Robert Monroe and Self Improvement Through Mind Expansion

Robert Monroe is well known for his research into the out of body experience.

Monroe had many such experiences and wrote about them in his books.

He is also known for establishing the Monroe Institute that promotes self improvement and mind expansion through binaural beat technology.

Background of Robert Monroe

Robert Monroe was born on October 30, 1915 in Indiana. His mother was a doctor and his father was a college professor. He grew up in Lexington, Kentucky and attended college in Ohio.

Although his degree was in engineering, he worked as a broadcaster and writer, producing weekly radio shows. Robert Monroe and his production company became quite successful and branched into to other areas such as cable broadcasting. The company also started a research division to study how sound affected human consciousness and whether learning could occur during sleep. Monroe often used himself for a test subject on his research projects.

An interesting development occurred in that Monroe felt a shift in his consciousness and called it an out of body experience. The term has since become well known in consciousness research. The experiences changed Monroe's life forever and altered the direction of his career. Monroe focused more of his efforts on researching human consciousness and wrote about his experiences with out of body travel.

The Books Of Robert Monroe

• "Journeys Out of the Body" was first published in 1971. Robert Monroe used this book to chronicle his out of body adventures. He revealed to readers how he was able to travel beyond time, death, and space. This book attracted a lot of attention from other researchers and professionals, but it was also warmly received by individuals looking for answers to paranormal events, or for comfort after losing a loved one.

• "Far Journeys" was published in 1985 and reflects another decade of research into non-physical reality. Robert Monroe updates readers on his further adventures into outer consciousness and the wonders of the human mind.

• "Ultimate Journey" was published in 1994. It was the long awaited sequel to his other works. In this book, Robert Monroe explains the purpose and meaning of life, and hints at what lies beyond our physical existence. One of the more unusual personal development books written, Monroe comforts those who have lost loved ones and sparks the imaginations of those seeking answers to what lies beyond the veil

Robert Monroe and The Monroe Institute

The Monroe Institute was founded so others could experience expanded consciousness. The Institute was established in the 70s, and even though Robert Monroe died on March 17, 1995, the Institute remains in operation today.

It is dedicated to the exploration of human consciousness and offers what is called the Gateway program for mind explorers. Students who can't attend the residential learning experiences can buy various audio programs and expand their minds at home. Trained instructors also provide authorized workshops in various cities around the globe.

The Gateway program utilizes binaural soundtracks to induce altered states. These programs are so effective they have been used by military personnel.

The Gateway program has many practical uses. Studies have shown it shortens hospital stays and helps alleviate pain.

The Monroe Institute also produces videos and books in addition to its audio programs on such diverse topics as remote viewing, astral travel, chakra attunement, and meditation.

Robert Monroe And His Research

Robert Monroe was initially drawn into mind expansion because of his out of body experiences. However, he quickly developed an interest in related fields as well.

For example, Monroe studied phenomena such as spirit guides and channeling.

Although his interests were on the fringes of mainstream science, he tried to maintain strict scientific guidelines during his research so his work would be taken seriously. He had the opportunity to work with notable researchers such as Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Russell Targ, Stanislav Grof, and Edgar Mitchell.

Robert Monroe based his early research on the work of H.W. Dove who had discovered that tones of different frequencies were perceived by the brain as a wavering sound. When this phenomena takes place while wearing headphones, a third phantom sound is produced that is called a binaural beat. Brain researchers realized binaural beats could help them understand how the brain processes information.

Robert Monroe took the beats a step further and used them to induce altered states of consciousness. He called his process Hemi Sync and based the workshops at the Monroe Institute on exercises using his technology.

The Legacy Of Robert Monroe

While his personal development books are unconventional, they have helped thousands of people around the world by offering them hope and comfort in the fact that life goes on after death.

In addition, the science of binaural beats and hemi sync technology continues to be refined and used in many applications as researchers become more aware of the powers of the human mind. The mind can be used to control pain, improve health, increase focus, promote success, and overcome limitations.

The work started by Robert Monroe decades ago continues to improve the lives of many people who read his books and attend the workshops based upon his mind expansion techniques.

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