely difficult. In fact it is one of the things we find most difficult. But do not despair. There is hope! Some other powerful love tips concern goals and challenges. Below, you will find some of the most basic and common goals, problems and challenges most of us have in relation to love.

The primary goal is easy: To experience love; the more, the better!

As far as the problems are concerned, every single one of them is based on a very typical and very common misunderstanding.

Each goal, problem or misunderstanding will be commented briefly upon on this page, and then you can read more by clicking on the associated link (which will take you to a new page, once the links are up and running).

What is Love? - A Definition of Love

Here you can read how the dictionary defines love - and how I define it. My definition of love is more comprehensive than the dictionary's. Please note that the definition of love that I present here is quite fundamental to understanding/seeing life and you as a connected whole (a unity). In other words, important love tips are presented in this 'mere' definition.

Love Tips - wood cutting of a couple rubbing noses and about to kiss

I Need Your Love: Yes, It Feels That Way, But Is It True - and Does It Work?

Here's the situation: You love someone (who loves you back - or doesn't, it doesn't really matter). Because you love, or because you are loved, you feel or think that the one(s) you love (and the one(s) who love you) must give you something. That 'something' could be anything, really: love, friendship, loyalty, help, attention, sex ... anything.

Well, sorry to bust your bubble, but that won't work. Not for you, and not for your loved one(s).

This is what you have forgotten (love tips): To distinguish between love and needs; two things that are completely unrelated.

In the western world this is one of the most important and most fundamental misunderstandings of love.

If you read nothing else on theses pages of love tips, please at least read this: I Need Your Love.

Couple Love: The Mature Love Relationship

A page like this one would not be complete without a short exposition of the nature of the mature love relationship - no it's not about the participants' age, it's about couple love based on unconditional love.

Is that even possible? Oh, yes, and I can prove it. How? Because I'm living it myself. Also, I know of others who, in varying degrees, do the same. None of us are perfect in doing so, but we do our best, and you'll get some powerful love tips by reading about it.

How do YOU do that, then? How do you live and love in the mature love relationship?

Well, it can be said very briefly. In fact it can be said in two words: 'I love'. Though, of course, in practice there appears to be a lot more to it (even if there isn't). Read these love tips here: Couple Love.

Everyday Love: Marriage Problem Advice

Here's the situation: You're living with your partner. Your love has become 'everyday love' and in your relationship you have problems with practical doings (living together, cleaning, bringing up children, etc.) ... so whether you're actually married or not, you need some love tips and some marriage problem advice.

This is what you have forgotten (love tips): There is a difference between practical doings and love! These two things are widely different. Nothing good comes of mixing them, and they should be dealt with in completely different ways. Read more of these love tips on the page Everyday Love: Marriage Problem Advice.

Love Pain - Love Hurts!

You're with a partner but you experience discomfort (unfulfilled needs, pain, sorrow, etc.) in relation to love. Perhaps your partner isn't giving you enough of something ... attention, help, sex or something else ... to satisfy you. In any case love hurts. You feel 'love pain'.

Here's what you've forgotten (love tips): The more unconditional your love is, the better it feels. Your discomfort stems not from love itself, but from your being closed off to love! Read more love tips abut this on the page Love Hurts.

Relationship Break Up Advice

Want to know about getting over a relationship and surviving a breakup? Get relationship break up advice and break up tips for dealing with a break up and moving on after a breakup! Visit the self improvement article Relationship Break Up Advice.

Getting Over a Relationship

Getting over a relationship and surviving a breakup can be tough. Get some relationship break up advice to deal with the break up pain. Getting over a break up and getting over your ex IS doable. Read more on the page Getting Over a Relationship.  

Love Heart Drawings, Cartoon Hearts, Valentine Heart Clipart, etc.

Love Tips - vintage valentine card - cute duckling sailing a boat - red love heart drawing I have made several collections of love heart drawings, cartoon love pictures, love images, love sketches, cartoon hearts and Valentine heart clipart. They aren't really love tips, they are all just for fun.

Also, they are not for commercial use, but they can be used in your private love letters, love notes, love messages, Valentines, etc. If you love to love, you'll love these collections of clip art:

Love Heart Drawings- the largest collection of hearts, lovers, etc.
Cartoon Hearts- collection mostly focused on the cartoony style
Heart Drawings- collection with focus on hearts, it even includes some anatomical drawings of the human heart

Drawings of Hearts- another collection focused on hearts
Valentine Heart Clipart- much free stuff for Valentine's Day!
Cupid Graphics- a collection of images and clipart featuring Cupid (Amor) the small, winged, bow and arrow armed god of love.
Imagenes de Amor & Dibujos de Amor: Romantic Graphics & Heart Drawings- a collection of love heart drawings, love graphics & cupid graphics with love for the Spanish readers of - but English speaking readers will find lots of wonderful love clip art there as well, of course.

Famous Love Quotes and Love Sayings

This is a collection of the best love quotes and love sayings I have encountered over the years. They have been hand picked to include only inspirational quotes that reflect what I consider truth about love.

Over time more and more will be presented, but for now please choose between the ones below. Who knows - perhaps you'll even find some worthwhile love tips in them:

Love Tips - 2 red glass love hearts 2 gold rings
Best Love Sayings
Cute Love Sayings
Sweet Love Sayings
Short Love Sayings
Funny Love Sayings
Sad Love Sayings

One Way Love - the Signs and Psychology of Unrequited Love
(Part 1 of 2)

One way love is when you love someone who doesn't seem to love you back. Lots of people experience this, but that doesn't make it any easier if it happens to you.

So, what to do? Well, you might start out by reading this self improvement article ...

It's the first part of a two part 'what-to-do' series of articles on one way love / unrequited love. Read more here: One Way Love.

Unrequited Love: The Ultimate Collection of Advice for Dealing with One Way Love(Part 2 of 2)

You love somebody who does not love you back. Not a very satisfactory situation.

This is what you have forgotten (love tips): Your unrequited love is either based on your needs or on a daydream. If you love somebody unconditionally, it does not matter if he or she loves you back (but it's really hard not to!).

This is the second part of a two part 'what-to-do' series of self improvement articles on one way love / unrequited love. Read more love tips about Unrequited Love.


Love Tips - womans lips mouth red lipstick closeup photo

Losing Love: More Love Pain

You've lost somebody you loved (or who loved you) and it is unbearable. Perhaps he or she left you, perhaps he or she even died.
So, you felt love, but now love hurts, you feel love pain. In some cases even excruciating, unbearable pain. Perhaps you say to yourself that you will never love again.

This is what you have forgotten (love tips): You can handle grief and it will not last forever, plus: Love is everywhere, so you might as well stay open and trusting.

Staying in love: Is It Possible?

Love Tips - afro american couple in love hand on heart eyes closedBeing in love feels sooo great! You really want it to last ... but it doesn't. It may take weeks, months or in rare cases even years, but that wild, crazy feeling of being in love always goes away.

So you wonder: Isn't there some remedy, some technique or method for staying in love?

The answer seems to be 'no', but there IS actually something you can do to keep the wonderful feelings that come with being in love. It starts with you remembering something about love, namely this:

Being in love is a mix of very conditional love and very unconditional love. If you want the wonderful experience to continue, you have to let go of the conditional part of your love.

Love Tips - yellow and red roses in love heart shape


Where Is Love?

Your problem: You can't find love; or you cannot love; or it seems there isn't enough love.

Does any of those three statements ring a bell? Then the first order of business for you should be to remember something important:

This is what you have forgotten (love tips): Love is all around - everywhere - and can be experienced everywhere, particularly inside yourself ... You ARE love!


Overcoming Jealousy

You have a hard time trusting your partner? Do you feel the ugly green serpent of jealousy writhing in your gut?

Find out why you are jealous and get practical step by step help for overcoming jealousy.

Read the article on a page on this website about Overcoming Jealousy.

Love Tips - couple in love kissing on bridge venice

Does He really love me? A love match test.

Are you a woman and do you sometimes ask yourself 'Does he really love me?'
Small wonder! Most women do.
Men usually aren't particularly communicative when it comes to feelings in general and love in particular.
But you will soon know more when reading this article.


Polyamory - Loving More Than One Person

Maybe you've heard about it ... maybe not. Maybe you think that polyamory is just a fancy name for polygamy or even for swinging. Well, it isn't.

Polyamorous relationships are deeply committed love relationships that just so happen to be between more that two partners. In polyamory ALL parties involved are FULLY informed about EVERY aspect of the polyamorous relationship. In fact chances are, that communication levels in polyamorous relationships are much higher than in other kinds of relationships - if they weren't, it just wouldn't work.

And as for polyamory's relationship to swinging - well there isn't one, either. Polyamorous relationships (sometimes called poly relationships) are not focused on sex, they are focused on love, and sex is a way to express that love ... with your partners (polyfidelity).

Does all this sound exotic? Perhaps. But more and more people are living in polyamorous relaionships. They just don't talk about it much. Read more about it in the article Polyamory.

Saying I Love You

Are you having trouble saying 'I Love You' to someone you love? This is a very common problem.
Read more about it here.

love tips glass heart photo

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