Leadership Lesson Plans Combined With Personal Growth Will Help You Become A Great Leader

A few people are born to be leaders and they seem to shoot right to the top with relative ease.
They are born with natural charisma, self confidence, and determination. Not only are they able to set a goal and achieve it, they draw people to them as eager supporters.

If you aren't one of those people, you don't have to despair. They are rare indeed.

Most people today become good leaders because they have learned the skills needed. Leadership can be learned and taught in schools or courses. By implementing solid leadership lesson plans, these classes can teach you to become a good leader; however, you still need to do the personal development work needed for success.

Let’s take a look at the typical leadership lesson plans used in one of these training courses:


– a good leader needs to be able to influence people effectively so he can lead them towards the desired action. Leaders don't force people to do things, instead, they influence them in such a way that they are eager to do them or at least willing to try.

You should develop the skills of persuasive speaking while at the same time understanding human psychology. Learn how to identify your detractors right away and focus your efforts on them, and once you have influenced them, others will automatically follow along.

Trust Building

– Building and rebuilding trust is an important job of a leader and one of the most difficult. You won't be able to lead anyone if you are not trusted. You will have to earn that trust through your actions rather than your words. Once trust is broken, even if it was done by someone other than you, your job will be much harder as you have to rebuild the trust before you can make progress.

To build trust you must be honest, do what you say you will do, respect other people, and maintain confidentiality. Leadership lesson plans on trust building will help you learn the psychology behind trust and how to foster it through practical applications.

Decision Making

– Good leaders aren't wishy washy. They have the ability to make good decisions and to stick by them.

Decision making involves the small steps taken towards the eventual goal of problem solving. Learning about decision making teach you various models to use for problem solving. You will learn to identify problems, explore alternatives, implement solutions, and then evaluate your progress.

An effective problem solver has an easier time garnering support among followers, this makes reaching the desired goal an easier and quicker process.

Facilitating Change

– As a leader, you make decisions and influence people to take steps to achieve your goal. To do that, you have to know how to facilitate change.

This can be tricky because most of us inherently dislike change. We want things to stay the same.

You can learn how to manage groups of people so they are more willing to make the changes needed to see progress. This involves changing mindsets through effective communication, establishing a clear path, and understanding the individual responses to change.

Personal Development

 – Leadership lesson plans on personal development are very important because you can have all the tools and skills at your disposal and still not be an effective leader if it does not come from within you first.

To develop leadership skills, you must undergo self reflection and identify your strengths and weaknesses. You should have the attitude that leadership is a reflection of who you are rather than how well you can manipulate people.

When you come from a place of integrity, people will be drawn to you and trust you more readily and you will become a better leader.

You can learn a lot about leadership by taking courses on the subject.

 Corporations today live and die by their leaders so there are many opportunities available for learning these skills from local schools.
Your company may even offer their own leadership training courses.

If you want to become a great leader outside of the business world, you can take advantage of online courses, DVDs, and books on the subject.

Remember that  lesson plans on their own won't make you a great leader. That requires personal reflection and growth.

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