Eating a Girl Out Tips - How to perform Cunnilingus (How to Lick Pussy)

• Eating a girl out tips a.k.a. how to perform cunnilingus!
• Sober & powerful self improvement article on how to lick pussy.
• Learn about cunnilingus techniques and eating pussy out.
• Sexual empowerment; mostly for men, but women can peek, too.

Eating a Girl Out Tips That Will Make Your Mouth Water

This sexual self improvement article is mostly for men, although bisexual and lesbian women may find a tip or two as well, and heterosexual women might have fun peeking in, too, of course.

I'm sometimes asked about 'eating a girl out tips' a.k.a. how to lick pussy - the two common (some might even say vulgar) ways of referring to how to perform cunnilingus (a.k.a. 'going down on her').

So, let's face it, men - many of you want to know how to perform cunnilingus in ways that will pleasure your woman to death (the small death of orgasm, at least). And it is a really good idea, too. Certainly, cunnilingus is one of my personal favorites. To be blunt, I love pussy! :-)

On the internet you will find lots of books about cunnilingus techniques, I will show some of my favorites here on this page. If you click the picture, a new window will open to a page on, where you can read more about the product, and search for other books and items.


Eating a Girl Out Tips:

Repulsion Means Inhibitions - and Those You Don't Need!

Note: Some people are put off by the idea of oral sex. It that is you, you may consider reading the self help article lose your inhibitions first. And then, hopefully, by going over this little 'how to perform cunnilingus guide' you get a chance to see that it's just another beautiful, sensual, loving act and nothing to be repulsed by or ashamed of.

Eating a Girl Out Tips:

The Benefits of Learning How to Perform Cunnilingus

When you have mastered some good eating a girl out tips, you'll be able to pleasure your woman like never before. This will bring you more intimately close together ... and it will allow you, as a man, to sustain sex even longer.

It stands to reason that if you apply some eating a girl out tips before you actually enter her for intercourse, her pleasure will last longer and be heightened - and, by extension, so will yours. Furthermore she will already be 'primed and ready', aroused and dripping wet for you.

There are many, many diversified methods for how to perform cunnilingus. Let's look at some of these eating a girl out tips, teach you how to lick pussy and get you going down the erotic road that you want to be riding.


Eating a Girl Out Tips:

How I'm Gonna Do It - Share Some Eating Pussy Out Tips With You

So, here's how I will do it: First, I will present you with some general eating a girl out advice and then I will give you a set of 10 nice, concrete and practical 'how to lick pussy' tips.

General Cunnilingus Advice - Eating Pussy Out & Pussy Licking Tips:

Eating a Girl Out Tips:

The Sensitive Vagina Takes a Licking

Please note, that in terms of total area of nerve endings, the vagina is even more sensitive than the penis. This means for you that part of understanding how to perform cunnilingus is ensuring that you always remain gentle. In some cases extremely gentle.

The clitoris, which sits a few centimetres above the vaginal opening (at the top of the slit, so to speak) is particularly sensitive - the amount of nerves that end in the clitoris is extreme. Please remember this as you play around with your tongue.

That being said, all women are different, and some like it rough. All else being equal most women prefer gentleness, but do talk about it. Communication makes everything so much easier!

General Cunnilingus Advice - Eating Pussy Out & Pussy Licking Tips:

Eating a Girl Out Tips:

Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness - and The Anus Is Next to the Vagina

The vagina is a clever system that is able to clean itself, by and large. The anus not so much. Simply applying water before having sex should be enough for the vagina, but probably not for the anus. Gentle soaps especially designed for the female genitalia do exist and can be applied. Your woman probably knows and does this. If not, just tell her or maybe have a shower together where you play around while washing both of you 'down there'.

General Cunnilingus Advice - Eating Pussy Out & Pussy Licking Tips:

Eating a Girl Out Tips:

Trimming the Bush - or Not

Some folks, both men and women, love a great natural bush of pubic hair, others prefer a trimmed one, and yet others prefer the naked look and feel of a shaved pussy. Logic dictates that, generally speaking, a trimmed or shaved pussy is more sensitive than a bushy one. All up to you, lovers! :-)

General Cunnilingus Advice - Eating Pussy Out & Pussy Licking Tips:

Eating a Girl Out Tips:

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, Sorry ... Pussy Juice (and Taste It, Too)

As you are no doubt aware, women have a monthly cycle. The hormones of the female body change all during this cycle, and therefore the smell and taste of your woman's vagina will change, too. This is natural.

The smell and taste of her pussy also vary according to what your woman eats. If she eats a lot of meat her smell and taste will be more pungent. If she is vegetarian, or mostly so, her smell and taste will be more, well, fruity. Smoking or not smoking has an influence, too.

All this may sound weird, but it is true. It is true for men, too, by the way, and it becomes especially obvious if you taste the male semen.

General Cunnilingus Advice - Eating Pussy Out & Pussy Licking Tips:

Eating a Girl Out Tips:

We Brake for Nothing!
Menstruation, the Monthly Female Period, Is No Hindrance

Furthermore, for younger women (before the menopause) the monthly cycle entails 'her period', i.e. a few days of bleeding from her vaginal opening. This, too, is quite natural and it certainly does not need to be a hindrance to sex - neither sexual intercourse nor oral sex. Not unless one of you wants it to be.

Extra precautions by way of extra cleanliness, perhaps the temporary use of a tampon before oral sex and placing some towels on the bed before intercourse during the to soak up possible blood leaking out will have you going at it like rabbits if you want.

An extra spice for you, the man, during intercourse when the woman has her period, may be the fact that the woman's vagina will appear to have a slightly elevated temperature, which can feel pretty good on your penis.

General Cunnilingus Advice - Eating Pussy Out & Pussy Licking Tips:

Eating a Girl Out Tips:

A Performance Note Regarding These Eating a Girl Out Tips

If a girl is healthy and clean, then her vagina's look, smell and taste is very sexually arousing to most men.

However, some guys do not much care for the female scent 'down there', even if she is healthy and clean. If this is so for you, you might need some coaching to lose your inhibitions, or, you could consider using some 'sex jelly' (or similar) that has a good taste and smell on her genitals: Just start out by spreading some of it all over and very shallowly within her vagina.

Done right this can actually heighten her pleasure in addition to making this loving act palatable for you. (If she knows the exact reason why you're spreading the jelly on, you might resort to the 'humor and sex' advice that I've written of elsewhere!)

General Cunnilingus Advice - Eating Pussy Out & Pussy Licking Tips:

Eating a Girl Out Tips:

Take the Scenic Route to Her Vagina

Sometimes it is a great idea to surprise your woman by unexpectedly grabbing her, throwing her on the bed, pulling off her clothes and just start working your tongue directly on her private parts (friendly, forced cunnilingus). Surprises are one of the spices of life, and this surprise technique may just make it easier for her to surrender.

However, with most women most of the time, you will want to go slow and work your way up to it - or down to it as the case may be. Take the scenic route to her vagina, so to speak.

Also, as far as actual penetration (with your fingers or your penis) goes, keep that off for an even longer time. She needs to be ready for this. Though, for added pleasure, you can certainly pretend - that is, tease her vaginal opening a bit every now and then - without actually penetrating it.

Eating Pussy Out Tips - No. 1 of the Cunnilingus Techniques:

Eating a Girl Out Tips:

A Bouquet of Quivering Kisses

This one might seem weird at first, but it's excellent for starting in on cunnilingus and is thus one of the leading eating a girl out tips and techniques you'll ever find. Very simply you gently pinch the woman's labia together so that they mimic lips. Then you start softly kissing those lips, just like you would her other lips. (Always remember, guys, you have one mouth but a woman has two.) You might even do some gentle 'French kissing' using your tongue while you are at it. Remember to take your time (take a lot of time) and enjoy the experience.

Eating Pussy Out Tips - No. 2 of the Cunnilingus Techniques:

Eating a Girl Out Tips:

Licking the Alphabet

You may find this idea amusing: To ensure nice variation in your pussy licking you can simply let your tongue trace the letters of the alphabet, one letter at a time, on her vagina. Or, you can have fun spelling out sentences; 'I love you so incredibly much' is a nice one.

Though this tongue spelling may sound kind of silly, it actually does work, if you feel safe having a specific cunnilingus technique to use. Try it out and see what you think.

Eating Pussy Out Tips - No. 3 of the Cunnilingus Techniques:

Eating a Girl Out Tips:

The Perfect Circle

Open her legs wide, lick her pussy a few times to make it wet all over, and then wet and pout your lips, after which you let your lips, chin and nose slowly circle all over her genitals.

For extra pleasure you can also use your entire face (provided the area is wet enough for it).

Keep going in a circle, round and round, reversing the direction every now and then, and sometimes sticking out your tongue for extra spice and wetness. If you pass her clitoris along the way, great. But don't focus on it.

The great part of this cunnilingus technique is the totality of it, both for you and your woman - which is also what repels a few men and women about it. Some like it; some don't.

(Important Note: You have to be VERY clean shaven for this so that you don't cause irritation to the woman's private parts. Even a bit of stubble will have the same effect as sand paper - an effect you certainly don't want!)

Eating Pussy Out Tips - No. 4 of the Cunnilingus Techniques:

Eating a Girl Out Tips:

The Vaginal Cornucopia
(Fruits in the Vagina)

Now here's a literal 'eating a girl out' tip!

Take a couple of grapes, strawberries, etc., remove any parts that are sticking out, and clean the fruits thoroughly, using soap and lots of water.

Then lick them to make them wet and playfully place them shallowly within your woman's vagina. You can do this slowly and playfully, perhaps allowing them to pop out a few times, making it a pleasure for her all by itself. Then, use your mouth and tongue to remove the tasty, now warm fruit. Yummy!

Note: This is one of those cunnilingus techniques that you will want to be very careful with. Don't use too much fruit and keep the placing of the fruit shallow! If you use berries that are too small or jam the fruit inside her and you can't get it out again you better hope she is able to 'push' with her vagina (perhaps letting gravity help by sitting on the toilet), or you could have one of the most embarrassing, and bad, bedroom experiences of your life. It will be even worse for her.

If your woman has built her vaginal muscles, e.g. using kegel exercises, then she may be able to push the fruits out into your mouth one at a time. You can use your mouth to put it back in a few times before you eat it.

Eating Pussy Out Tips - No. 5 of the Cunnilingus Techniques:

Eating a Girl Out Tips:

I Got Rhythm - But I'm Unpredictable

Understanding how to perform cunnilingus means understanding how to give a truly great tongue massage. And the way to do this, besides adhering to gentleness (unless your woman specifies something else), is to vary the speed with which your tongue goes round and round, in and out or side to side.

Start slowly, then, without warning, quicken the pace; when you've got her arching, squirming, and groaning, go slow again, real slow. Then stop for a few seconds. Start again either quick or slow.

Come up with lots of variations on this theme to keep her uncertain what you'll do next.

Being unpredictable, yet still tauntingly rythmic, is actually one of the very best cunnilingus techniques around!

Eating Pussy Out Tips - No. 6 of the Cunnilingus Techniques:

Eating a Girl Out Tips:

Non-Stop Stopping
- Holding Your Wet Tongue Almost Completely Still on the Clitoris

This may sound kind of boring, and not all women will appreciate it, although those who do are likely to REALLY appreciate it - a LOT.

The technique itself is as simple as it can be: Place your wet, warm tongue on her clitoris - gently, very gently - and leave it there. When you have stuck your tongue out the muscles inside the tongue are likely to twitch a bit every now and then, and this is almost all the movement you need.

In addition to your tongue muscles twitching, you might want to twitch it voluntarily, just a tiny bit, every now and then, at unpredictable intervals. That's it. All you need beyond this is patience.

You will need to retract and wet your tongue every now and then, of course, but with this particular cunnilingus technique being patient is of the essence. Both for you and for your woman.

To really enjoy this technique your woman needs to be able to relax even more deeply than normal. Not all women are ready to do this, but if your woman is, and you both have patience, she may well end up getting the orgasm of her life.

Eating Pussy Out Tips - No. 7 of the Cunnilingus Techniques:

Eating a Girl Out Tips:

The Tongue Tornado

When you are alone try sticking out your tongue just a tiny bit, then whip it from side to side, real quick, allowing it to rapidly hit the sides of your mouth again and again.

How fast can you move your tongue from side to side? And how long can you keep doing it?

The faster you can go and the longer you can do it, the better.

Doing this thing to your woman's clitoris is the tongue tornado (or one version of it).

This cunnilingus technique is sort of the opposite of the above mentioned static technique, and just like with that one not all women will appreciate this one. For some women the stimulation might be way too much. For others, this might just be one of the quickest ways ever to produce an orgasm!

One thing which you will quickly notice is that if you stick your tongue too far out you will not be able to go as fast and you will tire much more quickly. Another thing of note is that practice makes the master. And you don't need you woman to practice. :-)

Eating Pussy Out Tips - No. 8 of the Cunnilingus Techniques:

Eating a Girl Out Tips:

Her Anus Takes a Licking, Too
(Licking Her Anus)

Warning: to quite a few people this is somewhere in the kinky end of the scale, and some folks might not be comfortable with it at all. No real reason why they shouldn't be, though, but you do need to respect your partner's boundaries.
Anyways, if she has cleaned her private parts using (a gentle kind of) soap prior to you having oral sex, then there is no reason why you - and she - should not enjoy the famous (or infamous) anus lick.

The anus is actually a very sensitive part of the anatomy (for both men and women), and licking the anus - preferably for an extended period of time - can produce much pleasure, and yes, even orgasm.

The only thing you need to be aware of, is that if you use your tongue inside her anus (where it is likely to be somewhat less clean), you should not immediately switch it to her vagina, particularly the vicinity of her 'pee hole', because the bacteria in the two areas don't match and you might inadvertently give her a very painful infection.

Eating Pussy Out Tips - No. 9 of the Cunnilingus Techniques:

Eating a Girl Out Tips:

Aahh, That Hit the Old Spot!
(G-Spot Stimulation)

Yes, the G-Spot does exist. And yes, some women do ejaculate (a.k.a. have squirt orgasms) both with G-spot stimulation and without it. And no, the female ejaculate is NOT pee! (More about all that some other time).

To stimulate the G-spot you need to use something other than your tongue, because the G-spot is located maybe 6 to 8 centimetres inside the vagina on the side facing towards her belly button.

You can use a curved dildo, or, better, one or two of your fingers to stimulate the G-spot. Using your fingers you insert them palm up (your hand turned so that your knuckles face down towards her perineum and anus), and then you alternately curve and stretch your fingers, thus making a gentle 'come here' motion with your fingers.

How is this one of the 'eating a girl out tips'? Because you can combine it with any of the other tongue-to-vagina techniques you know - thus producing an even better experience for your woman.

If this produces a 'wet orgasm' (squirt orgasm) in her, please don't be alarmed by the fluid - if your woman is healthy the fluid will be sterile and if it pleases you to do so, you can drink it. Otherwise just let it gush - or trickle - down along your tongue. But please; don't EXPECT your woman to produce a squirt orgasm; some women just don't.


Eating Pussy Out Tips - No. 10 of the Cunnilingus Techniques:

Eating a Girl Out Tips:

Hey, Woman: Take an Active Part in This Oral, Sexual Adventure, Too

Women need to have some basic eating a girl out tips under their hats, too. First off, you'll want to keep yourself clean, but this goes without saying. Generally speaking you want to keep your legs spread nice and wide for your man, don't be shy about that (most men love and adore vaginas!).

Also, don't be shy about telling him what you want him to do - and when you present him with this, consider doing it in a playful, humorous, and non-demanding way, flirting with him while doing it.

Do you prefer gentle or hard? Do you want for him to move his tongue in circles, up or down, in and out, or a combination? Do you want him to suck on your clitoris? Do you want to ride his face so that you can move more freely and he can hold your buttocks while he licks you? The list of possibilities goes on and on, which is why you may want to give your man some gentle guidance.

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