Want to Find Out What the Meaning of Life Is?

• Has life got you down and now you want to get back up again?
• Is your life painful and apparently meaningless?
• Do you feel stuck in joyless, repetitious, grey drabness?
• Have you achieved much, but now you long for more?
• Or do you just want to know the answer the really BIG question:

Either way, I've got good news: I will tell you what the meaning of life is and when I tell you this (and a bit more) you have an excellent chance of using the info to improve your life.

Who am I to Talk?

Here I am, talking about a philosophical question that is one of the all time biggies. Is it really possible that a guy like me can possibly know anything about that?

My answer is: Yes, I do, because I have experienced the meaning of life, and you can, too. That's the whole point.

When you experience something for yourself, firsthand, the experience in itself is proof enough. You don't need philosophers, religious interpreters or any other kind of authority figure to tell you anything. You KNOW.

But a little bit of knowledge and intellectual understanding will make things a lot easier, and so I am going to give you that, first.

Now, when you are searching for the meaning of life, there are basically two different directions you may be coming from. One is pleasant ('There must be more!' or: 'It has to make sense!') and the other is unpleasant (depression and meaninglessness). Depending on which of the two directions you are coming from, your needs are a bit different.

Starting From Depression

If you are searching for meaning while coming from a not-very-nice place in your life, characterized by depression and meaninglessness, then you need to know this:

You are NOT alone and what you are experiencing is NOT permanent.

Your experience can change, you can change it. Even if it is just by taking one tiny step at a time.

You will probably want to continue your reading by clicking here: 'I Experience Depression and Meaninglessness - Help!' [LINK upcoming]

Of course you may also choose to go directly to 'What Is the Meaning of Life?' [LINK upcoming].

Starting From a Nice Place

Has your quest for the meaning of life started from a positive position?

Perhaps you have gotten far, you have had fun, you have had success, and you have felt ... if not happy then pleased and content. BUT now that's just not enough anymore.

You want more. You want it to come together somehow, to make sense. 'There must be more', you think.

And so there is.

Or perhaps you are interested in philosophy. If so, then the meaning of life is probably high on your list of questions looking for an answer. Most likely the same applies if you are interested in spirituality, self improvement and personal development.

Well, in any case you need look no further ... just read 'What Is the Meaning of Life?' [LINK upcoming]

How to Experience the Meaning of Life

Maybe you just want to experience meaning for yourself. You can do that.

You are probably not going to find it easy to do, though. Why? Because it seems to contradict an awful lot of the things that you have been taught - and a lot of deeply ingrained habits that you have had for most of your life.

But you CAN do it; you CAN experience the meaning of life.

I do recommend that you read 'What Is the Meaning of Life?' [LINK upcoming] first, though. That article will also show you that in fact, you have already done it. You just didn't recognize it for what it was.

When you have read that article, then you can go on by reading 'How to Experience the Meaning of Life' [LINK upcoming]. If fact I recommend that you do.

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