The Beauty of Binaural Entrainment and Binaural Recordings

Binaural beats are an amazing phenomena, and more and more people are using these binaural recordings as a means of binaural entrainment.

Those interested in this method of audio visual entrainment will find that learning more about it is a good idea, as there is a lot that you will need to know about the amazing scientific principles of a binaural beat, binaural sounds, and binaural music.

These subliminal recordings are able to do some pretty amazing things, so it is worth learning more about this amazing form of sound entrainment. Below you will find everything you need to know about brainwave synchronization, brainwave entrainment, binaural sound, and what these binural beats really are…

What are Binaural Beats?

Binaural beats are a fascinating concept, and the idea for the concept actually was created by a doctor in the 1800s.
The doctor that did research into the beats didn’t make too much progress, but in the 1970s a paper was published that generated a lot of interest into these various beats.

The beats were seen as a possible advancement in the field of neurological research, as well as a tool to use in the study into cognitive functions. They have also considered a useful tool to help diagnose certain medical conditions, such as ear problems or neurological disorders.
The beats were actually used to help treat a patient with Parkinson’s.

A binaural beat is basically a different beat going into each of your ears. In one ear, you will hear a certain sound, while your other ear will pick up an entirely different sound. There is a pattern of interference between the two sounds, and this makes it seem to your brain that you are getting a specific beat going into both ears.
The sounds are usually played into your ears via headphones, as there is a chance that the sound will be heard incorrectly if played over a speaker system.

Binaural Entrainment and Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment is basically stimulating your brain waves to act a certain way, and many people believe that binaural sounds, binaural music, and binaural recordings are effective at helping with this brainwave synchronization.
It is believed that the brainwaves made by your brain are produced on a specific frequency, but that these waves can actually be influenced by playing music at a certain frequency.

Sound and light are both stimuli, and the brain is designed to react to these stimuli. For example, when a brilliant light shines in your eyes, your brain will automatically shrink your pupils to absorb more light or it will react by protecting the eyes from the potentially damaging light.

If there is a very loud or grating sound, the brain will often react by shutting down the ears in order to prevent the nerve endings from being damaged.
The brain always reacts to stimuli, so the stimulation of the brain is believed to be an effective method of getting it to react a certain way.

That is basically what brainwave entrainment and binaural entrainment are. The binaural sounds being piped into your ear via your headphones are resonating within your ears at a certain frequency, and those sounds at that frequency are being sent along the nerves inside your ear towards your brain.
If the frequency of the sounds is just right, there is a chance that your brain will actually try to synchronize itself with those sounds –hence the name brain wave entrainment.

The interesting thing is that the brain will produce waves of a certain frequency according to the state of your body:
When you are asleep, your brain produces Delta frequency brain waves less than 4 Hz.

When you are in REM sleep or you have just fallen asleep, your brain produces Theta frequency waves of 4 to 8 Hz.

When you are calm, relaxed, or are doing something that requires creative thinking, Alpha waves of 8 to 12 Hz are created.

When you are active, focused on a task, or are very alert, your brain creates Beta waves of 13 to 40 Hz – depending on what you are doing.

The secret to brain entrainment, then, is creating brain waves that match the Hertz of the state that you want to be in.

Say you want to go to sleep quickly; using the Theta waves will get you to the drowsy state while using the Delta waves should help you to fell into deep sleep. If you want to give yourself an energy boost, the Beta waves should do the trick, while piping Alpha waves into your ears can help to relax you.

Even more interesting is that your ears can’t actually pick up brain waves below 20 Hz. This means that all of these waves are beyond your range of hearing, but that is solved simply by the binaural beats and binaural recording sounds.

What they do is pipe binaural sounds of two different frequencies into each ear, which causes the low frequency brain waves. Say one sound is at 350 Hz, while the other is at 340 Hz, there is a 10Hz difference that your brain picks up and reacts to. The binaural beats generator will create these split sounds, and your brain will react accordingly.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

What is Audio Visual Entrainment?

Audio visual entrainment is similar to brain wave entrainment using binaural beats, but with the addition of a visual effect as well.

Remember that your brain picks up both sounds and light, so adding the two together can make the brainwave entrainment music more effective.
The binaural beat frequencies will stimulate your brain via the nerves in your ear canal, while the visual effects of the video will send signals via the nerves in your eyes to help stimulate your brain and obtain the desired effect.

This audio visual entrainment uses all kinds of lights along with the binaural beats, and the lights help to enhance the brainwave entrainment. Flashing lights that pulse at a specific beat work just like the binaural beat, and the lights help to stimulate the brain until it has reached a desired state.
It can help to relax you, deal with stress, stimulate your brain function, enhance meditation, hypnotize you, and help you be more creative. Thanks to the blending of the two types of stimuli – the pulsing lights and the binaural recordings – you can guide yourself into a relaxing state of mind much more easily.

Finding the Right Brainwave Entrainment Music

If you are going to use brainwave entrainment music, it is important that you figure out what kind of music will be the right kind for your purposes. Remember that there are thousands of binaural sounds currently floating around the internet, with beats that will help do all manner of things.

When choosing the brain entrainment sounds, it is essential that you get the right sounds. After all, the brain won’t respond the same way to every sound and stimuli, and you may find yourself falling asleep when trying to stimulate yourself awake – or vice versa.

Here are a few examples of brainwave synchronization and entrainment music:

Simple – There are many simple beats that are designed to help your brain relax, calm down, and enter what is known as the “Theta state” – the state of mind when you are deeply relaxed, meditative, and very close to sleep.

The waves are piped into your ear at roughly 6 Hz, and the rhythms of the beats are effective for helping your brain to get accustomed to the relaxed state of mind. You may find that you end up hallucinating peacefully, as the music can have that effect on the brain.

Deep Meditation – If you are going to try to get into a very deep state of meditation. This goes beyond just the regular meditative Theta state, but actually goes into the Delta state that your mind goes into when you are asleep.

You will enter a very deep meditation as if you were asleep, and it will be good for those who are trying to use deep meditation as a means of clearing their minds, relaxing with a lot of stress, and giving their body a much needed break in a short amount of time.

Hangover – This is a surprising use for the binaural beats, but many have found that a sound wave of between 7 and 10 Hz piped into their ear can actually help them to recover from the hangover.

If you have a hangover and are just trying to make it through the day, it may be that these brainwaves can help you. The waves help to relax your mind and enter the Theta brain wave state, which can help you to deal with the headaches accompanying your hangover.

Hypnosis – Many people have found that using the binaural beats for hypnosis can actually be a very effective treatment for all kinds of personal issues, and self-hypnosis using a binaural beat is a good choice. The beats will start at the highest level of the Theta state, and slowly they will go lowering the waves to bring your brain lower and lower until it reaches a deep Theta state.
It can help you to self-hypnotize, and will work nicely as a supplement for meditation as well.

Sleep – For those looking to hit the hay without tossing and turning sleeplessly, there are beats that are great for helping you to sleep. What they do is they also start up in the Theta state to help you get into a relaxed mood, but they soon slip into the Delta frequency waves to get your brain into deep sleep mode.
It can help you to get to sleep quickly, and can be a great idea for those with sleep issues like insomnia.

Focus – The brain needs to be very active in order to focus, and using brain wave entrainment beats and sounds that pump Beta frequency waves into your ears is a great way to go. The beats will be near the upper range of the Beta frequency, which will actually force your mind to wake up a bit and get into high gear.
If your brain is running a bit more slowly than it should, why not consider using these beats in order to get it running full speed ahead?

Getting Busy – Those needing to focus on simple, day to day tasks will find that the Alpha wave relaxed brain waves just aren’t going to do them any good.

If you don’t want to kick in into high gear immediately, try the Getting Busy soundtracks that will work you brain up to its full speed. The beats start in the Alpha frequency, which is when your brain is at its calmest and most relaxed awake stage. The music will slowly increase the range of waves until you are hearing all Beta waves that will get your brain running under full steam.

Energy Boosting – If you need a shot of energy but want to skip the coffee, there are certain beats that can help to kick your energy levels into high gear.

A certain combination of Alpha and Beta waves will have you revving up your engines and rearing to go, as they will kick your energy levels into overdrive. They’re best for getting rid of an annoying roommate, but they can help you to get pumped in a hurry as well.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of these truly amazing binaural beats, and the good news is that they work! You may find that your brain actually gets accustomed to these beats, and you won’t have to spend as much time listening to them once your brain has gotten used to them.

You won’t have to struggle to get to sleep after a long day or wake up early in the morning, as the brainwave entrainment music can help to train your brain. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and sleepy days thanks to the amazing binaural beats!

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