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(A SHARED self improvement blog with reviews of self help websites - by Soren Lauritzen).

Page Concept
This page is a kind of self improvement blog, only it's SHARED. I'll share some great resources in the form of websites, blogs, etc. that I know of, in the fields of personal development, self improvement, self help, empowerment, motivation, inspiration and spirituality. Furthermore ...

... YOU can participate and share as well!
Tell us or warn us
about that terrible self help website, or self improvement blog
or those great self help blogs or self improvement websites!

So, for example ...

- If you've visited a great self improvement website - Tell us about it!
- If you visited a lousy spirituality website - Warn us about it!
- If you own an amazing self help website or blog - Let us all know!

Again, the websites and blogs to share here are those in the areas of:

... personal development + self improvement + self help + spirituality + mental health + empowerment + transformation + motivation and inspiration!

(So, to be very specific that means both: self help websites, spirituality websites, personal development websites, mental health websites, self improvement websites, motivational websites, inspirational websites, etc. and any kind of self help blog, spiritual blog, mental health blog, motivational blog, inspiration blog, personal development blog, transformation blog or self improvement blog.

And it includes your own website, provided it delivers value to my readers. Obviously, no commercial spamming will be allowed).

Where to Submit What
While this page is dedicated to sharing knowledge of self help websites, spirituality websites, etc., there are other pages on which are dedicated to sharing other self improvement resources. You can see them all on the page SHARED Self Improvement and Motivation Blogs at the paragraph 'Where to Submit (or Read) What'.

If you want to share something, but you're unsure where to share it - don't worry. Just share it, and let me sort it out! :-)

The Two Main Criteria for Content on this Page

1) It's a recommendation, warning or review of one or more self help websites

2) It's valid and useful to the readers of this page - something which I decide. (Please refer to 'Legalities' below).

Let's Get Started!
To get us started, I'm going to make a few inputs (write about some self help websites) right from the start. That way you'll get not only some info on self help websites, but also some idea about what's expected, if you'd like to honor us with your opinions, recommendations, warnings and reviews of self help websites.

Please note that while I'll usually use a quite a lot of words when describing a website, YOU absolutely DON'T have to do the same. You can be as brief and straight-to-the-point as it suits you to be.

If you by now you just want to jump directly to where you can share your opinions, recommendations, etc. about self help websites, go ahead.

Otherwise, I'll get us started with a few comments on self help websites ...

Self Help Websites

(A SHARED self improvement blog with reviews of self help websites - by Soren Lauritzen).

Steve Pavlina's Extraordinary Self Improvement Blog


Steve Pavlina is a blogger in the area of personal development, and a world famous one at that.

Conclusion First:
Steve Pavlina is good - very good - at what he does. His website (a self improvement blog) reflects this. There are a LOT of (long!) articles and they are generally of very high quality.

Primary drawbacks: Though of exceptional quality and clarity, his articles are very long winded; and since the content is sorted by date-of-production, it's not easy to find anything specific.

Steve Pavlina Is His Own Guinea Pig
One of Steve Pavlina's most distinguishing features is that when he becomes interested in something he launches himself at it with reckless abandon - he is his own human guinea pig.

He generously shares (almost) every aspect of his own life. And people, of course, love that. Not many self help websites offer this - particularly not to the extent that Steve Pavlina does.

Writing With His Mind
Steve Pavlina's writing style is very clear and often quite funny - and so is his thinking. Judging from what he writes there is no denying that Steve Pavlina has a powerful intellect, and he strives to make full use of it. This gets him far. He is capable of some fascinating feats, based on that intellect.

Steve Pavlina will venture into the so called 'paranormal' at times, but one thing that conspicuously absent is what I would call spirituality - that is: a clear sense of unity, wholeness, oneness or whatever you want to call it.

For me that's what got me started on building this website in the first place: The knowing, based on personal experience and 'beingness', that everything is connected - that you, I and every else is a unified whole.

That's where I started, and only then did I try to make some sense of it in relation to our 'consensus reality', i.e. to relate it to psychology, coaching, spirituality, etc. and build my own personal empowerment theory - plus this website.

Even though Steve Pavlina regularly talks about intuition it is clear that most of the time he uses his brain in his communication. His website is not the creation of a 'spiritually enlightened' person - nor does it claim to be. It is the creation of an extremely clear, inquisitive and powerful mind.

For Smart People?
Steve Pavlina's slogan is 'Personal Development for Smart People' and he states that this covers just about everyone on the planet, because 'Who doesn't think of themselves as smart?'

Well, personally I know a quite few people who emphatically do not think of themselves as smart, most notably those who have low self esteem, but some other folks, too, who simply have a good sense of observation and have observed that 'smartness' isn't their forte. They don't have a problem with that.

Whether or not these people are likely to visit Steve Pavlina's website is another matter.

The people I know who have low self esteem might benefit from visiting regularly, though, because he is actually very dedicated to empowering people in his writings. Nice!

A Man of Many Words
Just like yours truly (Soren, the Personal Development Guy) Steve Pavlina is not a man of few words. In fact he's usually a man of many, many words. His articles are usually longer than just about anything else out there (including the articles on this website).

This is a bold move on his part, as conventional 'wisdom' has it that blog posts should be 'short and sweet'.

Well, Steve Pavlina's blog posts often has the wonderful propriety of 'long and sweet' - though at times it can be too much, even for such an avid reader as myself. But hey, then I'm free to just skim the text aren't I?

So in my opinion 'too long' is better than 'too short' when it comes to articles on self help websites.

A Closer Look at the Website
Most of what you find on is one hundred percent free. The website has sections which include, for example:

- his most famous 'product', a weblog where he writes about anything and everything. The newest entries are always presented first.

- stuff that Steve Pavlina recommends. This includes SBI - Site Build It!, by the way, the system on which this website is built.

- in 2009 Steve Pavlina started giving workshops in Las Vegas, USA.

- 23 podcasts (audio files that you can listen to on your computer)

- an extremely comprehensive listing of all blog posts, sorted by date, and the first post is dated October 1st, 2004 ... and the latest, well, that's probably sometime this week. All in all that's a LOT of reading material, and it's the backbone of the website. Actually, it's not all reading material. A slowly increasing number of the posts are now video posts that you can watch on your computer.

- which is where people (visitors) can have (and I quote:) "lively, intelligent discussion of all personal growth issues -- physical, mental, financial, social, emotional, spiritual, and more."

- a link to Steve's ex-wife Erin Pavlina's website, which she has labelled 'Spiritual Wisdom for Conscious People'.

At you can also sign up for a free Newsletter that contains material not found on the website - which is also true of the book 'Personal Development for Smart People - the Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth' - Pavlina's first book which focuses on what he calls 'the 7 universal growth principles'.

Navigation on This Self Improvement Blog is Easy ...
Finding Something Specific Is Much Harder

The trouble with the way material is organized on a blog (i.e. by date) is that it becomes extremely hard to find information in any specific area that interests you - say, love tips, letting go or relationship problem advice.

On a website like the one you're reading now, there is a menu in the top left of each page where you can press a button which sounds like the subject might be what you're looking for.

On a blog (Steve Pavlina uses WordPress), you'll either have to use a 'search this website' button; or manually scroll through many, many posts and see if you can guess the content of the post from the headline; or, if you're lucky, and you've already found what you're looking for, then there'll be some relevant links at the end of the blog post you've just finished reading.

But hey, all the GREAT content - and his honest and lucid writing style - more than make up for the lack of easy navigation on

Three Selected Articles
In case this review has made you interested, these are a couple of MY favorite articles on

Steve Pavlina: 10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job

Steve Pavlina: You vs. the Cubicle

Steve Pavlina: Ask Steve - Rapid Fire Questions

That's it on this 'episode' of Visiting Self Help Websites. Happy personal development surfing!

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Self Help Websites

(A SHARED self improvement blog with reviews of self help websites - by Soren Lauritzen).

A Spiritual Master Whose Self Help Website ... well, Pretty Much Sucks


Conclusion First:
Let me make this clear from the beginning: I like Eckhart Tolle and his teachings. He is one of the great modern spiritual teachers alive today.

However ... I don't really like the newest (year: 2010) incarnation of his website, It has become one of those self help websites that are just a little too fancy - and much too commercial - for their own good.

That's why I'll concentrate on form rather than content at first. (Usually I don't care much about form, but in this case I'll make an exception because the form really gets in the way of the message).

Form: Out There With the Not-So-Great Self Help Websites
When you enter, you're greeted by some slightly mind numbing flashes of 'commercials' showcasing the work of Eckhart Tolle and his girlfriend, Kim Eng, a teacher of T'ai-Chi, Yoga and Qi-gong.

Those 'commercials' are flashing by so fast you hardly have time to read them ... and if you try, it'll probably stress you out - pretty much the opposite of what the teachings of Eckhart Tolle are all about. (You can stop them from flashing by, though, by pointing your mouse/cursor at them without clicking, but the website doesn't tell you that).

Once you get past those flashing 'commercials' the website does look kind of nice in a distinct 'I do web business' kind of way. But ...

... first off, that's not really the right signal for the message!

... secondly, some of those 'smart' things don't really work - some parts are awfully slow, even on a pretty fast Internet connection which sets the stage for more stress, and some parts don't work at all.

The last bit is true, for instance, of the part of the website that's supposed to tell you about Tolle's books and let you read parts of them.

Instead of doing what it's supposed to (i.e. look inside a book), it returns the cryptic error of 'no-book' - which is kind of funny, considering that some spiritual teachers will tell you that in reality 'there is no book'. (Just like the famous sentence from the movie 'The Matrix' where a kid who, by the power of his mind is doing strange things to a spoon, says: 'There IS no spoon.')

Enough about the form. That may very well change in the future - and I sure hope it does.

Now, for the content. I'll split that in two: content of the message and content of the website.

Content of Message: Up There With Very Best Self Help Websites
Eckhart Tolle's teachings are actually very simple. All his work derives from his state of being, his 'beingness', which is without a doubt some form of spiritual enlightenment, and more often than not so called spiritually enlightened people have simple, yet powerful messages.

In short Eckhart Tolle teaches presence in the now, awareness, what you might call 'be here now'. Stop thinking, stop resisting what is: just be present right here, right now.

In his teachings he accurately describes the condition of being identified with the ego as 'being mad'; and, just as accurately, he describes being totally present in the now as 'being sane'.

So, he says, just choose to move from ego to presence; from madness to sanity.

You can choose this at any time, no matter who you are and no matter what your situation is.

It doesn't get much more simple than that.

Also, since it's based in what I call absolute reality [LINK] (i.e. absolute truth) it doesn't get much more powerful than that.

Content of Message: Eckhart Tolle's Books and More
Eckhart Tolle's first book is appropriately named 'The Power of Now' and it's focused on helping the reader understand the difference between the ego, and presence/awareness.

In this book he also coined the phrase 'the pain body' which is an interesting concept of how internal pain breeds both more internal pain and external pain.

Eckhart Tolle has since written other books, most notably 'A New Earth', where he looks at the bigger picture - the state of the world today, as created by the ego - and what the alternatives might be.

Also, many self help audios and self help DVD / videos have been produced and are commercially available at his website - plus on and many other places.

(Experiencing Eckhart Tolle live - or on DVD, or on audio CD - is a curious experience because he chuckles a lot ... he is obviously continually amused at all the ego-madness that surrounds him).

Content of the Website: In There With the Mediocre Self Help Websites
The primary website navigation consists of these buttons: About, Books, Store, Downloads, Eckhart Tolle TV, Groups and Events. Every single one of these buttons will lead you to a place where you can buy something.

Make no mistake: I totally accept and condone that people earn money on what they do. I, too, plan to sell things like ebooks and mini books on this very website. It's just that nearly EVERYTHING on is so totally commercially focussed.

In other words: is extremely focused on selling you something. The amount of free information is rather limited.

The primary source of non-commercial information on the website is 'Eckhart Tolle TV' - a collection of short video-clips featuring Eckhart Tolle answering questions from people. But in the end that too, is a way of trying to sell you something, in this case a subscription to

Personally I find this incessant 'Buy this, buy that' attitude very, very tiring. It's definitely NOT good for serious self help websites.

If Eckhart Tolle had created this website himself I would begin to consider if he was a fraud who was really just interested in my money.

Having attended some meetings with Eckhart Tolle himself I am sure that he is no fraud. He IS one of the great teachers of our time - he (or his manager) has merely picked a VERY commercial partner to do his website for him. In my opinion this is a mistake. But hey, that's just my opinion.

Ready to Share? Last Hints for You
Before you share your recommendations, warnings or reviews of your favorite self help websites perhaps you'd like a hint about what to write about, which headlines, etc. you might use (if you want). Here's a suggestion:

1) Firstly (important), in the headline, use KEY words that describe what you most of all want to say. Example: 'An Amusing Self Improvement Website where Soren Lauritzen is Being a Smartass'.

2) Secondly (important), present the website URL (Internet address) right away. Example: 'Website:

3) Thirdly (optional), if you like, you can start your recommendation/warning/review with one (just one) sentence which introduces the website or the person behind the website. Example: 'The Smartass website is where Soren Lauritzen has fun with his chosen subjects of personal development, spirituality, empowerment, motivation and self help.'

4) Last, but not least (important), give us your conclusion FIRST. Briefly. A couple of sentences, tops. People tend to speed read things here on the Internet. Also, depending on how much you wrote as an introduction, this is the last bit that people will be able to see on this page (the one you're reading now) - the rest will be presented on its own page (as is customary in most blogs). Example: 'Conclusion First: is a young website - not too much content there yet. But the content does amuse - while maintaining a nice level of usefulness.'

Other than that, just remember to break your text up into readable chunks with their own headlines. The help (click the question marks) in the form tells you how to make text bold if you want. Have fun! :-)

Share Your Recommendations, Warnings & Reviews of Self Help Websites with the World!

Do you know one or more great self help websites or blog(s)? Please share your opinions, recommendations, warnings and reviews with the world! (Note: 'self help websites' also includes websites and blogs that focus on self improvement, personal development, motivation, inspiration, transformation, mental health, empowerment and spirituality).

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I'd love to receive your recommendations, warnings and reviews of great self help websites! :-)

Just please note these things:

• Mind other people's copyright - submit only original material (unless you are specifically quoting, of course). Checking copyright is your responsibility.

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