Love and Making Love

Love making. Consider the words. They actually mean 'the creation of love'. And that what makes love making romantic: When it's an expression of love.

If you want to know about romantic love making, then that's your answer in a nutshell: To make romance, to REALLY make romance, you need to love the other person. As unconditionally as you can. If you do, everything suddenly becomes very easy.
You just act out of love, and whatever you do feels great for both you and your partner. Of course, to many people lovemaking is 'just sex'. Okay, then, what makes sex romantic? Some of the most basic answers to that are: 'attention', 'acceptance', 'be yourself' and 'spend lots of time'

The Infinite Joys of Romantic Sex

Romantic love making can be far more enjoyable than any sex, as it is very different. Romantic sex is nothing like casual sex or sex with someone that you are meeting for the first time, which is why it is so much better.

What is the difference between romantic love making and regular sex?

The answer is simple: romantic lovemaking includes feelings.

The Truth about Romance and Love Making

Everyone loves the concept of going out, meeting a man or woman that is incredibly attractive, taking them home, and having mind-blowing sex that lasts all night long. That is a fantasy of pretty much every person that heads out to a bar at night, and very few people think of meeting the love of their life in a single night. Most people focus on the sex aspect, and the feelings come later.

However, think about it: how good is the sex really?

Obviously the fact that you are having sex with a stranger is a lot of fun, and it is a thrill to know that you were able to pick up a beautiful woman or handsome man that makes the sex feel kinda great. You feel a shot of self-confidence when you can go from meeting someone to having sex with them in no time, but that's about as good as it gets.

In reality, the sex itself may not be as good as you might have imagined. For example, what happens if the person has bad breath, they have absolutely no idea how to kiss, are taller, shorter, wider, or thinner than you are used to, or are not as good at sex as you had thought. So many people focus on the looks of their potential sex partners that they fail to take into account just how good someone can be in bed.

The person may be kind of awkward or clumsy, and they may fumble about or be very jerky with their movements due to their nervousness. It can be difficult to have great sex the first time you make love to someone, and it can actually be disappointing for you to have sex with a total stranger. For this reason, the casual sex with someone you have just met is usually not quite as good as romantic love making.

Romantic lovemaking usually involves some kind of feelings, and thus you get a lot more enjoyment out of the time that you spend having sex. You can use all the best sexual techniques that you know, but there is nothing more powerful than the mind when it comes to having sex. Unless the woman having sex is very horny and attracted mentally to the person, the sex is not going to be mind-blowing.

However, once the person has developed feelings for their partner, that is when the sex starts getting really good. Seeing as you know the other person and have feelings for them, you begin to trust them. Once you trust them, you can relax around them. Being relaxed is the secret to having great sex, therefore having feelings for someone else is the secret to having amazing, mind-shattering sex.

Why Romantic Love Making?

Many people scoff at the idea of having feelings for their sexual partner, as that usually leads to relationships, commitments, and other things that people try to avoid. However, romantic sex is always the best, as there is something more than animal lust that is connecting the two people having sex. In fact, you will find that your animal lust is only enough to have great sex once, and it starts to fade once the attraction without feelings start to fade.

With romantic love making, your sex techniques are only a part of the experience, but the feelings help to make it so much better. The fact that feelings have developed usually means that time has passed since you have begun having sex, meaning that the other person knows what you like, how you like it, and they are interested in pleasuring you and not just themselves.

For this reason, romantic love making is so much better. Too many people in casual sex encounters just want to enjoy themselves, and they have no concern for how the other person feels or what they experience. However, the best sex involves both parties enjoying themselves, and that is what makes romantic sex such a good idea.

More About Love Making

Romantic lovemaking isn't possible without feelings, as the feeling of love is what makes you romantic and changes your sex into lovemaking. Obviously you aren't going to be making love with someone the first time you meet them, but it only becomes lovemaking once the feelings start to develop. After all, it is "Making Love", meaning there has to be some degree of love.

To make romance, to really be romantic with your partner, there has to be love there. Love is what makes it possible for you to accept your partner as he or she is, and it enables you to let go of your hangups, your inhibitions, and your negative feelings about yourself in order to enjoy the wonderful pleasure that having sex can be.

Lovemaking is more than just sex, though there is the incredibly pleasant element of sex included in your lovemaking. What it boils down to is accepting your partner for who they are, and knowing that they accept you. That is when love starts to blossom, and you can know that your partner trusts you and can be trusted.

Without trust, there can be no great sex, as trust is what allows you to let yourself go, moan or shake in pleasure, and not feel like the other person is judging you by your actions. You have to trust the other person in order to have great romantic sex, but you can bet your boots that it will be so much better once you have developed that rapport with the person you are having sex with or making love to.

Spending time with the person is what will help you to develop that trust, and spending time having sex or making love to your partner will help you to figure out what the other person likes. Great sex happens when both parties are trying to make the sex as enjoyable for the other person as possible, rather than focusing just on their own enjoyment. Giving attention to the other person and their needs is what will transform good sex into great sex, and great sex into the kind of sex that shatters windows and breaks beds.

The Secret Ingredient

However, aside from all the wonderful feelings that you get when having sex, there is a single secret ingredient that will make your romantic sex great: fun.

You can have all the feelings in the world, but the feelings have to translate themselves into actions somehow. Actions speak louder than words, and your actions will be much easier to interpret than any romantic feelings you have. If you want to give your partner great sex, you have to find actions that will help you to translate your feelings.

Sex doesn't have to always be so passionate, but part of being comfortable and relaxing around the person that you are making love to is having fun. After all, when you have fun, it shows that you have established a rapport with the person with whom you share common interests.

Fun sex may not be the kind that shakes the earth, but you can bet that it is the sex that brings you closer together. Romantic love making has it's time and place, but how else can you prepare for those romantic occasions if you aren't having fun in life? Having fun builds a relationship that will remain even once passionate feelings wane, so it is important to have fun with your sex.

Want to have some fun? Here are some tips to help you bring that element of fun to your sex life:

Be a Tease - Some good teasing will make your sex a lot better, especially if you can make the other person want the sex by withholding it from them in the right way. Tie the person up and tease their body with your lips, or tease the other person's sexual organs with your mouth or your naughty bits. We all want something that is just out of reach, so withhold it from your partner for a few minutes to build the anticipation.

Shock and "Oooooh" - Don't automatically get in bed and have sex as if clockwork was directing your life, but do things that will surprise her or him. Catch them as they are coming out of the shower with their towel off, and get busy doing dirty things to their clean body. If you don't give them time to think about it, you can bet that they will be busy thinking other thoughts before they even realize what you're doing.

Talk it Out - You might be surprised to learn that sexy talk is far more erotic than any porn video or fantasy can be, as you are basically telling each other what you want done. The fact that you are just inches away from each other without actually touching is what adds the element of anticipation, and it will certainly make your sex much better once you get down to it.

Don't Stop Early - Many guys skip right to the sex, forgetting that foreplay is the secret to a willing woman. It doesn't matter how late it is or how tired you are, spend that time preparing her body. You can bet that she will be much more willing if she has been properly prepared, and your sex will be so much better if you go on with the foreplay until she is really ready to go.

Try Something New - Don't get stick in the role of sex every night, but try and do new things to make your sex fun and original. Consider having sex in a car or in the middle of the woods, or try new positions. Do things that you haven't done before, and you will find that they will be the secret to your success.

Consider the Toys - Many guys don't like sexy toys because they make them think that they are not manly enough to make the woman orgasm on their own, but it takes a real man to include sex toys in their routine. You may find that she will love the toys, or she may be indifferent to them; either way it is best to try them at least once or twice to see what works with her. It can add some serious spice to your sex life.

Add the Food - "But food is dirty" you may say. Well why do you think God invented the shower? Adding a bit of food to your foreplay and romantic love making may not make your bed any cleaner, but it can certainly help to add a touch of novelty to your sex. After all, licking some honey or cream off his penis or eating a strawberry out of her vagina can be a great way to stretch out the orgasmic foreplay.

Use Body Parts - Don't just send the main actor in to perform his role, but try using all the supporting cast as well. The tongue is a powerful body part that has your breath and teeth to back it up, and your fingers are far more flexible and stronger than your penis can ever be. It is important to use the various body parts God gave you, and you can bet that more actors will always equal a better performance.

Mess With Senses - God gave us all 5 senses, but who says they all need to be used for sex? Add a blindfold to the mix, or tie up the hands to ensure that there is only one person doing the touching. Add perfume and some nice music to enhance the senses, and get ready to have your mind blown!

Sex is the best activity in the world, and romantic love making is like sexual pleasure times three!

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