Ideas, Thoughts, Decisions, etc: Write 'Em Down & Mail 'Em!

by Linda Thompson
(Toronto, Canada)

(Visitor's Self Improvement Ideas:)

When you read a great self help book or go to some self improvement seminar and have a powerful thought, or you get some great self improvement ideas, or you make some life changing decision ... then write it down on a piece of paper and stuff it in an envelope.

Give the envelope to your best friend and tell her or him to give it back to you whenever he or she pleases some time in the not too near future.

If you want some more fun, put a stamp and your own address on the envelope and tell your friend to post it. (This makes it even easier for your friend, too).

This way you get a very tangible reminder of your great thought, idea or decision at some unknown point in the future - when you are likely to have forgotten it. It's fun and it works, too.

I have a very good friend who must have at least 10 of my letters lying around just waiting to be returned to me. And when I get one (by mail, I use the stamp and address method) it's just a little bit like getting a love letter - at least it's a letter from someone I love. :-)

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Good Idea, but a Bit Clunky!
by: John B.

It's kind of a good idea, I guess, because it ensures that you get a second look at all those self improvement things you thought were great when you heard them (or thought of them), but which you promptly forget when you start work again monday morning.

Your idea, Linda, is just a bit clunky, that's what I think. Lots of paper and letters involved. You've even got to involve one of your friends. But if you replace 'letter' with e-mail, maybe ...

Anyway, don't want to put you down or anything. Great that you're sharing! Thankz!

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