The Big Three

• Peace love happiness and wholeness - the things we most desire
• ... and they are available to all of us ...
• ... because they exist inside each of us - right here, right now!
• Inside you, too. Allow me to point you in the right direction.


The Truth about a Cliché

A cliché: When a winner of beauty contest for women is asked what she wants, she will say "World peace!".

Not so strange, because peace is in fact one of the things we desire most.

Now, when the winner of a beauty contest is asked what she wants, she is not supposed to appear egocentric, but rather altruistic; she's supposed to want something good for everybody and not just herself.

But the fact is, that world peace starts with just one person: You. (Or, as the case may be, that girl who won the beauty contest).

World peace starts with inner peace. As long as there is powerful conflict inside us, there is a very real risk of conflict outside of us.

Well, the funny thing is that it's pretty much the same with love and happiness. There's no reason to go searching for these things in the outside world, because that's not where they are.

The Truth about Inner Peace, Love and Happiness

World peace starts with inner peace - inside YOU.

Your experience of love starts and ends with the love that YOU feel.

Happiness is an internal condition inside YOU.

It's really all about experiencing yourself as being whole - as the unified whole that you are.

Okay, then, how do you get inner peace, love and happiness?

Peace, Love, Happiness: The Good News

The great news here is, that since the big three that you desire are internal conditions inside you, they are in fact 100 percent under your control. Yes, that's right: In your life you are in control of the conditions of peace, love and happiness.

Peace, Love, Happiness: How to Get the Inner Peace

To get inner peace, you must stop judging yourself and everybody else. Start by eliminating the words 'good', 'bad'/'evil', 'right' and 'wrong' from your vocabulary. You don't need them, anyway.

Then, at your convenience you might try the following ...

Just for a few moments: Stop thinking altogether. Breathe instead: In and out. In and out. Notice that you exist. That's all. You are at peace. (Yeah, I realize that most people will find this very challenging, and so I would refer them to my text about letting go and about thoughts [LINK] and perhaps also about being yourself).

Peace, Love, Happiness: How to Get the Love

If you want more love in your life the thing to do is love yourself and others more! Contrary to common belief having other people love you doesn't really give you much experience of love.

Oh, it'll give you some experience, because the people (and animals) who love you will treat you nicely, which is pleasant. And if you're very sensitive, you might even pick up on the subtle energies of love that they send in your direction, which is also nice.

But you don't get any REAL experience of love until you start loving! Both yourself and other people. And the fewer conditions you place on that love the more powerfully you will experience it.

If you want, you can read more about all this on the page Love. There's also some good info on the page about Relationships.

Peace, Love, Happiness: How to Get the Happiness

Happiness is actually another one of your natural inner conditions (inner peace and love being two of the others) and even if you can't feel it, the happiness is always there. Just like the sun. And just like in the case of the sun, all you need do is remove the clouds or get beyond them. In your case, the 'clouds' are fear.

So, in effect, it's pretty much a question of identifying the 'clouds' in your life (most of which take the form of thoughts [LINK] and beliefs [LINK]. The goal is not to fight, but to accept and let go of anything and everything inside you that is fear-based.

Basically, what you need to do is stop believing in fear and lower your defence mechanisms. You can read more about all this on the page Happiness.

In Conclusion

What most people really want is not something lofty or hard to get. It's very real, and everyone can get it. You can get it, too.

If and when you do, you will start affecting other people around you with peace, love, happiness, wholeness, etc. and when enough people have been so affected, the beauty queens might just get their stated wish fulfilled.

And the great thing is that in the meantime YOU will have a great life experience!

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