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The Dictionary's Definition

The dictionary defines love as:

A deep and strong feeling of liking and caring for or being fond of somebody or something.

The Personal Development Guy's Definition of Love: - General Notes

If you ask me this question you will either get an extremely short answer or a somewhat long winded one. I will present you with both.

Basically, my idea of a definition of love is much, much more comprehensive than the dictionary's.

The definition of love that I am presenting is quite fundamental to understanding/seeing life and you as a connected whole (a unity), so I do urge you to read it.

The Personal Development Guy's Definition of Love: - Short Version

Love is both a feeling, and an energy, and a vibration, and a state/being/an identity, and more.

Love is infinite, inexhaustible, omnipresent, and has no opposite.

Love is 'being one with'. Unity. Oneness. Like the glue that binds everything in this universe together.

The Personal Development Guy's Definition of Love: - Long Version

Love is both a feeling, and an energy, and a vibration, and a state/being/an identity, and more than that.

Love is infinite, inexhaustible, omnipresent, and has no opposite (no ... hate and fear are not the opposite of love ... if you read on, you will find out why).

Love exists in an infinite number of versions, from totally conditional (fear, angst, depression) to totally unconditional (I love without reason or cause) and therefore love is actually the basis of all human feelings.

Love is the same as being one with (a unified whole). Love is connection ... being totally connected and thus love is one of the most important building blocks of life/the universe as we know it.

All these facts point directly at this: Love is absolute by nature (as opposed to relative), and it is in fact one of the primary building blocks in the human experience.

Even though love by nature is unlimited, it can still be limited (made relative) as much as you might desire. When you limit love, you create conditional love. Countless kinds conditional love exist.

The simplest way of distinguishing the different kinds of love from each other is by observing just how conditional the love in question is.

The more unlimited and unconditional (i.e. absolute) a version of love is, the more accepting and all encompassing it is ... and the better your experience of it feels! Words that describe this condition or state of being include unlimited and unconditional versions of: joy, spaciousness, clarity, gratitude, acceptance, awareness, consciousness, presence, inner peace, freedom, trust, balance, ecstasy, flow and happiness.

Love in its more unconditional forms equals unity (being one with) and wholeness (being a unified whole). Evidence suggests that this is actually our most basic nature. It is certainly the condition we end up in, when we have let go  of everything else. Other words for this basic human nature of unconditional love include: All-there-is, soul, soul identity, Home, I am, absolute reality, absolute truth, the Source and life.

The more limited and conditional (i.e. relative) a version of love is, the more judgemental, non-accepting and limited it is ... and the worse your experience of it feels!

Love in its more conditional forms can be described by words such as: dissatisfaction, pessimism, frustration, anger, rage, hatred, fear, guilt, shame, jealousy, sorrow, fear, anxiety, angst and depression.

What is love? In short, the different versions of love cover the totality of human emotions, and so you might say that love is in fact the only feeling/emotion there is.

Making a good love definition is quite a challenge. Love is so comprehensive that it hardly lends itself to definition.

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