Quiz for Self Esteem: Do You have Self Esteem Issues?

• Here's a quiz for self esteem with 10 simple questions
• All you have to do is answer 'yes' or 'no'
• And - as a bonus - there are lots of self esteem tips, too!

The Ten Question Self Esteem Quiz

Most people who have low self esteem actually have no idea that their self esteem is suffering. Why?

Because they've lived their lives with insecurities for so long, their insecurities have become a part of their 'emotional DNA'. They've gotten real used to it. So used to it, in fact, that it feels normal.

And let's face it, when you've done something for such a long time, it is difficult to change your thoughts, feelings and habits.

Well, am I talking about you, here?

If you are not sure if you have low self esteem, taking this quiz for self esteem will help you to identify your low self esteem.

Also, to help you find ways to improve your self esteem and your overall quality of life, I've included some inspirational comments / build up self esteem tips.

With this quiz for self esteem, all you have to do is answer the questions either 'yes' or 'no', count how many times you answered 'yes', and at the bottom you can see how you scored.

Okay, here we go ...


Quiz for Self Esteem Question no. 1:

Are you constantly worried what others think about you?

Enjoying every aspect of life to the fullest is one of the coolest things you can do.

However, it is difficult to enjoy your life when you're constantly allowing what you think others think about you to dictate your actions.

Deep down everyone wants to be accepted, but you can't be so worried about acceptance that you miss out on your life. So many people do this. Don't be one of them.

(Also, please note the expression 'what you think others think about you' - because, you see, you can't really KNOW what they think. Even if you ask them (and most people don't dare do that), you can't be sure you're getting an honest answer. So, anything you-think-that-they-think is imagination on your part!)

Quiz for Self Esteem Question no. 2:

Do you find yourself trying to please everyone?

This goes beyond mere people pleasing, and it is rooted in a general fear that people will stop being your friend if you don't do exactly what they want you to do.

Well, guess what? If the people in your life are trying to control your actions, they are not really friends, and it's time to find some actual friends who want you to have a mind of your own!

Quiz for Self Esteem Question no. 3:

Are you hard on yourself when you make a mistake?

While no one wants to feel that they're barely making it through life, you want to cut yourself some slack when you make mistakes.

In actual fact, you NEED to make mistakes, because that's one of the primary ways you learn. So, the more mistakes you make the better!

Once you realize that mistakes are a natural and desirable part of life, you will be able to take more risks and really enjoy your life.

Quiz for Self Esteem Question no. 4:

Do you go through life feeling afraid?

F-E-A-R: False-Evidence-Appearing-Real. 99 percent of what you fear isn't real - not right here and now. So, what's the point in worrying about something that hasn't come to pass - and probably never will?

Fear is a lousy master. It'll keep you stuck in a rut right up until the moment you let go of your fear. Perhaps by using a method like the Let Go Method [LINK], perhaps by facing your fear.

Some people like to say that life is all about taking chances; however, sometimes people mistake this for thinking that they aren't really living unless they do some 'crazy' thing like going crocodile wrestling, free climbing and skydiving every weekend.

Taking huge risks is all fine and well, sometimes. It doesn't mean that you are really living in your everyday life, though. Actually, it might point to just the opposite; that you're trying to make up for an unsatisfying everyday life by taking risks.

The point here is that risks are just one aspect of life, and the other, more important part is being able to (daring to!) live your everyday life just the way you want to live it.

So, instead of feeling afraid at every turn, let go and realize that your life will be more fun if you simply let go of your fear of living.

Quiz for Self Esteem Question no. 5:

Do you generally feel more dissatisfied than satisfied with yourself?

This question refers to any given, regular day in your life. It also refers to the voice of your ego - that blabbering inner voice which is constantly commenting on your thoughts, emotions, ideas and actions. So, the follow up question is this:

Are you experiencing more negative self talk than positive self talk? If so, that's an indicator of low self esteem, and you will probably benefit from a thing like saying positive affirmations to yourself (both silently and out loud).

An example of such an affirmation is this: "I now feel a little bit more worthy and capable than I did a moment ago. And every day I feel a bit more worthy and capable than the day before."

Quiz for Self Esteem Question no. 6:

Do you put yourself down hoping that people will build you up?

If you are feeling low, then it is natural to want someone to build your confidence. It feels so nice, doesn't it? Only, it doesn't help ... not REALLY. So, you want more. And more. And still it's never enough.

When you put yourself down just so you can hear someone say that you're wrong, you've lost control of your emotional life.

You have to take back that control. Step one is noticing your urges to crave acceptance and stop them! Stop putting yourself down. Period.

Step two is exchanging your need for someone else to build you up with you building yourself up.

In other words, stop putting yourself down and start telling yourself how great you really are. Even if you don't quite believe it at first.

You already know what you crave from others. Now, start giving yourself that!

Quiz for Self Esteem Question no. 7:

Do you feel that you have nothing to be proud of?

Do you tend to put your own accomplishments down - no matter how small or big they are? This is typical for people with low self esteem.

If you tend to do this, perhaps it's time for a change. Here's a suggestion: Redefine the meaning of success, and celebrate a lot!

Think about what success means to you. What does it take for you to be successful at something? A lot, probably! It doesn't have to be like that.

One guy I know changed his entire life when he redefined his idea of success like this:

'From now on success is when I finish something - big or small it doesn't matter. And whenever I finish something I celebrate. I cheer myself on, give myself a pat on the shoulder, or I jump up and down and yell YAHOO, or I treat myself to something nice.'

This guy is now a very successful self employed entrepreneur. (And it doesn't much matter how you measure his success - he's that successful!)

Quiz for Self Esteem Question no. 8:

Would you rather blend into your surroundings instead of standing out?

If you are afraid to really step out and be noticed, then you probably have self esteem issues.

While there's no point in being an attention hog and making it your primary goal to be noticed by others, there's also no point in being so unmemorable that people don't even realize you are there!

Try and find the balance between being too outgoing and being a wallflower. Your feelings, thoughts, ideas and opinions DO matter! Assert yourself in a good way.

Where ever you are ... BE there fully. Live! You'll feel ever so much better for doing so, too.

Quiz for Self Esteem Question no. 9:

Do you feel that you can't do things as well as most other people - in fact ... do you often feel almost useless?

Just know this: NOBODY is useless! Neither are you. Everybody is better than good at one thing: Being themselves. That includes you.

You, precisely the way you are, have a lot to offer the world. You may not feel that this is true, but it is. Everybody can enrich the world just by being themselves and doing the things they love.

Remember that bit - the bit about love. You can love ... both other people, yourself and whatever you spend your time doing. And nothing is more worthwhile than that!

So, get going on adding to the love in the world. It's easy: Just follow your heart. Feel love, show love and do whatever gives you true pleasure (more often than not, that's something where you are of service to others).

Quiz for Self Esteem Question no. 10:

Do you feel like no one cares about you?

Feelings of little or no self worth are common with those who have low self esteem. Try this: Starting right now, you are not allowed to go through life thinking that no one cares about you.

Unless you're the last living member of your family and race and you're living all alone on an isolated island somewhere in the Arctic, you have several people in your life who like you - or even love you - and want to see you succeed.

And if you don't have those types of people in your life, then it is time to find some new friends!

While you shouldn't depend on friends to make you feel important, everyone deserves to have a strong support system of people who truly care. You, too. So get out there and start making friends.

Quiz for Self Esteem - Your Score!

Now that you've taken the quiz for self esteem, it is time to see how you scored.

Quiz for Self Esteem: You Answered 'Yes' 0 Times

If you answered 'no' to all the 10 questions, your self esteem is probably very good. NOT many people answer no to all 10 questions, though. If you did, maybe you weren't being entirely honest? You might want to re-check the questions. If you were being totally honest and still answered no to all of them, congratulations! :-)

Quiz for Self Esteem: You Answered 'Yes' 1-3 Times
If you answered 'yes' to between 1 and 3 of these questions, your self esteem is 'normal'. I've never heard of anyone having perfect self esteem. It's completely normal to have a few self esteem hiccups every now and then. I, myself, do too. That's one of the reasons I keep doing personal development and self improvement.

Quiz for Self Esteem: You Answered 'Yes' 4-6 Times

If you answered yes to between 4 and 6 of these questions, your self esteem could use some work. While it is fine to be humble, there is a difference between being humble and having low self esteem.

In all likelihood you're much too concerned about what other people think, feel and say about you.

Let it go! Don't try to be something or someone you're not, just be yourself. Individuality is what makes the world so spectacular, so show yours off a bit more. :-)

On the plus side, self improvement, self help and personal development have a quite a bit to offer you; take advantage of that. It can be quite an adventure!

Quiz for Self Esteem: You Answered 'Yes' 7-10 Times
If you answered 'yes' to between 7 and 10 of the questions, your low self esteem has reached critical levels. That means that it's a good thing you took this quiz for self esteem because now you can work on improving how you view yourself!

Chances are you are constantly worried what people think about you, and to make matters worse, you feel afraid to take risks because you feel that failure is even more of a reason for people to judge you. Also, your self talk is likely negative, reflecting that you view yourself in a very negative light.

The best thing you can do is cleanse all of the negative things out of your life - one by one.

Start by simply paying attention to what goes on inside you - your thought, feelings and beliefs. At first, just notice what's going on. Don't scold yourself, just be attentive.

Then, practice acceptance. Accept your negative self talk, your negative feelings, thoughts and ideas / beliefs. They're okay. Let them be. For you to move on, acceptance of the current situation is crucial.

That goes for your outward actions, too. The things you say and do; your habits and possible addictions. They're okay, too. Just notice them. Then start accepting them.

When you've learned to accept the things you don't like about yourself and your life - even a tiny bit - you're ready to move on using personal development, spirituality, self improvement and other forms of self help.

Perhaps you'll also want to use the help of a professional coach or therapist.

Finally, Please Remember ...

You don't have to be perfect. Nobody is. And with a little practice you can develop a healthier outlook and take back your life.

And remember: Taking baby steps in the right direction will get you there, too.

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