Making Love During Pregnancy - Is Having Sex While Pregnant OK? And How!

• Pregnant? Great!
• But what about making love during pregnancy?
• Surely you will want to be having sex while pregnant!
• Rest assured - it is totally okay!
• This self help article on pregnancy and sex will tell you about it.


Making Love During Pregnancy?

Some folks find having sex while pregnant 'improper' or 'too kinky' or 'weird' or just plain 'nasty'. Basically, though, these are unhealthy notions. Sex during pregnancy is just as natural and alright as having sex with your lover at any other time.

And no ... Having sex while pregnant or wanting to have sex while pregnant do not mean that the woman is a 'slut' or that the man is a 'horny bastard' or a 'hog'. (Although either of you might be just that regardless of the pregnancy, of course, and if your libidos match that might actually make for a wonderful love life!)

Read on for some love making tips on pregnancy and sex.

We Are Made for Love Making - at All Times

Anyways, making love during pregnancy is natural. We humans are among the few denizens of the animal kingdom who have and (hopefully) enjoy sex all year round.

So, obviously, sex between human beings is not 'just' about procreating and getting pregnant. Having sex while pregnant is about shared heights of pleasure which strengthen the bonds of intimate love - just like making love at any other time in your lives.

Yeah, okay, you might have had sex partly with the intention of getting pregnant, but hopefully it was never 'only' about that.

Some women want less sex while pregnant, some are unaffected, but quite a lot of women actually find that their sexual cravings increase while they are pregnant. Yes, it is true, I kid you not.

This might be because they are more relaxed now that pregnancy has been achieved. It may be because the feeling of being pregnant is an aphrodisiac for them. It may be hormonal or because they have a hard-wired instinct to get even closer to the father of the baby before its birth. Which basically seems like a great idea!

The True Concern About Making Love During Pregnancy

The only real concern about having sex while pregnant is doing it right (which really isn't all that hard). A woman's body is clearly different when she is pregnant. A future human life is growing inside her and her body may feel very differently from before - to both of you. Her body is certainly bigger and her nipples might get sore, for instance.

Also, a little bit of care must be taken so that she doesn't get hurt and the growing baby doesn't get damaged when having sex while pregnant. With the more basic kinds of sex this isn't a problem at all; the female body is built for making love during pregnancy, but with some of the wilder, more 'kinky' kinds of sex (e.g. domination, spanking, etc.) it is a good idea to take care and maybe moderate the fun a bit.

Making Love During Pregnancy: Communication Is Paramount!

To start with, please remember to keep the communication flowing. If you want a good sex life this should always be what's going on, but both women and men may have different emotions during pregnancy - and these emotions can affect your sex life considerably.

Examples: The woman's sex drive, her cravings, might be smaller or greater now. To a lesser extent the same goes for the man. Either of you might develop new likes and dislikes. One of you might suddenly develop a craving for oral sex, say, or suddenly find it to be a bit of a turn-off.

No matter what, just tell your partner about your feelings in a kind, loving and non-judgemental fashion. Odds are that your likes and dislikes will change again, so both of your just need to have patience. If you are accepting of each other's feelings, and you never turn (any kind of) sex into a duty for either one of you (ever!), you'll be fine.

You really need to talk openly and honestly about all these things. Simply 'put it all out there' and KEEP TALKING until you see eye to eye on whatever issues come up. This is usually the simplest way to resolve any such issues.

Lovemaking During the Advancing Pregnancy

As the pregnancy advances, the woman might start to find certain positions uncomfortable. The missionary position might be one of her favorites normally, but after the first trimester is passed she may not find it enjoyable because of the pressure on her growing belly.

Women who are into the fourth month or beyond of pregnancy tend to prefer riding on top, lying sideways and being penetrated from behind, or standing up and being penetrated from behind. This is not always true for all women, of course, figuring out what you both want is what honest communication is about.

So, try out different positions. Don't be surprised if a position feels wonderful one week and terrible the next.

At Your Cervix, Madame! :-)

Making love during pregnancy means being careful and considerate, of course. If the two of you usually like going at it 'hot and heavy' you may have to be more gentle during the pregnancy.

Nooo ... not because a well endowed man might penetrate the woman deeply enough to poke the poor baby in the eye, that is a physical impossibility (don't worry, the baby is very well protected), but simply because as the baby grows and more pressure is placed upon the woman's cervix, actual intercourse may become too painful for her.

But there are other ways of making love during pregnancy.

You can perform oral sex on each other. You can masturbate yourselves and each other. The man can still penetrate her gently with his fingers, his tongue or a sex toy. And those are but a few of the many very nice possibilities for making love during pregnancy.

Simply play around with it and see what you are comfortable with together and do, please, remember to have fun no matter what!

Making Love During Pregnancy: Being Pregnant Is Hard Work

Carrying a baby often makes a woman tired, so a key to making love during pregnancy is to do it whenever you are together and have the energy for it.

If you're used to having sex at night, well, that might not work any longer, as the woman may be quite tired by the time early evening rolls around. So ... Would you really mind having sex first thing in the morning, or having an afternoon delight? I didn't think so!

Big Is Beautiful!

The woman may feel like she's a whale and not pleasant to look at. If we look at it from a non-biased, natural perspective nothing could be further from the truth.

The pregnant woman is the epitome of fertility and abundance and the both of you might as well enjoy this while it lasts.

As the man, tell your woman how beautiful she is while she is pregnant. She needs to hear it.

As the woman, you should know that the reality is that many men find their women to be at their most beautiful when they're pregnant.

But, okay, some folks, both women and men, have a hard time with the way the woman's body changes as the pregnancy advances. If either of you feels like that, talk, talk and talk some more and maybe go see a counsellor, a coach or a therapist to get the issue resolved.

Making Love During Pregnancy: Keep the Juices Flowing

Having sex while pregnant should not be a dry affair, either.

Okay, so the hormones fluctuate, there are mood swings, and certain positions don't work right now, but don't shy away from keeping things spicy in bed just because of that.

Rather, use it as an incentive to try out new things: jellies, oils and creams, maybe, or some new accessories, or doing it in nature or in other new places, or being slower and more gentle than ever, or simply trying out some new and exiting love making positions.

Or, experiment with ways to make your lovemaking more romantic or intense such as with good food & candlelight, scents, music or sensual, feather-like touching and stroking all over the body.

And please keep in mind: there is absolutely no reason to shy away from making love during pregnancy - feel free to enjoy lots of it, in as many different ways as you can come up with.

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