Perception Is Reality: Creating Your Own Relative Reality (Personal Reality)

• What does 'Perception is reality' mean?

• It means you're creating your own reality ...
• ...manifesting your own personal reality!

• Well, this self improvement article is 'total reality revealed'.

• Find out which of three realities you prefer to live in!

Understanding the Expression 'Perception Is Reality' 

'Perception is reality!' What does this expression mean?
Plainly put it means that the world will appear to you in the way that you expect it to.

Or, to put it differently: What you see in the world around you is not the world as it is ... it is the world as you believe it is.

Or, to put it even more briefly and succinctly:

You don't see the world as it is, you see it as you are!

This is most likely true for you - just as it is true for pretty much everyone else. Very few people see that-which-is (absolute reality), they just see their own beliefs and prejudices - they see themselves!

This is what 'perception is reality' means.

Example no. 1 of 'Perception Is Reality'

When someone tells you something nasty, perhaps that you are an ignorant and stupid person, well, then they aren't really talking about you, they are talking about themselves. Their perception is reality is twisted.

Perhaps they are angry with themselves for allowing something (which may or may not involve you) to happen.

Or perhaps they perceive that you have displayed some trait or tendency which they are afraid of in themselves (like not knowing something, perhaps not even caring if you know that thing or not).

So, because they are angry at themselves or scared of something inside themselves, they judge you (unjustly or justly), and lash out at you.

Whether you are really ignorant and stupid doesn't matter, because the fact that the other person is lashing out has very little to do with you, anyway. But the other person cannot (or does not want to) see whatever it is inside themselves, so they decide to see it in - and blame it on - you.

And since few people understand this phenomenon they probably do believe whatever it is they are claiming.

Ergo: Perception is reality.

Example no. 2 of 'Perception Is Reality'

The same is true the other way around. Odds are that you do the exact same thing.

No matter how you judge other people what you are REALLY judging is yourself.

Do you feel that other people are negligent, lazy bastards? Well, then you are probably scared of your own tendency to be negligent and lazy. But you perceive that OTHER people have these traits and tendencies. Perception is reality.

What is the implication of this? Well, most importantly it means that you are creating your own reality - you are manifesting your own personal reality.

Perception Is Reality Means that YOU Are Manifesting Your Own Reality ...

... and how great is that?

Well, it MIGHT be pretty great, but for most people most of the time, it really isn't. The reason for that is the fact that the reality you are manifesting leaves something to be desired. Quite a few things, actually.

Do you recognize thoughts, feelings and beliefs like the following?

'There is something wrong with me; I am not good enough; not whole; and both I and my entire life is unimportant. There's also something wrong with most other people. And last, but not least there must be something wrong with life itself!'

Most people have thoughts like these - either some of the time or most of the time. And since thoughts like those are nowhere near the absolute truth, that's just plain crazy. Which raises the question: If perception is reality, which KIND of reality is it?

Perception Is Reality - But What Is Reality?

There are countless ways to look at reality, but here's the way I look at it. Human experience usually takes place in one of three basic kinds of reality:

• Relative, personal reality - the specific world view you hold as an individual; this reality/world view tends to feel kind of scary and lonely.

• Consensus reality - which is simply an aggregation of the most common relative, personal world views in your society or culture. In other words, consensus reality is a larger, shared RELATIVE reality of a specific group, society or culture. As a rule it is still fear based, though. Very much like your own personal reality, only bigger.

• Absolute reality - which is that-which-actually-is; it encompasses and transcends all contradictions and all personal, relative realities; this reality/world view tends to feel pretty wonderful (love, wholeness, freedom, a sense of wonder, happiness and inner peace). No fear here!

In any given moment of your waking hours you get to choose which one of these three realities you want to experience. Using your free will is possible to switch between perceiving + experiencing your own, relative reality / consensus reality and perceiving + experiencing absolute reality.

This choice is one of the most basic and important things you can use your free will for. Let's look into why you may want to learn this.

Choosing Your Reality

As mentioned you can experience all three of the basic kinds of reality. Any time you choose ... at the drop of a hat. Because, hey, perception is reality, and you control the way you perceive.

All right then, since absolute reality is so much nicer to experience than either personal, relative reality or consensus reality, how do you go about changing your perspective?


To perceive and experience absolute reality you STOP choosing to perceive and experience both personal, relative reality or consensus reality! You simply relax and let go.

You can do this for just a moment; you can do it for an extended period of time; or you can do it pretty much permanently. (The latter choice would be the choice of a spiritually enlightened person - it would often take the form of the same choice over and over again until it 'sticks' by itself and the perspective of absolute reality becomes second nature).

You Already Know How to Choose Absolute Reality ...

... and in fact you surely have done so many times in your life - you just were not aware that that's what you were doing.

Remember a moment that was so intense that it absolutely took your breath away? A moment at work or in sports, maybe, when you were totally 'in the zone'; or in nature; or in meditation or on an inner journey; or experiencing an exquisite work of art; or in the embrace of a loved one (it could even be an orgasm)?

In that very moment there what were your thoughts? There weren't any. Well, what were your beliefs, then? There weren't any beliefs, either. Because as soon as you start thinking or believing again, the moment passes.

Okay, in that particular, breathless moment what were your negative, unpleasant feelings? No, there weren't any of those, either. Feelings were present, though, it was just that they were all pleasant ones: Silence, presence, spaciousness, joy, awe, wonder, love, happiness, freedom, inner peace, and so on.

That particular moment was a moment when you were experiencing absolute reality.

So you already know how to experience it. You just weren't aware of it.

So, what's your next step? Well, I would suggest reading this self improvement article: Absolute Reality Revealed (Non Duality): Just STOP Creating Your Own Reality. Though luck isn't really a factor in this particular case, I still wish you the best of luck with your exploration of absolute reality! :-)


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