Sex Is Nice, but Love Is Holy

by Mary
(Tehran, Iran)



(Visitor's Self Improvement Ideas:)

Imagine that you meet someone you are attracted to. Imagine also that you start to have a sexual relationship with this person very quickly.

In most cases like that you will not be sure what your relationship with this person is.

Is it a love relationship, or just a sensual relationship, or not even that, but just a sexual relationship?

You can easily get your heart hurt like that.

Generally, if someone hurts our heart it is maybe our own fault - because we let them. This almost happened to me recently.

Someone I know very well asked me to be his girlfriend.

He is very cute and very good at talking with ladies. Very attractive.

However, since I know him very well, I knew that his reason for wanting a relationship to me was to get sex, nothing else.

So, I refused to accept him as my boyfriend.

My point in telling this story here is that the soul of the person you are with is very important. Is it compatible with your soul?

Also, for me, there has to be love. If there is no love, there is no point in making love with this person.

Sex is nice, but love is holy and sharing your bed (making love) while sharing real love makes for a much, much better experience - and for much more personal growth.

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