The 10 Best Sweet Love Sayings

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Sweet Love Sayings: Is Love Sweet?

Oh, yeah. Love is sweet. It's pretty much the sweetest thing around. In it's more unconditional versions it can actually be so sweet, such a wonderful feeling that it feels like pain. I do mean that:

The feeling of love can actually become so intense, so ecstatic, that it is virtually indistinguishable from pain.

When people say that love hurts, most of the time that's not what they mean - they're talking about the pain of being away from their lover or something like that.

But in the case of unconditional love you don't even need a human lover - your lover can be life itself. Yes, I know that this sounds strange in many people's ears. That doesn't make it any less true though, which you can experience for yourself since you're on this website and likely interested in personal development, self improvement and spirituality. Just read about letting go or happiness.

I must admit, though, that also having a human lover is certainly a bonus! :-)

Please enjoy these hand picked sweet love sayings!

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The Very Best Sweet Love Saying

sweet love sayings love never ends red hearts
Many of us have been raised on fairy tales where the couple lived happily ever after. As a kid I used to wonder about that.

Ever after seemed like an awful long time, particularly seeing as how most people seemed to drop dead of old age long before that.

The truth is, of course, that when you love without reservation or conditions every minute seems like forever - and once you have loved someone like that, you never stop doing it, even though you may go your separate ways. So, here's the best sweet love saying:

True love doesn't have a happy ending.
True love doesn't have an ending.


The 3 Second Best Sweet Love Sayings

sweet love sayings life is a flower
Oh, I like the first one of these; it's both true and sweet.

The middle one is perhaps more true than sweet, but the third one, being very personal, might be the one many people consider the sweetest:

Life is a flower and love is the honey.

Love life. Love yourself. Love others. Just love.

Where ever I go, whatever I do, I carry with me a part of you.

The 3 Third Best Sweet Love Sayings

sweet love sayings love opens the gate to happiness
Yeah, these love sayings are good and sweet, too:

Love is a journey; starting at forever, and ending at never.

Love me now or love me never - I will still love you forever.

Love opens the gate to happiness.




The 3 Fourth Best Sweet Love Sayings

Ah, the last batch:

It's not that I can't live without you, it's that I don't even want to try.

Being in love makes you blind. True love opens your eyes.

To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world.

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