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- - - intuitive healing, which is even easier, but seems more difficult
• Get answers to some of the most common healing questions

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"Do You Have the Gift of Healing?"

A friendly, curious girl whom I met socially recently asked me the above question.

Considering that discovering the existence and reality of healing (with me as the unwitting healer) was one of the primary things that prompted my process of personal development many years ago (briefly mentioned on the page About the Personal Development Guy) this question made me smile.

Before that pivotal experience 'healing' wasn't even a word in my personal dictionary. And now ... well, now healing is everyday practice for me.

So in answer to the girl's friendly and curious question I said, "Well, yes, I have the gift of healing, just like you."

And then she had a large number of other questions about healing, most of which I've included in this blog post.

What if You Don't Believe in the Gift of Healing?

Perhaps at this point you're thinking: 'Healing? The gift of healing? What kind of weirdo stuff is that? That's something from fairy tales and scriptures. That's not real.'

If you've got that kind of thoughts, it's quite all right. Before my first spontaneous experience with the gift of healing I might have reacted in much the same way. But I can assure you that healing is quite real.

Experiencing the gift of healing does require an open mind, though. If your personal beliefs preclude the existence of healing then you're not going to experience it. Such is the power of belief.

This does not mean that you have to actually believe in healing in order for it to work - you don't. I sure didn't - I had never even considered it and had no opinion about it what so ever when it happened to me (or, rather: through me).

So the subject of this blog entry is the gift of healing.

What Is Healing?

Healing literally has to do with wholeness and making whole.

Healing usually refers to the act or process of curing or of restoring to health and wholeness. This is both a naturally occurring process and one that you can delay or expedite.

A physical wound will normally heal itself. The same goes for a psychological wound.

You can disrupt the natural healing process, if you like ... in the case of the physical wound you will delay the natural healing process by poking at the wound and opening it again, and in the case of the psychological wound you will delay the natural healing by being unforgiving (holding a grudge) or by holding beliefs that make you a victim.

Conversely, you can also speed up the psychological and physical healing process by using things like, say, natural remedies, chemical drugs, therapy, coaching ... and healing.

Healing, in the sense that I'll talk about it here, is the use of your consciousness, intention, energy (and perhaps your physical body, too) in aiding yourself or someone else to heal faster.

What Can Be Healed?

My answer to that is: Anything.

From emotional imbalances to mental imbalances. From to childhood traumas to physical traumas. From a general lack of energy to a messed up energy system. From tooth aches to tummy aches. You name it. The gift of healing doesn't care, it just heals. However ...

Returning to the power of belief you have to be open in order for any healing to take place, though. Again: Not a believer, just not a 'denier' (non-believer). That goes whether you're the healer or the healee.

Beliefs are the single biggest hindrance to healing - with both healers and healees.

If just one of you believes something cannot be healed, then it probably can't.

If one of you believes that something can be healed, but only if you spend, say, an hour working on it, guess how long the healing is going to take?

If, on the other hand, neither of you has any opinion on the matter, then the most incredible of healings may take place - quickly and effortlessly.

In fact, the more open and belief-free you and the other person are, the more quickly and easily the healing takes place.

Can You Heal Animals?

Yep. Healing animals is easy. And more: It's a pleasure.

As a rule animals are open and receiving - more so than humans. Pets, of course, are particularly easy since they are inherently trustful of humans and everything that humans do.

And you know what? Animals usually don't have weird and limiting beliefs that come between themselves and the healing. :-)

Who Has the Gift of Healing?

Let's get this one thing (very) straight: In my opinion we ALL have the gift of healing!

Since healing is about wholeness, and since every single human being in existence is born whole and will die whole regardless of, well, everything, then the condition of wholeness is something we all have access to. (You can read more about our inherent wholeness on the page Empowerment Theory).

If we so choose:

- We can all heal ourselves (be a self healer)
- We can all let ourselves be healed (be a healee)
- We can all assist in the healing of others (be a healer)

Thus, the gift of healing is something we all share.

That being said, other questions do arise.

Are Some Healers Better Than Others?

In answer to the question in the headline: Let's see ... are some people better at, say, drawing than others? Yes. Are some folks better runners, better carpenters, better leaders, or better coaches than others? Yes.

So, are some folks better healers than others? Well, I don't know, but I would guess so. Some people are probably more naturally disposed for healing than others.

Which brings me to another important thing when it comes to healing ...

The Condition of the Healer

Here's what I have discovered: Whereas I can heal in any condition what so ever, my healing is likely to be more effective if I've had enough sleep, have done my chi kung exercises, haven't eaten too much and am otherwise feeling great.

All else being equal, a happy, healthy person is better healer than an unhappy, unhealthy person, and the feeling of love is particularly conductive to healing. (If you're in love right now, I'm sure that you'd make a wonderful healer!).

In my experience healing that takes place in a condition of love, joy, playfulness, curiosity, relaxation and inner peace is the most powerful and effective kind of healing.

Can You Learn Healing?


There are different types of healing, most (or: all) of which can be taught and learnt, and practice makes the master. I'm sure that you, too, can be a healer if you so desire.

That being said, some types of healing are easier to teach - and learn - than others.

Types of Healing

Please note that I'm no expert on the different types of healing and healing systems. There are many, many different systems, and I'm sure that many of them are powerful and useful.

Based on my own experience I distinguish between two general types of healing: energy healing and intuitive healing.

Reiki healing, in which I have been initiated and trained, is an example of energy healing.

Intuitive healing,
which is what I first experienced all those years ago, is more about opening up, surrendering your ego and doing whatever you're intuitively prompted to do.

Reiki is easy, as are most other kinds of energy healing I know of. You receive the Reiki healing attunements, learn the usui reiki symbols and you're good to go.

Intuitive healing (more or less) demands that you surrender your ego, which most people find very challenging.

The line between energy healing and intuitive healing blurs, though, when I think of the many fascinating and wildly varied experiences I've had with the gift of healing. In fact, I usually mix the two types of healing freely.

Distance Healing: Real or Fake?

Answer: Very real.

Just like the gift of healing doesn't care what you heal, the gift of healing doesn't care how you do it or how close you are, physically speaking, to the person you are healing. You can just as easily heal a person on the other side of the Earth as you can heal a person sitting next to you.

I first learned of the possibility of distance healing when I was initiated to Reiki healing. I'd never thought about it before. But once I opened up to the possibility it was easy.

In some ways distance healing is easier to me than being physically close to the person I'm healing. For some reason it's often easier for me to use the gift of clairvoyance in connection with distance healing than it is when I'm face to face with him or her.

(Yeah, yeah, I know I just introduced another 'wild' and 'alternative' word there: clairvoyance, but hey, clairvoyance was the other one of the primary things that originally prompted my process of personal development (again, it's briefly mentioned on the page About the Personal Development Guy).

When I think about it, I probably practice more distance healing than face to face healing these days. Both kinds of healing work wonderfully and I have helped many people over the years. It's been my unconditional pleasure. The gift of healing is truly a gift.

And Finally:

Laughter Is Healthy, So Here's a Healing Joke

This blog usually includes an inspirational quote, a motivational saying, a joke or something like that, so let's end this blog post with a joke about healing (laughter is healthy, yea, it's been said that laughter is the best cure):

A deaf man, a blind man and a disabled man heard that a healer had come to town - one said to be particularly gifted. So, they all went to see him to find out if it was true.

The deaf man was the first to approach the healer who simply touch the deaf man's ears and hey presto! the man had his hearing back.

Next up was the blind man. The healer touched his eyes and then the blind man was able to see.

The third man was sitting in his wheelchair with his mouth wide open in amazement. As the healer approached him he suddenly exploded into action, frantically rolling back and yelling, "Don't you lay a finger on me. I'm on disability!"

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