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• Here are some self improvement articles to aid and inspire you ...
• ... on your journey of personal development!

Read about inducing consciousness ...
• ... keeping a personal development journal ...
• ... your personal development & self improvement super tool ...
• ... how to develop a personal development plan ...
• ... women self improvement ...
• ... and much more!

Self Improvement Is Personal Development
- and Personal Empowerment, Too

 Ah, yes, self improvement. You know, originally I didn't like those words; I felt that they somehow communicated that there's something wrong with me, you or anyone doing self improvement.

After all, I felt, you only improve upon that which isn't the way it should be. And that didn't feel right since one of the main points I really, really, REALLY want to get across is that ...

... there is nothing wrong with you;
... your are whole;
... and you are an integral part of life, which is also whole;
... so at the most fundamental level all is well;
... and you can have trust enough to open up, be yourself and live!

I avoided the words self improvement for years and only used the words 'personal development' and 'self help'. (Well, and of course motivation, empowerment, inspiration, leadership and spirituality).

But when it comes right down to it, there's hardly any difference between 'self improvement' and personal development ('self' equals 'personal' and 'improvement' equals 'development') and today I use the words interchangeably.

So what you have reached here is a page where - in time - I'll present a lot of personal development articles and self improvement articles.

The Purpose of This Page - and Its Daughter Pages

you creating a better lifeThe purpose of those (upcoming) self improvement articles is the same as the purpose of this entire website: Your personal empowerment. (If you want to know more about my unique view and theory, you can read the article: The Personal Development Guy's Empowerment Theory.

In other words, this page is about More Power to You!

It's about you creating a better life for yourself - your best life ever.

It's about you becoming all that you can be - realizing your potential, attaining self realization (or self actualization as Abraham Maslow or Carl Rogers would have called it).

It's about you feeling connected, whole and, yes, happy. Not necessarily in one fell swoop (though you can, if you like, check out the pages The Meaning of Life and Letting Go), but more likely one small step at a time. Small steps will get you where you want to go, too. As long as you take them, of course.

Reading Self Improvement Articles Is Excellent
- But Your ACTIONS Get You Where You Want to Go

You know that, right? Without action nothing much is going to happen. And you're already so busy you can't imagine fitting more action into your schedule. However ...

An action doesn't have to be something hard or big or exhausting.

self improvement decisionsAn action doesn't even have to involve your body. In fact the most important actions in your life hardly do. Yep, that's right. To take action, powerful action, you don't have to move a finger. Because your most important actions are these:



Using your free will.

You may not feel it, or even remotely believe it, but your free will is the most powerful tool you have. Your free will creates your experience ... and your experience is your life.

Your Personal Development &
Self Improvement Super Tool

Whatever you decide upon - and I mean REALLY decide upon ... one hundred percent - will come to pass in your experience. That is the nature of will and the nature of relative reality. But that's a story for another time.
why are things not changing

What happens when you decide something one hundred percent and with hardly a shred of doubt is that you start taking what is normally called 'action' (i.e. doing things) right away. Why?

Because your body is an extension of your will. It does whatever you decide upon. It's that simple.

Once you have REALLY made up your mind physical action isn't a problem. Instead, it's fun!

Your free will is your super tool of personal development. It's the power of your free will that decides whether you'll profit from these self improvement articles or not.

And you do want to profit from these self improvement articles, right?

So, why aren't things already changing for the better in your life?

Why You Aren't Getting All You Want
- from Personal Development Articles and Life in General

At the most basic of levels the answer is simple:

Because you haven't decided yet. Your will isn't set, your choice isn't made, your intentions are unclear.

You may want something, say, to loose 20 pounds of weight, but you also want something that contradicts this desire, say, to eat lots of sugar, candy, cookies, ice cream and junk food.

Result: Nothing.
Your desires (i.e. choices) cancel out each other. If your desire for sugar and junk food outweighs your desire to loose weight, you'll even gain weight.

A choice or a decision doesn't have to be conscious, you see. When one desire outweighs another opposite desire, your decision is made. You choose the side of the strongest desire. Unconsciously. In the example above: You get fat.

If a choice isn't conscious, it doesn't feel like a choice. Instead it feels like something that's just happening. Happening TO you. You start feeling powerless, like a victim.

But you're not a victim. There's just something you're not conscious of. Yet!

Inducing Consciousness!

So here we are, then. Inducing consciousness is one of the primary purposes of this page - and all the underlying self improvement articles.

The more consciousness you develop, the more responsibility you'll start taking for your life and your experience, and the more empowered you'll be.

Reading articles on self improvement and personal development is a great way to get that process started.

One Last Caveat: Fear Will Stop You
- But Only If You Let It!

If you simply read self improvement articles, learn, choose and take action, all is well, fine and dandy. But there is one other joker in the game: Fear.

Self-doubt, fear and hesitation often make you afraid to improve your life in the areas you need to. Maybe you want to switch jobs, but you don't dare. Maybe want to have less stress, but are doubtful you can calm your life down.

fear and personal development
If you let doubt and fear keep you from deciding - or, worse: keep you from even trying to decide, then you will attain very little. So, what you need to know is this:

It's been said that FEAR is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real, and there is an awful lot of truth to that. What you fear is not real. It has not come to pass, and it probably never will. Your fear is your ego playing tricks with your mind.

Don't let your fear stop you. You can use your free will and make a decision to overrule the fear. Or, you can use some method for letting go of the fear.

And with that last caveat in place, we're ready to look at the existing self improvement articles ...


Personal Development Tips

Development is neither good nor bad; neither right nor wrong - it's simply a change from something to something else; from one condition to another.

So, you're probably reading this because you're interested in making some kind of change in yourself or your life (or both).

Change is easy to understand, because it can go only two ways: More of something or less of something.

Read more on the article Personal Development Tips.

What Is Personal Development? 

Being interested in personal growth you might want to know what the answer to these two questions are:

What is personal development? And what is self improvement?

It is my pleasure to present you with those answers. Beware, though ... it's not just a brief definition or some inane talk about personal development in general. It's actually high-level info about What Is Personal Development?

Personal Development Journal

Personal development journalKeeping a personal development journal will enhance your self awareness and do you a world of good in terms of inducing consciousness. Please do not confuse this with a diary, though.

A diary traditionally has to do with events that happen or external things. Plus what you think and feel about them.

The personal development journal, on the other hand, has to do with your self development.

You know, the personal development goals you've set for yourself and the things you've tried in order to help yourself get there (like listening to personal development audio books, reading self improvement articles and self help books, attending self help seminars, getting personal development coaching, doing yoga, meditation and inner journeys, etc.).

Plus, of course, how that turned out and what you've learned from all this.

Of course you can merge the diary and the personal development journal , if you so desire.

I, myself have done this for many years now. Although ... when I look at what I have written, it turns out to be 90 percent personal development. But then I am also a certified personal development nutcase. :-)

To read more about keeping a journal to examine your internal workings and aid your self growth, please read the article Personal Development Journal.

Brainwave Entrainment

Remember that the brain is basically a lot of electricity, and all of the signals sent throughout the brain are passed along nerves that respond to the electric signals.

When you pump music into your ears, your brain picks up the vibrations in your ear canal and translates the vibration into electricity that it then uses to configure its settings to adjust to the music that you are listening to.
That is why soft, relaxing music puts you to sleep, dance music gets you in an active mood, and heavy metal or hard rock pumps your body with adrenaline.
Read more about this fascinating method in the article Brainwave Entrainment.

Binaural Beats

Brainwave entrainment is basically stimulating your brain waves to act a certain way, and many people believe that binaural sounds, binaural music, and binaural recordings are effective at helping with this brainwave synchronization.

It is believed that the brainwaves made by your brain are produced on a specific frequency, but that these waves can actually be influenced by playing music at a certain frequency.

Read more about that in the article Binaural Beats.

Isochronic Tones

Remember that, while not as popular or well known as the binaural sounds, the isochronic beats are just as effective when it comes to getting your mind into the higher frequency states.

In fact, isochronic tones are becoming a lot more popular due to the fact that they are more effective at pumping up your brain – while binaural beats are usually best for relaxing.  Read more about that here.

Women Self Improvement

women and self realizationIs self improvement any different for women than for men? No, not at the deeper level. However the male and female psyche do differ somewhat, and the fact is that the typical woman does have circumstances that are different from those of the typical man.

For instance only women can get pregnant and give birth, and oftentimes women seem to be having a harder time balancing work and home, which causes a lot of stress. Losing weight, getting more exercise or knowing how to be more assertive at work are also topics.

I've written a big article on women self improvement & women self help. It includes: 10 questions that make you think and info on: woman self esteem issues, feminine (yin) energy, self realization, empowerment, self concept and more!

To read more about this subject and get tips and techniques, please refer to the article Women Self Improvement.

Personal Development Plan

From both my business leadership coaching and my practice as a personal & online life coach I know that some people like have to have a plan to go by to reach their personal development goals.

If that's you, I can present you with a unique take on the subject of a personal development plan. This is something you will find nowhere else.

I can present you with three different options. Each of those is a powerful way to move on. If you're interested, please check out the page Personal Development Plan.

Inducing Consciousness ... Step by Step
Returning to the Wholeness You Actually Never Left!

Step by step you can work on inducing consciousness and empowering yourself by bringing out your inner strengths, choosing and sticking by your choices until you have what you want. Remember you do have what it takes; you just need to learn how to get (back) in touch with it. This is why you read self improvement articles. Your end goal is happiness. Or love, or inner peace - or whatever you prefer to call it. Personally, I usually prefer to call it wholeness: Being a whole and integrated person: Body, mind, ego, emotions, soul and that which is even bigger - you as life itself - integrated in a wholeness. You.

Final Words on Personal Development and Self Improvement Articles

Please remember this: You have nothing to fear but being afraid. Nothing to fear but fear itself. That's all. Let fear go, and you have absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Sound funny? It is! But it's also very, very true. Do not let your own insecurities deter you from being the glowing, wonderful person you are - and living the life that is your given birthright. It can be done. YOU can do it.

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