Masaru Emoto Demonstrates the Importance of Gratitude and Love - Literally!

Masaru Emoto is the bestselling author of "Messages from Water." The personal development books by Emoto are quite unique in that his theories are backed up by beautiful photographs of water crystals (frozen water photographed using a microscope). He uses these crystals to show how powerful thoughts, emotions and intentions are and how they affect the structure of water. Here's how that goes:

Water subjected to loving thoughts, emotions and intentions creates bright, beautiful symmetrical crystals and water subjected to negative thoughts, emotions and intentions creates dull, ugly asymmetrical crystals.

His message is that those same thoughts affect our bodies, other people, and the planet in the same way since we are all made mostly of water (up to 75 percent of the human body is water).

Obviously spiritual teachers and many others have been saying millennia that our thought, emotions and intentions affect ourselves and our environment (no physical action required!), but since we cannot SEE this for ourselves, it has remained a theory or has even been considered 'hogwash' by mainstream culture.

Mr. Emoto changed all that. His very hands-on, practical approach with the-evidence-in-your-face-just-watch-the-photos presented in a no-nonsense, yet gentle, kind and loving way is part of what has rightfully made Mr. Emoto so famous all over the world.

When we literally SEE the effects of the power of thoughts, emotion and intention as shown in photographs of water crystals, it becomes really hard to deny that what we think, feel and intend actually has an impact - a physical impact - on ourselves and the world around us.

About Masaru Emoto

Masaru Emoto was born in Japan on July 22, 1943. He attended Yokohama Municipal University and later when on to establish his own company. He also received a Doctor of Alternative Medicine degree in India.

Eventually, he was introduced to micro-cluster water and began deeper research into the mysteries of water. He is currently head of the International Water for Life Foundation.

During his years of research, Mr.  Emoto has studied the affect of many different variables upon the structure of water. He has taken countless photographs that support his claim that the actual structure of water can be affected by thoughts and words. Many of those photographs have been released in his bestselling books.

Books by Masaru Emoto - Masaru Emoto Books

• "Messages from Water I" was published in 1999 and is now available as a book and ebook. It tells the story of water and how it carries the history of the planet inside it. Mr. Emoto also teaches readers how our actions affect water and by thinking the right thoughts and speaking the right words, we can use water to transform ourselves and the planet. Of course the photographs of water crystals in this book are what really sets it apart from other self help books, and a very important part of the huge success it has had all over the world.

• "The Source of Life, The Spirit of Words: Messages from Water II" was published in 2001. This book is a continuation of the research done by Masaru Emoto on water crystals. These tests include saying 'thank you' to water in different languages and studying the affect of different types of music on the water. His photographic results show how important gratitude is and how beautiful music may be able to alter our bodies as it does water.

• "The Hidden Messages in Water" is a book, ebook, and audio book that was published in 2004. Images from the book have also been made into a calendar. In this book, Mr. Emoto uses high quality photographs to show how thoughts affect water. Pure water and water that was sent loving thoughts had beautiful snowflake patterns when looked at under a microscope. Water that was polluted or sent negative thoughts were dull and asymmetrical. Using this as proof, Masaru Emoto theorizes that our thoughts profoundly affect the earth and our bodies.

• "The True Power of Water: Healing and Discovering Ourselves" is a personal development book that was published in 2005. In it, Mr. Emoto explains to readers how various things such as thoughts and music affects water. This includes the water that comprises seventy percent of the human body. By showing how different interactions affect water through the use of high quality microscope pictures, Masaru Emoto helps readers understand the power behind thoughts and deeds and how they can be used to better humankind. He demonstrates how we affect water and in turn, how it affects us.

• "The Message from Water III: Love Thyself" is an ebook and book that was published in 2006. This is one of the personal development books where Masaru Emoto explores the power of prayer as a force in changing the world for the better. Emoto explains that prayer begins with loving yourself first. Once you love yourself, you set into motion changes that ripple throughout the entire world. Masaru Emoto came to these conclusions by studying the affect of prayer and love on water, and how water connects us all.

• "Water Crystal Healing: Music & Images to Restore Your Well Being" is an ebook and book published in 2006. In this book, Masaru Emoto shows readers how different types of music affect the appearance of water under a microscope. Music that has the ideal tone and beat causes water crystals to become symmetrical and bright. Emoto further suggests that this type of music can have the same affect upon the cells of the body and bring about healing.

• "The Secret of Water" is a children's book by Mr. Emoto that was published in 2006. It is available as a book and ebook. This work is filled with beautiful photographs of water crystals and it introduces children to the idea that words and thoughts not only affect water, but also all living things on earth.

• "The Shape of Love: Discovering Who We Are, Where We Came From, and Where We are Going" is an ebook and book that was published in 2007. Based upon years of research studying high-speed photographs of water crystals, Masaru Emoto came to the conclusion that thoughts can change form. In this book, he explains how his finding can change how we view ourselves and the world. He further explains the importance of water to our spirituality and how we can use it as a tool for awakening.

• "Messages from Water and the Universe" is a book and ebook that was published in 2010. This book is based upon fifteen years of research on water by Masaru Emoto, He explains that water has lost its pure form and that is a sign that humans have veered from the path that God intended. Emoto further explains that the right combination of goodwill, love, positive words, and prayer can return water back into its ideal state and as such return the world to one of peace, harmony, and healing.

• "The Miracle of Water" is a book and ebook that was published in 2011. It contains beautiful photographs of water crystals that have taken on unique shapes based upon the thoughts that were directed towards them. Mr. Emoto shows how positive words such as gratitude and love cause the crystals to take on beautiful form and then explains they carry the vibration of these positive emotions that can be passed to other people.

Spreading Peace with Masaru Emoto

Masaru Emoto lectures throughout the world at spirituality conferences and other events where he invites attendees to learn the message of peace taught by water. By understanding how important love and gratitude really are, people will be more likely to practice them in daily life and benefit themselves and others.

To further promote peace, Masaru Emoto founded the Emoto Peace Project which is dedicated to teaching children about the mysteries and truth of water. The organization distributes children's literature that promotes the importance of gratitude and love and caring for the waters of the world.

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