Try Practicing Thankfulness

by Sarah G. Young

(Visitor's Self Improvement Ideas:)

Here a tip that's been great for me. Practice thankfulness!

Every day I, while I'm still in bed, I start my morning by mentally going through the things that I am thankful for.

I start with the basics ... waking up, being alive, not being ill, having a great family, having great friends, and so on, and then I move on to the more specific things like what I'll be doing when I get out of bed, the opportunities I'm getting, and so on.

It's a wonderful way to start. It feels like it brightens my entire day!

Just recently I started practicing thankfulness towards all the things that I don't like.

Getting a harsh talking to by my boss, how can I be thankfull about that? Well, I thought, I'm thankful he doesn't fire me. I'm thankful he doesn't chew me out more often. I'm thankful for learning how NOT to do things at work. I'm thankful for learning more about how to do things at work. And so on.

Maybe it sounds weird, but it's working for me! It makes my days here on Earth much better. You should try it!

Blessings & Love


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