Soul Power and How to Sell Your Soul - or Not

• Want to sell your soul?
• Or, at least read about how to sell your soul to get ahead?

• So, read the Personal Development Guy's experiences about ...
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• ... the size and location of the soul, if others can steal your soul ...
• ... definition of soul, and last, but not least ...
• ... soul power and getting what you REALLY want!

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Are You Up for Selling Your Soul?

So, you want to sell your soul, huh? Or at least you want to read something about that, since you're reading this blog post.

Okay, fine, I have some experience and, well, subjective knowledge in that general field that you may benefit from reading about.

Soul for Real: My Experiences

What kind of experience I have? Well, for starters I have experienced being my soul - an experience that pretty much knocked my socks off the first time I had it.

Since then I have had this experience many times - and because I wanted that experience so badly I spent years working out and perfecting a self improvement technique largely focussed on that very purpose (the Let Go Method).

Furthermore, using that technique and a few other, select techniques, I have helped other people to the same experience, the experience of their own soul.

In my daily life today, I have come to rely on my soul for help in extreme situations. In those cases I run on soul power, so to speak. :-)

Also, I have had experiences of seeing from the outside the totality of who I am - which puts body, ego, soul and 'that which exists beyond those' into a sort of concrete perspective for me.

In my work as a coach and a consciousness guide I have had quite a few 'dealings' with other people's souls as well, particularly when healing.

All those tremendously powerful experiences with other people's souls indicate that things are indeed the same for other people as they are for me. I cannot be sure that things are the same for you, of course, but why shouldn't they be?

So, yeah, I know something about the soul.

Why You Want to Sell Your Soul

And you ... you want to sell your soul.

There is a reason for this, of course.

You want something.

You either want to get ahead in life (by having money, fame, recognition, power, success or something similar), or, you want to rid yourself of something undesirable (like pain or fear or uncertainty and doubt) which you suppose stem from your conscience and your soul.

Either way, you probably suppose that your life will be easier if you sell your soul.

Being a kind of soulless conscience free super human with never ending success, power and riches to spare sounds kind of nice, maybe?

Well, it makes sense. So, now you are just about ready to sell your soul.

A Word of Caution About Selling Your Soul vs. Getting What You Want

Before you move on with that project there is something I have to tell you, though. (I bet you were waiting for this. I bet you also know something about what I am about to say. But before I move on with the 'how to sell your soul' bit, I am going to go ahead and say it anyway):

IF you can sell your soul, if you can actually pull that off (and we will get back to that), you will not get the things you really, REALLY want. All the money and power and fame and material possessions and whatnot in the world cannot give you what you really want.

Perhaps you knew I was going to say that. But did you also know that I have spent more than a decade investigating in depth what it is that people want? What they really, REALLY want? Well, I have, and can tell you what it is.

What You REALLY Want

Here's what you want, here's what you REALLY, TRULY want:

Wholeness. Feeling whole. Or, if you prefer, love, joy, happiness, freedom and inner peace.

This is all one and the same thing and that one thing is what everybody wants. At least everybody I have ever worked with. But that is at the deepest level.

The Basic Seven Human Needs

At the slightly shallower level what everybody wants is to have their needs met.

There are an infinite number of needs, which boil down to seven basic human needs (survival, safety, control, recognition, giving, development and unity).

We all want all of those seven needs met.

Your Superficial Needs

And at the shallowest level what people want is a new toy, more money, success, fame, a better lover and whatnot.

Love, Happiness and Inner Peace Are Your Soul Identity

Generally speaking and somewhat simplified this is how it goes, inside your subconscious:

The money or the new toy is supposed to meet your needs of, say, control or safety. Having your needs for (e.g.) control or safety met is supposed to give you inner peace and make you happy and whole.

However, I write 'is supposed to' for a reason, because your subconscious programming is wrong. Plain and simple. Nothing you can buy or sell - nothing external at all - will ever in any permanent way give you the happiness, joy, love, inner peace, freedom and wholeness that you REALLY want.

Do you know why? Because those things you REALLY want aren't external things, they're internal states of being. Indeed they are integral parts of you, yes more than that, they are who you are, at the deepest level. Those things are, in fact, aspects of your soul.

I just thought I would tell you before you attempt to sell your soul.


Well, next let me tell you that the business of how to sell your soul is not an easy one. In fact, you are up against some pretty overwhelming odds.

That doesn't mean that you cannot try, though. Let me just share with you a couple of brief definitions plus - and this is very interesting indeed - a story that illustrates how things are between (what you think of as) 'you' and your soul.

Definition of Soul, Part 1

WikiPedia has this to say: "A soul, in certain spiritual, philosophical, and psychological traditions, is the incorporeal essence of a person or living thing or object." If you want to read more of that, you can do it here: WikiPedia: About the Soul.

WikiPedia's short definition of soul is as good as any, I guess, though I do want to add a few very important things ...

Definition of Soul, Part 2

In my experience this is how it is:

Your soul is your core identity. It is who you are if you remove most of the thing you generally consider 'you', including your body, your ego and your beliefs.

Furthermore, if you have been raised in a Western culture odds are that you have a notion that your soul is some small (albeit vital) part of you - something like, say, a small flame burning in the centre of your chest (or something similar). This is widely held a cultural belief, but according to my experience it is NOT an accurate picture of the way things are.

Rather than the soul existing at some point inside you it is the other way around:

Your soul is a BIG thing, and 'you' (as you probably normally think about yourself) exist at one point INSIDE your soul.

On what was perhaps the most important inner journey of my life (so far) I realized that I wanted to understand who 'I' am - I mean who and what I REALLY am. And I found out, too.

Perhaps the quickest and most efficient way for me to share this with you is in the form of a metaphor - a metaphor that I myself was presented with on that very inner journey.

About Your Mind Body and Soul: Imagine This ...

Imagine that you want to know who and what you really are.

Imagine that you are then shown a helicopter view of a sports stadium - a huge one. This huge sports stadium is you - the totality of you.

Okay, now imagine that the camera through which you see this scene starts zooming in (still in helicopter mode). You can now see that the stadium is full of people. We zoom in further, and you start being able to make out individual people in one section of the stadium.

Now, imagine that the camera picks out an individual person and zooms in on this person. In and in we zoom. We are getting close now and it turns out that we are focusing on one arm of the person.

But still we zoom in closer - to the hand, and closer yet, to one finger.

The finger is in close view now, but we zoom in further one more time. We are now viewing the top outer section on one single finger on a person standing in huge sports stadium full of people.


The huge stadium full of people is you - who you really are, almost the totality of you.

This one section of one finger on one hand of one person in the huge stadium is who you think you are - your present body and ego!

[Pause for thought.]

Soul Identity: BIG
Body + Ego Identity: Small

Yep, that's right. Who you really are is as big as that. And ... who you most likely THINK you are is as small as that.

Sell Your Soul? Good Luck!

And thus we reach the final point I would like to make in the most fascinating story about how to sell your soul.

The one reading this text, the one who wants to know how to sell your soul, is that one section of one finger.

This one section of a finger wants to sell off not just the hand or the arm or the person on whom the arm sits, but all the other people in that section of the stadium, and, ultimately, the whole stadium full of people!

Well, good luck with that!

It is going to be an uphill climb for sure.

If you (the finger section) can pull it off I salute you! I truly do.

Sell Your Soul? You Can't - Nor Do You Need to

What are the implications of this strange, but illuminative story?

First off, the answer to how to sell your soul is this: You can't.

Happily, considering the fact that the reason you want to do it is that you want your needs fulfilled in order to find inner peace, happiness, love and freedom, you don't have to.

Those needs you want fulfilled (with money, power, success, etc.) are malleable, and elsewhere on this website I am going to teach you how to deal very efficiently with them (it is probably going to be under the heading of Empowerment Theory).

A Better Idea: EXPERIENCE Soul Power

Secondly, rather than trying to sell your soul you might consider getting to know your soul instead. Maybe even try to identify with you soul, i.e. be your soul, for a while. You can use my the Let Go Method for that, if you like.

Or you can use yoga, meditation, deep hypnosis, 'the Journey' by Brandon Bays, 'Holotropic Breathwork' by Stanislav Grof, or any kind of powerful system for inner journeys you please.

If and when you succeed in experiencing your soul this will give you the experience you REALLY desire: wholeness; i.e. happiness, joy, love, freedom and inner peace. You can then start transferring this experience to your daily life by gradually identifying more and more with your soul.

You Cannot Hurt or Lose Your Soul

Thirdly, and this is a tiny bit off the topic of how to sell your soul, but important, so I'll mention it anyway: your soul is safe. No matter what antics you (as body and ego) come up with, you cannot sell or even really damage your soul. Okay, if you really get up to some seriously nasty and damaging stuff, you may be able to affect your soul to some small degree, but all in all the effects will be limited.

Nobody Can Steal Your Soul, Either

Fourthly, still a bit off topic: as far as other people are concerned your soul is even more safe. Nobody can 'steal your soul' or even hurt it in any way. It is just not possible. As a part of your soul you have some tiny effect on your soul. Someone not part of your soul (someone who is in another stadium, so to speak) can hardly affect it in any way what so ever.

Becoming Ruthless or 'Evil' for Personal Gain

Okay, then, so maybe 'how to sell your soul' is a moot question, but what about 'selling or compromising your humanity' then, or becoming what some people might call 'evil' in search for personal gain?

This is an option (of sorts). When considering the truth about what you REALLY want, which might make you want to do something like that, it is basically a waste of time, but still, you can do it - as witnessed by countless despots and dictators throughout the history of humanity.

Those ruthless, 'nasty' people never get the thing they are searching for, of course, just the opposite. They may get the power and the money and the whatever, but it ALWAYS turns out NOT to be the thing they really crave, which is wholeness. But still, you can do it, you can try it out.

Choice Theory at Its Most Basic

The one thing to be aware of in that regard (being ruthless and 'evil') is this: It is a choice. And thus it is not permanent. You can choose it today and make a new and different choice tomorrow.

In other words: There is no finality to it, the way there would be to 'selling your soul' if that were possible. Getting wiser and making a new and more informed choice is ALWAYS a possibility.

Should you decide to make some really lousy choices along the way, just know that even the worst choices you make can and will be superseded by newer and better choices the moment you make them.

Conclusion: All Is Well

And so, in conclusion to the subject of 'sell your soul' ... all is well.

All is as it should be, and you are free to live your life any way you choose without selling or in any way fearing for the safety of your soul. :-)

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