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Making Love - Love Making Tips on How to Have Better Sex

• Discover what making love has to do with personal development!

• See 5 things that make this particular activity so important to us

• Learn how to lose your inhibitions

• Find out how to distinguish between different kinds of intimacy

• Subjects range from first time love making ...

• ... to beginners tantra to advanced tantra techniques

• Improve your love making and simultaneously get more pleasure

• Read about techniques, positions, humor & sex, funny sex quotes plus case stories

So Important and Yet So Repressed

Making love or having sex is how we keep the human race going (at least until we start cloning and procreating in other, more scientific (and boring) ways. It's also how we seal the bond between us when we are love partners. And it's one of the basic human needs. And it's a very important way to have fun. And it's a powerful tool in personal development. And, and, and ... Suffice it to say that this wonderful activity has many, many applications - and implications.making love classical baroque painting oil

For centuries, perhaps even millennia people in power have sought to control human sexuality - which is logical given how much energy and drive is inherent in our sexuality. Unhealthy repression, lots of problems and unnecessary inhibitions are the result. Things we now have to deal with.

Some People May Want to Stop Reading Now

This site has its focus on helping you learn new things, solve your problems and achieve your goals, and that is true for the subject of making love / sex, too. Personally I don't really have a lot of inhibitions in that area, so I'll just say it like I see it. So, if you have inhibitions regarding reading about sex and you want to keep them, this page is probably not for you - in that case you might do yourself a favour and stop reading now. Consider yourself warned.

What Is Making Love?

making love old painting oil couple having sexIs there a difference between sex and making love? The way I see it, yes. Making love often includes sex, whereas sex doesn't necessarily include making love. According to the dictionary sex is a physical activity, i.e. sexual intercourse or some other physical activity directly aimed at satisfying the sexual need. This is a useful definition. Making love, on the other hand, is much more than that.For a brief discussion of the difference between the two, with practical examples, please read the page Sex and Lovemaking.

What Makes Love Making and Sex so Important?

Well, here are five good reasons:

Making love and sex is both pleasurable, fun and personally developing. When two people share a positive, entertaining and giving experience like that, it creates a bond between them.

The sexual drive is actually connected to the most powerful of the seven basic human needs: the need for survival. The continuation of our species depends on it.

Making love is an expression of love, and sex can be the same way. Generally speaking this appears to be more true for men and women in whom the feminine energy is dominant. But it is, of course, true for everybody. And when it comes right down to it, very few things in life are more important than love.

Sexual intercourse (coitus) can lead to pregnancy and thus can lead not only a profound change in a person's life but also to 15-20 years of actual responsibility and a lifetime of perceived responsibility.

Sexual intercourse (coitus) creates a strong link or connection between two people. This link is much more powerful than the link created by words, kisses, hugs or even sexual petting. We cannot really explain the nature of this link, but we all clearly sense it.

That's just 5 reasons why making love and sex is so important to us, and there are surely many more.

Those many reasons are why almost EVERYBODY will attempt to control or regulate your love life and your sex life: The state, culture and norms, organized religion, your parents, the rest of your family, your friends, and particularly your love partner (see also jealousy).

All that, however, doesn't change the fact that your love life is YOURS and YOU are the one in charge of it!

Making Love - drawing of feet in the missionary position

Personal Development through Love Making

Making love and sex actually has a lot to do with personal development.

In fact, there is a teaching which goes back thousands of years that emphasizes love making and sex as one of the primary methods for personal and spiritual development - it's called tantra.

Just to let you know where I myself stand, I haven't trained in tantra; in fact I only recently learned that my own path of development actually reflects certain versions of tantra. And that what I have been doing and the incredible experiences I have been having in my own sex life are actually described in tantric teachings. Imagine my surprise and delight!

Anyway. I really don't care what you call it, as long as it works. And I tell you: Using love making as a basis for personal and spiritual development works!

Your Two 'Lives' Reflect Each Other

The way I see it, our sex life is pretty much a replica of the rest of our life - and vice versa: the way we live our life is closely reflected in our sex life.

Do you live a very conventional life, closely following the social norms? Maybe even a life that some people might describe as slightly boring? Then your sex life is likely to be like that, too.

Are you curious, adventurous and uninhibited in your love making? Then you probably behave more or less the same way in the rest of your life, too.

The point is this: Your 'big' life can teach you many things about your sex life - and your sex life can teach you many things about your 'big' life.

The principles that work really well in love making, work equally well in the rest of your life.

And the principles the work well in your life - say, the relationship keys - work equally well when applied to love making and sex.

First Time Love Making

Ah, the first time! So much expectation is put into it, and unfortunately, so little pleasure is had.

Most people actually have a very disappointing experience of their first sexual intercourse (coitus). It's stressful, scary, awkward and sometimes even messy. So, then, here's some advice about how to make the experience of first time love making better for yourself and your partner: Just visit the page First Time LoveMaking

Love Making Techniques

Technique isn't quite as important you may think, but in order for you and your love partner to have a satisfying sexual love life you both need to acquire a certain level of skill. The very best way to get that is by trial and error. Please note those two words, because they're BOTH important: TRIAL and ERROR. You need them both!

In other words: You need to try your hand at love making and sex, you need to play with it and have lots of fun. Apart from having a partner to do this with the primary requirements are actually openness, acceptance and a playful attitude. If you like, you can read more about all this on the page Love Making Techniques.

How to Give a Female an Orgasm
- Without Even Touching
(Advanced Male and Female Orgasm Tips)

making love female orgasm paintingYes, it's possible. And what's more: It's fun! This is advanced lovemaking, though, more advanced than, say, beginners tantra. I wrote about it in my blog,Soren's Blog: Inspirational Thoughts because someone I didn't know surprised me with a question about it. If you are into really deep sexuality, please enjoy the love making article How to Give a Female an Orgasm - Without Even Touching (Advanced Male and Female Orgasm Tips)


Different Lovemaking Positions

This, of course is a part of love making techniques, but it's even less important! Basically, if you can think about some interesting love making positions and your partner consents to them, do try them out. The thing is, though, that it's not the position, nor even the physical activity that's most important, it's something else entirely. If you're interested, you can read more about this on the page Different Love Making Positions.

Eating a Girl Out Tips
- How to perform Cunnilingus
(How to Lick Pussy)

This is a sexual empowerment article on eating a girl out tips a.k.a. how to perform cunnilingus! It is sober & powerful self improvement information on how to lick pussy. Get general cunnilingus advice, plus 10 great eating a girl out tips.

Humor and Sex

Oh, yeah, THIS is important! You REALLY need your sense of humor in your sex life. I'm not kidding. :-)

The thing is, if you aren't able to have fun and laugh when you make love and have sex, you're in for a hard time. Seriously, folks, those bodies of ours and all that they can do, they're great, but they're also hilarious!

Not taking yourself and your body too seriously is an essential part of love making and a good sex life. Whether you agree with this or not, you may want to read this page about Humour and Sex.

Sex Quotes

As I have written elsewhere on this website I really like quotes, and have been gathering good quotes, sayings and more for more than a decade. Some of those good quotes concern making love, of course, or more precisely: they concern sex. Over time I'll present those sex quotes here.

For now, lets just begin with Funny Sex Quotes. Have fun! :-)

Lose Your Inhibitions!


Inhibitions are a pain. Not just sexual inhibitions, but all kinds - and that's what I have written an in-depth self help article about. The article is general in nature, i.e. not specifically focused on sexual inhibitions, but it lays the groundwork very nicely. You can read it at Lose Your Inhibitions - The Why and How of No Inhibitions.

Uninhibited Sex - the Joy of Being Sexually Uninhibited

If there is some non-permanently-damaging sexual activity between you and a consenting adult that you find repulsive or for some other reason don't want anything to do with, then you've probably got some sort of sexual inhibition.

This is extremely common. Almost everybody has, or has had, sexual inhibitions. The problem with that is that it doesn't feel nice. It feels limiting and unnatural.

And the truth is that that kind of inhibitions are useless - you don't need them. Let me just repeat that: In your lovemaking with another consenting adult (or yourself) you do not need as much as one single sexual inhibition!
Having very few or no sexual inhibitions (other than not doing permanent damage), on the other hand, feels natural and wonderful. Well, you can get there, if you want. Read more, if you so desire, on the page Uninhibited Sex.

Making Love - vaginal plastic surgery - woman examining pussy in mirror - drawing by Gerda Wegener 1917

Vaginal Plastic Surgery to Get the Perfect Vagina - or Not? (Self Improvement Tips on 'Designer Vaginas')

A rising number of women are considering vaginal plastic surgery. Vaginaplasty and labioplasty are the fastest growing type of cosmetic surgery in the US and several European countries. The goal of this female genital cosmetic surgery? To get 'the perfect vagina'! But is there any such thing? And are there other things you should take into consideration before you (or somebody you know) get labial surgery? Here are a whole bunch of self improvement tips on 'designer vaginas'. You'll find them atVaginal Plastic Surgery to Get the Perfect Vagina - or Not?.

Making Love to a Virgin

Pete and Georgia are two people who have experience with virgins. Pete has his experience because during a period of his life he was fascinated with virgins and 'deflowered' several girls. Georgia has her sexual experience with virgins, not because virginity turns her on as such, but because young men turn her on. Read what they have to say on the page Making Love to a Virgin.

Better Love Making

Here's a fact that surprises many people: The most important part of your love making is the part that's happening inside yourself. That's because lovemaking is an experience, and you your experience of making love takes place inside yourself. Even if you are doing it with another person.

In other words: A relaxed, open, trusting, loving and playful attitude can replace sexual skills, but sexual skills cannot replace relaxed, open, trusting, loving and playful attitude!

Romantic Love Making

Love making. Consider the words. They actually mean 'the creation of love'. And that what makes love making romantic: When it's an expression of love [LINK].

If you want to know about romantic love making, then that's your answer in a nutshell: To make romance, to REALLY make romance, you need to love the other person. As unconditionally as you can. If you do, everything suddenly becomes very easy. You just act out of love, and whatever you do feels great for both you and your partner.

Of course, to many people lovemaking is 'just sex'. Okay, then, what makes sex romantic?

Some of the most basic answers to that are: 'attention', 'acceptance', 'be yourself' and 'spend lots of time'.

You can read more about all this on: Romantic Love Making.
Making love - painting of pregnant woman

Making Love During Pregnancy

As long as it's a normal, healthy pregnancy there is absolutely no reason why you should not enjoy sex just as much as you've always done.

Of course, as the woman's stomach grows, some lovemaking positions become difficult and impractical while other positions become preferable. Also, the pregnant woman's breasts sometimes become painfully sensitive. And some men (and some women, too) need to adjust to the fact that the woman now looks, feels and behaves differently.

But all those things can be handled, particularly if they take place in an atmosphere of love!

Some of the most important facts to remember include that sex during pregnancy doesn't harm the baby and that in all likelihood whatever you enjoy the baby will enjoy, too. Read more here:Making Love During Pregnancy.

G Spot Lovemaking Techniques

The famous G spot: Not a myth, but a very solid and very wet reality! Particularly for women, although men, too, have a delightful G spot. So called G spot orgasms really are something else! You do not, however, need to focus as much on a particular spot inside the body as you need to have a particular mind set. Although ... a bit of knowledge definitely helps, too. :-) Read more about G Spot Lovemaking Techniques and G-Spot Vibrator.

Underwater Lovemaking

Well, here's one for the slightly more advanced folks!

Making love under water is certainly possible and can in fact be very enjoyable. Pros include the fact that you and your partner are almost weightless and cons include the physical difficulties arising from the fact that you do need to breathe and for penetration you do need lubrication - which the water tends to wash away.

Read more about it on Underwater Lovemaking.

Masculine and Feminine Gender, Side and Energy

Traditionally 'yin' and 'yang' have been used to describe the polarity between the feminine side (yin) and the masculine side (yang) of many things, including us humans with our genders and different kinds of energy.

The gender of a person is merely an indication: Women with a powerfully masculine energy and men with a powerful feminine energy both exist. We all - every single male and every single female - contain both sides, both energies.

When it comes to making love those sides, or energies, are quite important. This is true for both heterosexual and homosexual people. Understanding, accepting and using the different energies is one of the things that moves your lovemaking to the next level.

Making Love to My Wife

Here's a case story I would like to share:
Gary tells us how his love life has changed over the years. It actually includes some of the things you can read about on this page - from Gary and Anna's first time love making to underwater lovemaking to sex during Anna's first pregnancy - and the difficult time of no sex that followed Anna's birth of their first child. The thing that Gary focuses on, however, is their love. Read Gary and Anna's story here: Making Love to My Wife.

Making Love to a Manmaking love to a man

And another case story for you:

Marie shares some of her lovemaking experiences in an honest and very down to earth sort of way.

For Marie lovemaking started out as raw sex, pure and simple, and then gradually over the years evolved into something that's so incredible as to perhaps appear incomprehensible to most folks.

Read Marie's story on the page Making Love to a Man.

Wedding Night Lovemaking

Yet another case story for you: John and Joanne had known each other for several years when they decided to get married. They also decided to make their wedding night something special. And they succeeded! Read how here: Wedding Night Lovemaking.

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