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by Jael Dungca

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The purpose of this site is to guide you towards your own personal improvement, development & excellence so you may become a highly cultured being - by teaching you the "sense of increase". The term 'sense of increase' is about the changes in us for the better. These changes could occur physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally or socially.

Sense of Increase teaches you that there can and should be an increase in whatever aspect you have in life, whether it is about love, knowledge, money, success or fame. By learning about the sense of increase, you put yourself on the right track in becoming a highly cultured being.

'A highly cultured being' refers to those people who are very adept in dealing with life no matter what the circumstances are. They are excellent people who have good morals & conduct, and live their life not just for their own sake, but also for the sake of humanity. They are the persons who continuously improve their own self and develop their personality for the good of all.

This site will not only teach you to become more knowledgeable and increase every aspect of your life, but it also teaches you to always keep your feet on the ground. No matter how successful & excellent we are, we shouldn't forget that we are still human beings and we should use whatever we gain for the sake of the world around us & humanity itself.

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"To share my experiences & knowledge, to care for people I love, to explore more things, to learn valuable lessons, to become successful and to serve God is why I live."

Jael Dungca is a pro-active goal achiever student who is currently taking up electrical engineering in Holy Angel University in the Philippines.

Jael Dungca before: During his high-school days, he was more likely to be found lurking in cafes and playing computer games than listening inside the classrooms of the school. He was also involved in gang troubles and a member of many unethical groups.

He became passionate with self-modification, self-improvement, personal development and behavior management after he stopped studying for 3 years.

Since then Jael has become ardent about achieving important behavior goals. He is currently an active student in school and is getting A & B grades.

At the young age of 21 he made a huge transformation in his life. Hence, the website he has created.

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