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• Interested in orgasms? I mean, really, REALLY interested?
• E.g. in how to give a female an orgasm - without even touching?
• Then this blog post might just be for you.
• Note that is a pretty long and in-depth blog post.
• It's NOT your everyday orgasm advice or female orgasm tips.
• There is a bit of that, but mostly it's about very advanced sex.

• Still interested? Then, please, read on ...

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Surprise Question While Visiting an Old Friend

Recently, I was visiting one of my friends of old in another part of the country when my friend's niece showed up.

This niece had heard I was coming and was, in the words of my friend, 'dying to meet me, because I sounded so extremely interesting'. (How about that!)

Apparently, with this niece, personal development and spirituality and that kind of stuff was a great and hot, but so far pretty unexplored interest.

The niece entered the house, and we exchanged pleasantries, sat down and did a brief bit of small talk. Then my friend had to excuse herself for a few minutes.

Having me alone for the first time the niece looked me intently in the eyes, leaned over the table, and said: "I've heard that you can give a woman an orgasm without even touching her!"

Talk about a change in subjects! :-)

How to Give a Female an Orgasm - Without Even Touching:

Passionate About Passion - Sexual Passion

I have no secrets, least of all from my good friends, so obviously my friend (the host), who knows this, had been talking about me to her niece.

As it was, the niece was looking at me intently, but with open and earnest interest, so I gave her an open and honest answer. A small speech, actually. I do that sometimes when someone asks me about something I am passionate about and I sense that they actually want to hear what I have to say.

Well, as you may have noticed (here on I am not only passionate about personal development, I am also passionate about the subject of making love. In fact, I combine them and use love making for personal development.

And what, with both personal development and love making being such utterly interesting things to do the results are bound to be spectacular - which they are. In short, I heartily recommend using sexuality for self improvement and personal growth.

But back to the questions my friend's niece went on to ask me, several of which had to do with orgasms. One of them was, "So, Soren, can you really give a female an orgasm without even touching her?"

Truth to tell, I do get this question every once in a while - together with all sorts of more common questions about sexuality and orgasms.

Well, here's what I said to my friend's niece ....

How to Give a Female an Orgasm - Without Even Touching:

Can You Give Someone Else an Orgasm?

"Well, first of all, there are many, many kinds of so-called orgasm. People use the word about just about any kind of sexual climax - from a plain old ejaculation, to a pleasurable release, to a very pleasurable release, to what I would call an actual orgasm.

To me an actual orgasm is a very powerful thing that goes way beyond even a very pleasurable release. Real orgasms are in the realm of experiencing a merging with your partner and life, the universe and everything."

The niece was nodding. I had her attention, which is always a great incentive for me to continue a soliloquy ... so I did:

"Secondly, I don't believe anyone can give anyone else an orgasm, okay?

You or I may be a very experienced and highly skilled lover plus an extremely loving person but we cannot FORCE another person to have an orgasm. It can be fun to pretend that you can, but in fact the other person has got to allow it.

To put it differently 'How to GET an orgasm' is much more relevant than 'how to GIVE an orgasm'."

The Primary Ingredient in How to Get an Orgasm

Let me just expand on that before I continue retelling what the niece and I talked about:
In fact, having an orgasm - or not - is a choice each person makes. Most often subconsciously.

Yep, most often there are several physical factors involved, but the KEY point is this:

Having an orgasm is a matter of allowing.

An orgasm is something a person ALLOWS. In my opinion an orgasm is a letting go. A surrender, of sorts.

When you have an orgasm you ALLOW whatever is going on to affect you ... even to the point of experiencing great pleasure and oneness (orgasm).

So, in that sense, I've never GIVEN another person an orgasm!

Love partners I have been with have had orgasms, though, lots and lots of them (multiple orgasms) - so many, in fact, that the question of REDUCING the number of orgasms and changing the KIND of orgasm have become the primary concerns in order to not get worn out.

Sidebar - a Note About Me and My Experiences:
Just in case you think this is bragging, it's not. It's simply a statement of fact. As indeed it should be when you have as much focus on and spend as much time on love making as I do.

Neither I, nor the love partners I have had, measure the quality of our love making in the number of orgasms we experience - that would make no sense to us - to us making love is about making LOVE, expressing and experiencing our love - and personal development and having fun, too, of course.

Turns out that this non-focus on orgasms is one of the most orgasm inducing things there are!

Well, there's a piece of orgasm advice for you right there - an excellent tip on How to Give a Female an Orgasm - Without Even Touching:

Don't try to give an orgasm, just express love and have fun playing around.

Which Question is More Relevant:
How to Give an Orgasm ... or How to Get an Orgasm?

Clearly, since experiencing orgasm equals allowing, the answer to the above question is this:

'How to get an orgasm' is much more relevant than 'how to give an orgasm'.

To put it plainly: It is not up to your partner to give you an orgasm, but rather:

Your orgasm = your responsibility.

That being said, there are tons of great orgasm tips - both on how to give an orgasm and on how to get an orgasm.

However, since this is meant to be just a relatively short blog post - or, it was, originally :-) - then I'm not going to go into those countless kinds of orgasm tips and all that orgasm advice here. Later!

But, since so many people are so very interested in the subject of orgasms, I will share some of the ones I know with you right here on, by doing a couple of making love articles focused on orgasms.

But, for now, back to the 'how to give a female an orgasm' conversation with my friend's niece.

How to Give a Female an Orgasm - Without Even Touching:

Look, No Hands:
Non-physical Love Making

"Okay," I continued, "as to the second part of your question - if you can give a female an orgasm "without even touching her" - the answer is yes, provided you mean "without touching her physical body with your physical body".

She nodded, her eyes now both big and wide, and her attention focused one hundred percent on me.

"You don't have to touch physically in order to affect another person. You know this very well, you experience it every day. We affect each other greatly without touching."

(In fact, I would seem to be affecting you by writing this and you reading it; even though we've probably never met and may even live in different parts of the world).

"All you have to do," I went on, "is take this knowledge to the next level, combine it with the fact that orgasm is all about allowing and presto! You have the possibility of orgasm as a result of non-physical-body interaction." (Or, as the case may be, the beginning of the answer to how to give a female an orgasm without even touching).

How to Give a Female an Orgasm - Without Even Touching:

Sex Talk and Love Talk Leading to Orgasm?

"You know," I continued, "I used to know a woman who was able to get an orgasm (and to give an orgasm, too) just by talking intimately and intently (sex talk and love talk) with her male partner of many years.

These two people, of course, did know each other VERY well by then, but the fact is that 'mere' talk, would do it, would bring about orgasm. Or that's what she told me. I didn't see (or hear) it myself ... I didn't know her that well.

My own experiences with how to give a female an orgasm and how to get an orgasm without physically touching are more in the area of love plus play plus energy. Let me explain that, and please hang on and give me the benefit of the doubt, because it is pretty advanced stuff."

She readily agreed to this, and I will now switch from re-telling the conversation to simply telling you, the reader, about it.

How to Give a Female an Orgasm - Without Even Touching:

Introducing: Love Energy and Sex Energy (in How to Give a Female an Orgasm)

Regardless of what we have been taught in school, so-called non-physical energies are quite real and can be manipulated - and experienced - in a very physical manner.

(Note: Which suggests to me that they are just as physical as, say, household electricity, only our instruments for measuring subtle energies are - as yet - too crude).

And there are countless kinds of (subtle) energy. Let me just stick to two, here: Love energy and sex energy.

How to Give a Female an Orgasm - Without Even Touching:

How to Give a Female an Orgasm - Without Even Touching - Using Love

For instance, enormous amounts of pure, unconditional love are ecstatic to experience. So relaxing and opening up to the true love between two (or more) people is ecstatic and yes, even orgasmic.

This assumes, of course, that you love your lover. The more and the more unconditionally the better.

Sometimes what my lover and I do is lie chest to chest, relax completely and open up our heart chakras (a concentration of energy located in your chest region) to each other and let the love flow freely. That feels SOO good!

Also, as love is an energy (read more about love in the article Love Tips), you can circulate love energy between you. Any old way you like. Here's an example:

You can circulate love energy from your heart to the other person's heart, down through his or her body to his or her genitalia, over to your genitalia, up through your body to your heart and over to the other person's heart, et cetera. This will enhance your SOO good experience many times and can easily lead to orgasm in and of itself.

How to do that in practice? It's as easy as deciding that that's what you want to do and then imagining that you're doing it. This will 'make it so' very quickly.

Note that this is no more 'make believe' than you imagining that you will touch the screen or paper on which you are reading this and then willing your body (e.g. your hand) to do so. You DO have to train yourself to be sensitive to subtle energies first, though, but then these are some advanced love making tips (like tips on tantric love making, certainly more advanced than beginners tantra).

How to Give a Female an Orgasm - Without Even Touching:

How to Give an Orgasm - Using Sex Energy

"Furthermore, there is pure energy in sex (sex energy) and that energy can be directed, 'wielded'.

My personal experience is that sex energy is often more 'dense and focused' than pure love energy. Thus, sex energy is easier to 'wield' and manipulate (micro manage) than love energy.

You can actually use the sex energy (which often has its centre just below your navel) as an extension of your consciousness - much like arm, hands and fingers, if you like. Only better than the physical limbs, because there is no physical limitation as to how you 'wield' your sex energy ...

You can 'touch' your partner anywhere and everywhere at the same time - inside the body or outside of the body.

You can use the sex energy as a local 'fire' in one part of the body; as a big 'storm' engulfing your partner; or as a ten, a hundred, or a thousand tiny 'rivulets' of intimate touch, for instance.

I regularly do things like this, and it is great fun as well as arousing - not to speak of extremely stimulating for your lover (again, provided he or she is naturally sensitive or has consciously trained his or her sensitivity).

Your imagination is actually your primary tool for using and playing with these kinds of energy. And therefore ... The only limitations here are those of your imagination.

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