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Empowerment Life Coaching Questions

On a scale of 0 to 10, how would you rate your life?
Are you satisfied - maybe even happy? Are you realizing your full potential and living every day to the fullest? Do you have inner peace, love and freedom?

Us coaches we like to ask you things like that. That's what we do much of the time. We ask questions. Questions that make you think. We prompt you to see things in a different light, and to change yourself and your life for the better.

This is true for me, too. I am not, however, quite like most other coaches. But before I go into that I want to ask you another question ...

Why Limit Yourself?

I am sure that you do limit yourself, because we all do (me, too). It's just a matter of how much.
But the fact is that you don't have to limit yourself, and happiness, freedom, love and inner peace don't have to be a fantasy for you. Big words, I know, but experience tells me it is true.

I have even developed a method that helps you experience it for yourself,  the Let Go Method. If you're interested, you can read about an ebook I have written on the subject, here: Finding Inner Peace by Letting Go.

Sometime around 600 BC the Greek fabulist, author of fables Aesop said: "The level of our success is limited only by our imagination", which is so very true.

I know the things that hold you back SEEM important and insurmountable, but really they're not. In the end something like 90 to 98 percent of them are not even absolutely real. Why?

Because those limitations only exist inside you.

This is annoying, but great news, because it means that they are under your control! You have the power to change them, you just need some insight and, perhaps, some tools.

So, in the words of the 19th century American writer, poet and philosopher Henry David Thoreau, "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you've imagined."

I can help you turn your dream of a better life into a reality, I can help you understand yourself, others and life better, or, at the very least I can help you to fix your problems - no matter what they are.

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Why You Might Want Life Coaching Online

Here are some of the main reasons people choose to hire an online life coach for personal development, at least the kind that I am:

- You vastly improve your chances of getting a vital stroke of insight regarding any and all things important to you

- Any problems and challenges you feel you have are likely to be reduced dramatically, and solving the problems and challenges that do remain becomes much easier

- You get practical tools you can use again and again in many different areas of your daily life

- If you're into self improvement and/or spiritual growth your life coach for personal development (that would be me) can help you speed up your growth process immensely

- Making big decisions (and small ones, too) becomes much easier with a pro supporting you

- Defining and attaining your goals also gets easier with a pro's support

- If you feel your life is in a rut, life coaching online can help you get unstuck

- You can always get 'a second opinion' on whatever is on your mind

- You have someone non-judgmental to share anything and everything with

- You get insight into your life, yourself, other people and life in general

- Your personal development coach is only an email or a phone call / Skype / Gmail Video Chat call away

- You always have positive support - it's like having your own, personal fan club of one

Those are just some of the general advantages of online life coaching. In your specific case there might me more, and different ones, too.
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What Is a Life Coach?
A Definition of Life Coach

Here's the Personal Development Guy's definition of life coach (and thus of myself, too) ...

What is a life coach? If I am to define life coach I would say that a life coach is a person whom you pay to help you improve yourself and your life. The life coach typically offers support in these areas:

a) getting insight into yourself, other people and life itself
b) making decisions
c) fixing problems
d) defining and attaining your goals

A good life coach never, ever judges you, but stands by you, lifts you up and empowers you.

Most life coaches can help you in several areas of your life, but are specialized in one or a few areas (see below).

A minority of life coaches are true all round coaches able to help you efficiently in any and all areas of your life, both professional and personal.

Areas which an online life coach might help you with include e.g. your ...

- love life
- sex life
- family life
- friendships and other personal relationships
- job and career
- abundance and prosperity
- stress management and relaxation (incl. tips for reducing stress)
- health and physical & mental wellness
- body image and self esteem
- emotional challenges (incl. e.g. releasing emotional patterns & anger)
- how to find inner peace, happiness, love, freedom and wholeness
- self improvement, personal development and self actualization
- mindfulness, awareness, and inducing consciousness
- enlightened spirituality and spiritual enlightenment
- and anything else you would care to mention!

This latter kind of true all round coach is the kind of coach I am ... and the above are some of the subjects I can help you tackle.
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Why My Life Coaching Works

I have lost track of how many times a client has told me that my help has been better for them than anything else they have ever tried.
The following a phrase I have heard (in one form or another) more times than I can count, "Soren, I have spent years and thousands of dollars on traditional 'shrinks' and in three months with you I have moved farther than all those years put together." And this was something my clients told me this spontaneously, not prompted by me.

So, my coaching works. Really, really well! Why? At the risk of sounding unprofessional: I am not sure. It's probably a combination of things, including experience, tools, perspective and personality, but my best bet is that it has something to do with truth. Seeing it and helping others see it.

Generally speaking the truth is my single most powerful tool. Every problem or challenge I have ever encountered has ended up dwindling to almost nothing once the truth, the actual, absolute truth is revealed and understood. Once the problems people face are reduced to almost nothing, it is usually easy for people to act in whatever way they need to.

And the truth, well, that is nothing more than that-which-is. Reality; actual, absolute reality.

When you see that-which-is, you see the truth about your problem or challenge and you KNOW what to do (if anything). Also, as if by magic, you find that you have the energy to do it.

The truth and what you have to do is always, without fail, more simple and easy than you would have thought.

That being said; please be advised that I do not have all the answers. Far, far from it!

I Don't Know ...
- but I Would Love to Find Out!

You probably have problems and challenges that I have never dreamed of and that I absolutely have no idea how to solve or treat. I love that!
I love diving into things with my clients, uncovering the truth and finding the specific, personal answers that are perfect for them.

Because, you see, not only do I not have all the answers in general, I most specifically do not have the answers for YOU. But I love the process of uncovering those answers. This is probably the one thing that I love second most of all about giving life coaching online.

Say not, 'I have found the truth,' but rather, 'I have found a truth.'
Kahlil Gibran

What I love most of all? When I literally see people blossoming from the work we do together.

To me there is nothing more satisfying than that. The funny thing is; it's not my doing. I am just the catalyst. What is revealed has nothing to do with me, no, what is really revealed is the absolute awesomeness of the person blossoming. That might be you.

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This Personal Development Coach's Credentials and Tools

I have been working as a coach and guide in consciousness for many years now, and have grown very experienced.

Certified Life and Executive Coach - and Much More. Apart from my coaching education which includes an ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program) approved by ICF (International Coach Federation) both as a certified executive coach and as a certified life coach, I also use tools from psychotherapy; from transpersonal psychology; from diverse spiritual teachers; and tools that I have developed (the hard way) myself.

Tons of Tools and Extensive Experience. In fact, I use whatever tools I think may be beneficial in the situation, and I have an awful lot of tools to choose from. I have experience and an overview that makes it possible to mix them freely to help my clients as efficiently and gently as possible.

Also, I teach you some of these tools so you can use them yourself. Quite simply, my goal is to make myself redundant as fast as possible!

How often does someone you hire actually work like that? Well, I do, because working like that gives me far more pleasure and satisfaction than working any other way. When you thrive, I thrive.

I also have a powerful intuition, and I trust it implicitly, because it has never failed me. That in itself is a powerful tool.

Eye to Eye Coaching - We Become Friends. Furthermore, as opposed to what is taught in a typical coach education, I use myself in my coaching. I have an opinion, which I am not afraid to share, and I do use examples and experiences from my own life.

I work eye-to-eye with my client, and my clients are my equals, and yes, my friends. Maybe not friends forever, but certainly for as long as we are working together. This is how I like it - and my clients tell me that they like it, too.

And finally perhaps the most important thing of all:

An Empowering Life Perspective. I work from an experience based perspective of wholeness. In the end it is probably this perspective (on us humans and life in general) which makes all the difference. It makes me see connections and truths that preciously few people see (you may have noticed that on this website), and I help my clients to see them, too.

(To read even more about who I am, you might check out the page About the Personal Development Guy (opens in a new window).

Your Self Actualization / Self Realization: Unleash Your True Potential. As a personal development coach, I will use all this and do my best to help you unleash your true potential, truly live your life and enjoy every day to the fullest.

Although it may sound cliché, why be simply surviving when you could be thriving?

Life Coaching Types and Prices:
Email Coaching (ecoaching) vs. Phone / Skype Coaching

I offer both coaching via e-mail (e-coaching) and 'live' coaching 1-on-1 via telephone / Skype / Gmail Video Chat. These are two pretty different 'beasts', though. Here are a few good points to help you choose between them.

If you hate reflecting and / or writing; or, if you want your answers NOW, then coaching via e-mail is probably NOT for you, and you should pay the extra cost of going for 'live' 1-on-1 phone/Skype coaching. On the other hand, here are ...

7 Benefits of Coaching via E-mail (E-coaching)

- No pressure and no appointments! Work when you like, at your own pace
- You save money because compared to 1-on-1 coaching e-coaching is cheaper
- You will questions and exercises from me - great tools for reflection
- You will get in-depth answers to all your questions - about ANYTHING
- Writing promotes thinking things through - and you have lots of time
- You can print the correspondence or copy it to your Smartphone/PDA
- You can go through the correspondence later, even years from now

Life Coaching Online
with the Personal Development Guy:
Types of Coaching and Priches

I work a bit differently from most other coaches and counselors.

I usually work in-depth; more so than your average coach or counselor.
Which means that I can tackle even very challenging and complex challenges - and the answers and solutions we find together are usually long term solutions. This is no quick-fix, and it takes a bit of time to do, both in each email or 'live' session and over time. According to my clients it is still many times faster than other methods they have tried.

I am very good at what I do, so although I have reasonable rates I don't work all that cheaply. You get what you pay for.

If you are ever dissatisfied with an email or a 'live' session, just tell me in your next return email or during the 'live' session and I will return the money for that session to you. So far, this has never happened.

There is no time restraint on the 'live' sessions! For the 'live' life coaching online sessions (via telephone / Skype / Gmail Video Chat) a 'live' session takes the time it takes. Sometimes that's just one hour; sometimes it is one and a half; sometimes it is two hours. But I only have one price. So no matter how much time we spend together, the price remains the price. This allows both you and me to relax and do the work we need to do to help you.

Here are the rates I am currently charging for life coaching online:

Life Coaching Online via Email (E-coaching / Ecoaching)

- 1 hour of e-coaching: $97
(this equals approx. 67 Euro or 60 British Pound Sterling)
(I can NOT tell you exactly how many emails I can read and write in 1 hour. That totally depends on the challenge and the length and level of complexity of the emails. I do type pretty fast, though. But in the end you're just going to have to trust me on the issue of time spent. My promise to you is that you will always get more than your money's worth).

Buy email coaching (e-coaching) here:

With PayPal you pay on an encrypted and secure page.

Note 1: If you sign up for my free newsletter / ezine you will get access to rebates you cannot get any other way.

Note 2: If you pay for several hours of e-coaching at once and we solve your issues quickly, you'll be refunded whatever you haven't used, of course. 

'Live' Life Coaching Online 1-on-1 
via Telephone, Skype or Gmail Video Chat

- 1 'live' session (no matter how long!): $147
(this equals approx. 103 Euro or 91 British Pound Sterling)
(As noted above I work in-depth and get long term results, which is why there is no time restraint on the 'live' sessions - 1.5 or 2 hour sessions are not unusual (at 2 hours the rate is actually $73,5 per hour).

Buy 'live' sessions via telephone, Skype or Gmail Video Chat here:

With PayPal you pay on an encrypted and secure page.

Note 1: If you sign up for my free newsletter / ezine you will get access to rebates you cannot get any other way.

Note 2: If you pay for several sessions at once and we solve your issues quickly, you'll be refunded whatever you haven't used, of course. 

Quantity Discount

If you want to buy many hours of e-coaching or many 'live' life coaching online sessions at once I'll give you a discount, but I only do this on an individual basis. So let's write or talk about that. If you have paid for many sessions at once and we solve your issues quickly, you'll be refunded whatever you haven't used, of course.

'Live' Life Coaching Online: A Note on Time Zones

Since I work globally, you and I may very well live in different time zones. I, for instance, live in Denmark, Northern Europe, which is GMT/UTC +1. The time difference to where ever you are is not a problem at all. I work with people all over the world, so I am used to working with the different time zones, and it is always possible to find a point in time to connect which suits both parties. We will work it out.

Ultra Short Sessions in Life Coaching Online?

A few of my clients prefer short, 'hard', to-the-point sessions - or they simply wish to run something by me because there's something they need to understand, or decide, or they just want to ask me one or two questions. This may take just 15 to 30 minutes of live coaching or as little one or two emails. These clients are the minority, but if that turns out to be you, we will work out a special arrangement for you.

A Note about Our FIRST 1-on-1 Session Together in 'Live' Life Coaching Online

For 1-on-1 coaching by telephone, Skype or Gmail Video Chat our very first session together will usually be longish, because I like to get to know you, really know you, so I can help you more efficiently. This means you should probably set aside at least 2 hours, preferably even a bit more. YOU ONLY PAY FOR ONE HOUR, though. That's my introductory offer to you.

From Payment to Life Coaching

You pay in advance, by PayPal or credit card.

When you book, you provide a means for me to contact you (email is the automatic default, but you can add Skype, Gmail Video Chat and telephone, too, one of which you will need for 'live' 1-on-1 coaching).

As soon as I receive your payment (note: sometimes the system - or I - need a few of days for this), I contact you so we can arrange the details of our work together. Meanwhile, for bigger messages (or just to connect), you are welcome to use the Contact Me form on this website as well, if you want.

Discount for Ezine / Newsletter Readers!

Also, and this is quite important:

You can
sign up for my free newsletter / ezine and get advantages NOBODY else gets, which occasionally includes getting a great discount on the rates for life coaching online, both e-coaching and 'live' sessions. (To sign up, simply fill out the sign up box on the left side, below the navigation bar - or the one towards the bottom of this page).


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