First Time Love Making Tips - How to Have First Time Intercourse

• Want some first time love making tips?
• Great! Look no further. You'll get 10 of those here.

• Not 'put body part A into body part B', but rather ...
• ... 10 things to consider, discuss with your love partner and try out

• The aim? Simple:
• To make your first sexual intercourse a better experience

First Time Love Making

So, you want to read about how to have intercourse for the first time. I can relate to that.

You see, I have been where you are.

In fact, everybody has.

Hey, just think about that ... every single person on Earth who has ever had sexual intercourse has been where you are right now: Thinking about making love for the first time. Wanting to know the most important things about first time intercourse. Yeah, and most likely worrying about it, too.

And so I'll give you some first time love making tips and tell you something about how to have great sex in general.

Note no. 1: If you're young you may need to familiarize yourself with the sex laws of your country or state. I am writing this in the assumption that you know your country's or state's sex laws and that you are - all things considered - ready for consensual love making.

Note no. 2: Also, I'm assuming you're familiar with basic hygiene (the daily use of water and soap on vital areas of your body), okay? Okay.

What You WON'T Get Here

I won't be feeding you any of the usual, boring don't-get-pregnant-or-infected-so-always-use-a-condom type of sexual advice. I bet you've heard that a hundred times and though it is surely sound advice, it is often presented in a fear based way.

If you've read other things on this, you may have noticed that I don't subscribe to fear based stuff. In fact, I subscribe to helping people let go of fear based stuff. Because, you know, fear based stuff is crap!

Neither am I going to tell you a lot about which body part goes into which bodily cavity. I'm betting you now that too. Firstly, pictures showing that are freely available all over the Internet. Secondly, you can read a bit about the slightly more technical aspects of on the page How to Have Intercourse [LINK].

What You WILL Get Here

First off, while I do know what I'm talking about, don't take me at my word. Do find your own truth by testing things out for yourself; it can be a lot of fun!

Instead, this article is focused on what you need to know about first time love making to make it a better experience, maybe even a GREAT EXPERIENCE.

Because, you know, it can be. Even if for most people it usually isn't.

First Time Love Making Tips - Tip no. 1:

Don't Expect Too Much

What? Am I telling you that first time lovemaking is a bad experience for most people?

Yeah. Sorry about that.

First time love making is usually a strange, unknown, extremely lustful and usually also very awkward and scary thing.

Oftentimes neither of the lovers is very experienced. In some cases, like my own, it is a first for both people.

So this'll be the first of my love making tips:

Drop your expectations.

Both your expectations of yourself and your expectations of your love partner; and your expectations of the first time love making or first time intercourse.

Practically no matter what your expectations are, real life is going to be different.

Decide in beforehand that no matter what happens, it is okay.

If it's a huge success, that's okay. If it's an awkward, embarrassing, no-fun thing, it is okay. Even if no first time love making and no first time intercourse actually takes place, it's okay. Yep, even so.

No matter what happens - or doesn't happen - it's okay.

If you go into your first time love making with a minimum of expectations and a maximum of acceptance you can be present in the situation, and chances are you'll have a better experience.

First Time Love Making Tips - Tip no. 2:

Be a Beginner

Look at it this way: If you want to try out an entirely new kind of sport, say tennis, you don't expect to play like a pro the first time, do you? Nor the second, third or fourth time for that matter.

And though sex is not a sport, it is also not that far removed from sport. Practice makes the master, both in tennis and in bed.

So this is the second of my love making tips for you:

Allow yourself to be a beginner.

This is true whether you are a woman or a man, but it is especially true if you're a man.

For some reason men are supposed to be experts from the very first of making love. They're not, though. Obviously. Nobody is. Even the greatest lover on Earth - male or female - had to start somewhere. Just like me and you. So own up to that.

Which brings us to the next of my first time love making tips ...

First Time Love Making Tips - Tip no. 3:


What do beginners do? They learn.

What do experts do? They keep learning!

Whether you're male or female you want to be a great lover, right?

So accept, no, embrace your status as a beginner and L-E-A-R-N. And KEEP learning.

In fact, love making is such a great and incredibly varied thing that you will probably be learning about it for the rest of your physical life.

So far, this is true for me. I am an expert in the field of love making. I kid you not and I say this without blushing. I love making love and I have a LOT of sex. Great, great, GREAT sex.

At the same time I am a total beginner. Every time. I NEVER know what's going to happen. And no two times I have sex (even with the same partner) is ever the same. Ever.

How weird is that? It's true, though. That's one of the reasons I love it. And, of course, it's also one of the reasons why my love partner loves lovemaking just as much as I do.

The reason I am an expert lover is that I REMAIN a total beginner while still learning all the time.

You can do the same thing. Please do. You will never regret it.

First Time Love Making Tips - Tip no. 4:

Get to Know Yourself - Intimately

Every person and every physical body is different. Do you know what your body likes? Have you tried pleasuring yourself (masturbating, and more) in several different ways?

You know, fast, slow, light as a feather, rough and hard, right hand, left hand, both hands, touching yourself here or there like this or like that, with lubricant, without lubricant, with gadgets, using pictures, using your imagination, standing up, sitting down, lying down, sitting on all fours, in the shower, etc. etc.

If not, get started ASAP.

The fourth of my love making tips for you is this:

Play around with your own body and learn what gives you pleasure.

You don't need to try out everything you can think of with your own body before you enter your first time love making, but having a basic knowledge of what your body likes and doesn't like is a really good idea.

Because, hey, if you don't know some ways to pleasure yourself, how are you going to guide your love partner in the right directions?

First Time Love Making Tips - Tip no. 5:

Choose a Good Love Partner

What's a good love partner?

Well, first off ...

A good love partner is someone you trust and are comfortable with.

That is the most important thing. I would even say that it's a must. You need to be able to RELAX with your partner in first time love making.

Secondly, if you love - or are in love with - your love partner, that's really great. If it is mutual, that's even better.

Love, in any form, opens everything up and makes everything much easier.

Love, however, can take so many different forms, including e.g. friend love, and I would suggest to you that love in some form (any form) should be present in your first time love making. It really makes for a much better experience.

But okay, love isn't always overtly present when people decide it's time to lose their virginity. Hence my suggestion about trusting and being comfortable with your chosen love partner.

I'm going add a sidebar to this, the fifth of the first time love making tips. A sidebar with a controversial statement.


Choosing a (Much) More Experienced Love Partner

If love isn't going to be overtly present, you might consider choosing a more sexually experienced partner for your first time love making experience. Preferably someone MUCH more experienced (which often means much older, too).

I'm not going to defend this statement, because it's common sense, really.

If you going to learn something new, like tennis, you would probably either pick a good friend with the same level of experience as you (which is none) and play about until you had learned the basics - or your would pick a much more experienced tennis partner who could teach you the moves really quickly and efficiently.


Right. Well this applies to love making as well. There is a case to be made for experienced men and women teaching not so experienced men and women how to make love and how to have great sex. Sometimes folks like that find each other via the Internet - and have a great time.

I would still make the case for some kind (any kind) of love being present in your first time love making, though.

First Time Love Making Tips - Tip no. 6:

Don't Take It Seriously - Have Fun!

In some areas of the world making love is considered serious business. If you live in such an area you will be doing yourself a huge favor by relaxing and not taking love making and sex so seriously.

I don't mean to say that you should be irresponsible, not at all. I simply mean that if you have read the first and the fifth of my first time love making tips you will already have lowered your expectations and decided to be open and honest, and now I suggest that you take that to the next level.

So here's the sixth of my love making tips:

Be playful. Relax, loosen up and have fun with your first time love making. Play around with each others bodies and various body parts. Tickle each other, if you want. Just make sure you laugh a lot.

There is nothing like laughing to relieve tension. And in first time love making tension is almost inevitable.

Your love partner will thank you for this, and you will thank yourself.

First Time Love Making Tips - Tip no. 7:

Relax ... Breathe ...

First time love making tip no. 7 is five words only:


Breathe slowly and deeply.

Choosing a love partner you're comfortable with and trust, plus having fun and playing around helps a lot. But relaxing is also a conscious decision.

And given the lustful but also scary and stressful nature of first time love making (the way most folks experience it) it's probably a decision you need to make many times while you are getting ready to make love - AND while you are actually doing it.

So, breathe deep. Consciously will your muscles to relax. Most women doing this will open up better, so to speak, thus advancing orgasm.

Most men doing this will also open up more but it will typically have the opposite effect - the effect of delaying orgasm or ejaculation.

With men typically 'coming' way before women these effects are both desirable.

Also, talk to your partner about the fact that you're nervous. Share a laugh about it. And force yourself to slow down ...

First Time Love Making Tips - Tip no. 8:

Slow Down ... Move Slowly

Here's the eight of the first time love making tip:

Slow down your movements. Just force yourself to make almost all your movements at two thirds (or even better: half) the speed you normally would.

In fact, the more important and intimate your movement, the slower you should perform it.

The point of this?

Moving slow forces you to be present. Also, it gives you - and your love partner - time to absorb and really experience what is happening.

Moving more slowly may seem a bit weird at first, but you'll soon learn to enjoy it. When you are intensely present and aware both you and your love partner will have a MUCH better experience.

First Time Love Making Tips - Tip no. 9:

Choose Time, Place and Circumstances Well

Let me just describe what lousy circumstances for first time love making are:

It's late at night after a party. You're dead tired. You're dead drunk, too (and so is your prospective love partner). It's freezing cold out. You only have 10 minutes and the only private place to have sex is the backseat of a small, old, dirty, smelly car where the heater is broken ... and, well, you get the picture.

Here's why those things are a bad idea:

Late at night with you being tired will almost guarantee that your experiences will be much less interesting than they might have been. Your body wants to sleep, not make love.

You being drunk will loosen up your inhibitions, sure, but it will also dull your senses and your motor skills - both of which you definitely don't want, plus it will just plain old make you stupid.

Being in a hurry is deeply counter-productive to first time love making.

The backseat of a small, old, dirty, smelly, ice cold car is very, very far from a nice, warm and comfortable environment.

Now, I'm not saying you need the setting of your first time love making to be after a long night's sleep the morning after a week of eating only fresh vegetables and drinking only water.

Nor am I saying it has to take place in a warm, uterus-like room with 33 candles and incense lit where there is a soft king size bed with silky sheets and flower petals on it.

But I am suggesting that you pay attention to the basics of time, place and circumstances. Love making tip no. 9 is this:

Consider being reasonably rested, pretty much sober and doing it in a comfortable place with time enough to spare.

You won't regret that.

First Time Love Making Tips - Tip no. 10:

Let Your Love Partner Read These Tips, Too - and Then Discuss Them

The last of these love making tips is simply to:

Ask your prospective love partner to read these 10 first time love making tips and then sit down (or: lie down) together and have a nice talk about them.

That's all.

Final Words:

Want More First Time Love Making Tips?

All You've Got to Do Is Ask

When I started writing this text I didn't realize how many great pieces of advice I had about first time love making. So, I wrote, and wrote, and wrote. You have now read 10+ of them. I have lots more, and I am considering presenting them in an ebook for you to buy at a very reasonable price.

If you're interested in such an ebook, please visit the page Contact Me, fill out the contact form and drop me an email. If more than one person (i.e. even just two people) request this, I'll make it a priority - and I just might send those who request it the preliminary ebook for free, too. :-)

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