Can I Breastfeed My Husband? Adult Breastfeeding Your Man / Woman or Not?

• A client asked me about adult breastfeeding
• (That is: Breastfeeding your man - or woman)
• 'Can I breastfeed my husband?' she asked

• Well, that's one of those questions that make you think, isn't it? ...
• Here's what I think!

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A Coaching Question: 'Can I Breastfeed My Husband?'

One of the people I'm helping as a personal development coach and consciousness guide (face to face, not life coaching online) has recently had her first child.

In the course of a recent session the following conversation took place:

"Soren, I noticed that you have written something about breastfeeding on your blog ..." (Long pause).

"Yes, that's right, I did," I answered by way of encouraging her to continue.

"And I know that you're very open minded ... in fact I think you're the most open minded person I know," she said.

"Thank you."

"Yeah, well, that's why I'm asking you this. I know you're not an expert on the subject or anything, but, well, it's like this: My husband has enjoyed that my breasts have grown, you know ... huge, like this, and he sees me nursing our child, and now he wants to breastfeed, too, and I'd actually like to let him!"

She said this last part of her long sentence very fast and almost breathlessly.

"Yes, okay. So?"

Can I Breastfeed My Husband? Well, Why Not?

"SOOO, is it okay? Can I do that? Can I breastfeed my husband? I mean, is it wrong? I don't know, it just seems, you know, strange. He's an adult, after all. Not a child."

"Well, does he kiss and suck your tits under normal circumstances, when there's no milk in them?"


"So what do you feel would be the problem of letting him kiss and suck them when there is milk in them?"

"Well, nothing I suppose, when you put it like that, but ..."

"Yes, but what?

"Nothing." She blushed and looked down at her hands in her lap.

"It turns you on, is that it?"

She nodded, silently.

"And did it turn you on when he did it back when you didn't have milk?"

"Sure. Oh! Yeah, I see what you mean."

No, Really! Can I Breastfeed My Husband?

"Anyways, as far as I know adult breastfeeding is not as uncommon as you might think. It's been done for millennia.

I've seen paintings and frescos from antiquity showing it, and I seem to recall that it's also mentioned in a positive way in the Old Testament, which is even older.

Probably adult breastfeeding relationships have existed for as long as humans have been mammals. It seems a very natural thing to do."

"Yes, I suppose it does. Only, you never hear about it."

"No, you're right. In this culture during this time and age we have become so alienated from our own bodies that many women shirk away from even breastfeeding their own children. It's amazing - in a not so cool way."

"So, you think it's all right then? Breastfeeding your man? Can I breastfeed my husband?" Apparently she wanted my explicit approval.

"Yes, I do think breastfeeding your man is okay. In fact, if it turns out you both like it I think it's more than okay. I'm sure it can be a unique way for two people who love each other to connect. The more and the deeper you connect with your lover the better - for the both of you."

"Thank you, Soren. I had a feeling you might understand. I can't talk to my friends, or, I don't dare to talk to my friends, and I didn't know who else to talk to. I feel so relieved for having talked about it."

And that was pretty much that.

My Girlfriend's Take on the
'Can I Breastfeed My Husband?' Question

Some time later, in a conversation with my girlfriend, I recalled the question I'd been asked, so I asked her. I said:

"If someone asked you 'Can I breastfeed my husband?' what would you answer?"

"Oh, I'd say: 'Why ever not?' she said. She couldn't see any reason why you shouldn't. Needless to say, that particular conversation was over pretty quickly. :-)

Summing Up My Take on the 'Can I Breastfeed My Husband?' Question

In my opinion the question 'Can I breastfeed my husband?' is moot. Of course you can! Why ever not?

Breastfeeding your man - or woman if that's who you've partnered up with - has been done for millennia, I'm sure it's a wonderfully intimate way to connect ... and there might even be some physical, chemical and emotional advantages to it that I don't know about.

We already know that breastfeeding is one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle for kids (and their moms), so why not for adult kids (like men - or women), too? Since women breastfeeding display fewer incidents of breast cancer than women who have never breastfed, it could even be one of the much sought for keys to longevity, too? Who knows? (Maybe I'll look into that some other time).

For now, just a greeting from the Personal Development Guy:

May you always have people you love around you, and may you always have fun and joy trying out new things with them! :-)

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