Valentine Heart Clipart, Free Valentine Graphics, etc.

• This is a collection of Valentine heart clipart and graphics.
• Lots of modern and classic/vintage pictures of love, hearts, etc.
• I'm sure there's something you can use for Valentines Day!

Valentine Heart Clipart, Valentines Day Clipart and Free Valentines Graphics

Valentine's Day is actually an abbreviation of Saint Valentine's Day. So, then, who's St. Valentine? We don't quite know exactly, because several early Christian martyrs were named Valentine.

In any case what we do with the day seems more important. Traditionally we express our love for those we love. Perhaps we give each other flowers, perhaps chocolates or other presents. And often we send each other greetings in the form for cards or e-cards ('valentines').

The typical symbols used are the shape of the heart (often pink, or, as is traditional: red), flowers, cupids (the fat little child-like love god with bow and arrow) and doves. If you want, you can read more about Valentine's Day on

How to Use These Romantic Graphics

What follows is a nice collection of clipart and graphics that you may use privately, but not commercially. You can use the images to decorate your love notes, love messages and love letters on Valentine's Day.

All the images are .JPG- or .GIF files of reasonably good quality. To ensure that it's within the capacity of most Internet connections each one is less than 75Kb in size. However most of the original drawings are much BIGGER than they seem below.

By right-clicking an image you will get the option of choosing 'Save image as' (in Internet Explorer, or 'Save link as' in Firefox, or whatever the equivalent command is called in your favorite browser) and saving the image to your drive. This will allow you to save the bigger, good quality image image to your drive. (In other words: There no need to to choose 'Save target as').

If you like, you can read a lot more about love in general at the page Love: All About It - or you can use the buttons above left to navigate the website.

And now, without further ado, the Valentine clipart ...
Valentine heart clipart:
Be My Valentine, pink
Heart graphics:
Be Mine, pink present
valentine heart clipart pink be mine valentine be mine pink valentine love heart present
Heart Graphics /
Romantic Graphics:
Vintage valentines card
Heart Graphics /
Romantic Graphics:
Vintage valentines card

           white doves red love hearts arrow valentine

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Valentines Day clipart:
Valentines love letter mailbox
alentines Day clipart:
Be my Valentine card
Romantic graphics:
Pink valentines heart & arrow
Valentine heart clipart:
Red Valentines heart & ribbon
arrow through pink heart valentine heart clipart ribbon red heart
Heart Graphics /
Romantic Graphics:
Cute dog in Valentines heart
Heart Graphics /
Romantic Graphics:
Pink valentines heart & flowers
cute dog in pink valentine love heart drawing pink valentines heart clipart flowers
Free valentines graphics:
Vintage Valentines card
Free valentines graphicss:
Vintage Valentines card
Valentines Day clipart:
Valentines letter & present box
Valentines Day clipart:
Love heart present
letter box heart clipart Valentine heart clipart present
Valentine heart clipart:
Valentine love letter
Valentine heart clipart:
Pink heart design with butterflies
Love letter with red hearts

        cupid warming up frozen heart ond drawing
           Valentine greetings cherub red heart red rose
              Lots of flowers making heart to my Valentine
                 Valentine greeting rural ribbons flowers heart
Heart Graphics /
Romantic Graphics:
Pink heart made of flowers
Heart Graphics /
Romantic Graphics:
Pink heart, hats and flowers
pink floral heart rings ribbon valentine heart clipart hats flower pink
Valentine heart clipart:
Classic image, lady in love heart
Valentine heart clipart:
Roses in pink heart
valentine heart clipart lady in heart vintage soft red heart roses
Valentines day clipart:
Heart a target for Cupid's arrow
Valentines day clipart:
Two pink hearts
pink heart target for cupids arrows two pink hearts
Valentine heart clipart:
Happy cherries as love hearts
Valentine heart clipart:
Blonde woman holding pink heart
happy cherries red hearts
Valentines day clipart:
Calendar: February 14
Valentines day clipart:
Bowling pin: Be mine


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