Inspirational Words on Love

Everyone has a few inspiring words on love…even Winnie the Pooh! The author of the original Winnie the Pooh books, A. A. Milne, was believed to have penned some of the most memorable and inspiring words on love. It came from the book Pooh’s Little Instruction Book:

If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.

In the best of romantic relationships, you go from happy tears, to tears of pain, and back to happy tears. This cycle repeats itself over and over, until the relationship dies out one way or another. If you are lucky like Pooh and Piglet, you find the kind of love that lingers on until you are a hundred or more, and then you die before you have to experience the pain of being without that person you love to the depth of your soul.

It is interesting that the above quoted inspiring words from Pooh’s Little Instruction Book originated from a scene in a book between friends, not lovers. This shows that love is much more than sexual attraction. Love extends itself to a deeper friendship, and involves knowing another person on the most intimate level possible. This is what gives it the power to change your life, break your heart, and transform your entire future.

Whether you are in love right now, grieving from the end of a life-changing love, or desperately searching for someone to share love with…this page of inspiring words for lovers will meet you where you are, and help you pull through to the next phase of love in your life.

Yes, there is always a next phase! No matter what you have been through, love will find you again if you open your heart to being found. Inspiring words on love can help you open your heart.

Being Worthy of Love - Inspirational Words on Finding Your Lovable Self

We all have moments when we don't feel lovable. For some, those feelings permeate our lives and it can feel like we are destined to be alone forever. This is never the case! Love will find anyone who is open to it, and you never know when or where it will be found. Here is one of those inspiring stories that reflects the difficulty so many others have opening themselves up to love:

Carrie met the man of her dreams when she was twenty-one, walked down the aisle and accepted his hand in marriage when she was twenty-two, and gave birth to their first child just before she turned twenty-three. The love between her and her husband set in at first sight, and it grew stronger with every passing day.

Everyone who knew the couple talked about how strong their marriage was, and the fact that they would be together forever. What most did not know was that behind closed doors, Carrie’s relationship was falling apart. Carrie had trouble connecting with her husband and felt shy in the bedroom. The fact that he might run off with someone else or cheat on her was always in the back of her head, so she was always checking his voicemail messages and hacking into his Facebook and email accounts.

After three years of being accused of cheating and many screaming fights in front of their new daughter, her husband decided to pack up his bags and walk out the front door. It was a shock to everyone around them. The couple they all envied so much was splitting up with just as much bitterness as many of them had experienced in their own divorces.

In the future, Carrie was destined to meet other great men, but all of her relationships would end with similar stories. Her best friends would tell her that she was choosing the wrong men and that she just needed to find that one man who was put on this earth just for her. But it would keep happening, because the real problem was within her own mind.

After turning forty and spending many years on her own, Carrie would look herself in the mirror and ask a startling question: why am I not good enough? She would then clarify the question in a way that would bring her to tears: Why do I think I am not good enough?

There is a little Carrie in most of us. We don’t think we are good enough to be loved. There may be things in our past that seem to make us undesirable, or we may be ashamed of the choices we have made. The subconscious belief that you are not good enough to be loved is powerful. It can push others way, without the conscious mind realizing what is happening.

Carrie lived many lonely years before she figured this out, but you don’t have to do so. Look yourself in the mirror and ask why you don’t believe you are good enough for love. Then look yourself right in the eye and tell yourself that you are good enough, and if you forgive yourself others will forgive you as well. If you love yourself, someone else will love you as well.

 Love Lost - Inspirational Words for Those Grieving Love

Love lost can once again be found.
Love found can once again be lost.

Love is a penny dropped in a large lot.
Cars drive over the penny,
eroding copper,
dimming the shine that once lived
in the face of a worthless coin.

Until the right person comes along.
Unwashed hands, black under the nails,
hair sticky with oil, falling over his face,
blackened from too many hard hours
on the side of the road.

He picks up the unwanted penny with no shine.
His face lights up, toothless gums exposed in the night.
He tucks the penny carefully into his pocket,
walks on as a dark path turns to light.

Alone on the park bench at night,
he holds his penny.
When no food is to be found,
he stares at his penny, imagines it growing
into dollar bills, which grow into gourmet meals.

The penny gives him hope.
The penny reminds him he is never alone.
The penny tells him one day life will get better.
It is no longer just a penny
that has lost its shine, for he knows:

What is lost can once again be found.
What is found can once again be lost.

Inspiring Words to Remember
: When you find love, pick it up and carry it safely in your pocket. It might have lost its shine. It might not be what you expected. It might have been discarded in the parking lot of life and trampled on for far too long, but it is now yours. If it makes you happy, gives you hope, and brings contentment where you had none before, it is to be cherished. If it is not cherished, it can once again be lost.

 Fresh Love Newly Found - Inspirational Words for Lovers

Some say you cannot choose who you fall in love with, and history tells us this is true. In the 1900s, Prince Edward was slated to become King of England, but he was also slated to change history in a major way. Wallis Simpson was a married American woman who would never be considered a well-suited match to the Prince. Yet, the two fell madly in love, and in the end they sacrificed everything to be together.

Wallice gave up her marriage so she could freely see the Prince. Shortly after taking the crown, King Edward gave up the throne and took Wallice as his wife. This may seem crazy to most people, but in those times Wallice could not become the Queen because she was an American. The only way for them to be together was for Edward to trade the crown in for a wedding ring.

Many believe that every person was put on the earth in order to find one other person. We are all matched up before we are even born, which is why so many lovers say that they felt connected on a deep, spiritual level the very first time their eyes met.

If you have ever looked at a stranger but sensed they were no stranger, you may know what it is like to feel that deeply connected to someone you do not really know. The person you hold in your arms may very well have been put on this earth just to find you.

“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.”

~Judy Garland~

Love is not always a fairy tale. The deepest, most passionate loves often end in tragedy, without that expected happy ending. It might not be what others looking in would classify as romantic, but true love is fulfilling to those experiencing it. Here is one of those inspirational stories that illuminates how joyous love can be, even when the happy ending is destined to be missed:

I had kissed at least five other boys before I met Timothy. He was sitting on the back of the bus when I boarded, and our eyes locked as I walked the center aisle in search of an empty seat. Later we would spend hours naked between the sheets arguing over who made the first move, but on that Monday morning our lips upturned at the same time. The moment our eyes met, our souls responded with smiles.

Timothy was the boy who would disappoint my parents, but make me undeniably happy. I sat next to him that morning on the bus, and every time the bus went over a bump our knees knocked together. Each time our knees touched, a spark raced up my thigh. It was such a shock that it was almost painful.

Oh, the way my heart raced the entire time I was on that bus! Our knees would touch for just a fraction of a second, and that bolt of tingling electricity would race straight to my heart. Later, his lips would brush over mine and that same tingle would race down my arms, leaving a trace of goose bumps in its wake. On our wedding night, his hand would slip over my naked body and I would be completely overwhelmed with pleasure; so much pleasure I would cry.

When it was my turn to get off the bus that first morning we met, I was worried that my legs would be too weak to stand. It was as if I had just raced a marathon, and my body was ready to give out. Fortunately, he stood and followed me off the bus, so if I had fallen backward, he would have caught me.

I eagerly gave him my phone number after he confessed to getting off three stops too early just to ask for it. My hand was shaking so bad as I wrote the number on the back of his hand, that I was worried he would be unable to read it. Yet, five minutes after I returned from work that evening, the phone was ringing.

Flash forward fifteen years, and Timothy is my husband. He is now fighting cancer, and every day he inches one more step toward death. Sometimes my mother hints that I made the wrong decision, and that my life could have been so different had I chosen someone else. I allow her that opinion, but I know she is wrong.

I was put on this earth to love Timothy; to stand by his side, be the strong hand he can squeeze when it hurts. Even when he moves to a better world, he will live on inside my heart. He has lived with me, and at some point he will live through me.

Healthy Boundaries in Love - Inspirational Words on Safe Love

“In love the paradox occurs that two beings become one and yet remain two.”

~Erich Fromm~

It is so easy to identify yourself as a part of someone else; as half of a couple. Here is one of those poetic inspirational stories that describes the awakening when you realize you have lost yourself:

The first time he closed those dominating eyes to kiss me, I felt the weight of his body fall over mine. It was a short distance back to the bed, but as we fell something magical happened. Our skin melted together. His ribs held my ribs like interlaced fingers. Our hearts fused together, and began pulsating as one.

I could feel his heart beating, because it was then my heart. I could read his thoughts, because they were mingling with my own. His desire, lust, and passion became my passion, because it was originating from our fused soul. In our union, there was no beginning or ending point for his body. Touching him was just as natural as touching myself.

Then the morning came. I felt nothing but cold air around my body. My skin was raised with a chill, but he had stolen all of the covers. He was clearly not one with me, all cuddled on his side of the bed, skin soft with warmth.

I lifted my head from the pillow, listened to his snoring momentarily, and felt the void of being just me. I could no longer hear his thoughts. My ribs were lonely with nothing to hold. I was left with just myself, only I didn’t know for sure who I was without him.

“Love does not dominate; it cultivates.”

~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe~

The bruise on my thigh,
was born of love.

The cut on my cheek,
was born of drunken mischief.

The knot on the back of my head,
was born of good intentions.

The wound inside my heart,
was born from misguided passion.

The sign on my tombstone might read:
I never left, because he said he was sorry,
and that he loved me,
more than I could ever love myself.

Final Inspiring Words on Love

Lovers are like children scrambling up trees. Some take to climbing naturally and reach the very top branches with little trouble. Some of those natural climbers sit peacefully at the top forever, while others get a weak branch and fall back to the ground.

Other climbers take awhile to warm up to the height of the tree, but eventually make it safely to the top. Still other children are cautious and timid, so they never make it to the top branches. They never know what they are missing.

What type of lover do you think you are? Do you commit with your full heart and scramble up the tree? If so, you probably know that sometimes you get lucky and the branch holds you safe, but other times the branch is weak and drops you unexpectedly.

Do you take awhile to warm up to suitors, only climbing when you feel safe? If so, you have probably passed up amazing love, because you were too scared to climb to the next branch.

Are you so cautious and timid that you have never allowed yourself to fall in love? If so, you will never know what you are missing until you race up the tree and give the branch a wiggle. Sometimes you may fall to the ground below, but that is just a new starting point; a new opportunity for love. Other times you will find the strong branch; that love you can trust, which keeps you safe, and gives you a reason for living.

Keep these inspiring words for love close to your heart. Return to these inspirational words on love whenever you are feeling weak. In your saddest moments, remember that a hard hit on the ground is an opportunity to start climbing again.

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