End Procrastination by Having Smaller Goals

by Herbert S. Smith ('The Herb')
(Nevada, US of A)

(Visitor's Self Improvement Ideas:)

You know what, folks? I'm one of the world's great procrastinators. I always have LOTS of projects and up until recently I never seemed to finish any of them (or, at least not very many of them).

Then that changed, simply because of something someone said. Here's what happened:

One of my friends, Jerry, who's much better at getting things done and finishing projects than I am, said to me:

"Herb, you've got all these big projects going on. Big, big goals. Why do you set your goals so high?

If I were you I'd set them lower. And, boy, I mean LOWER! Much, much lower! Set yourself some very VERY small goals and then just do it... like they say in the commercials."

Well, I considered that for some time and I realized that Jerry was right. There was so MUCH I wanted to do and on top of that I wanted to do it RIGHT.

I had put myself into some kind of overload. Goal overload, maybe, or project overload, or do-it-right overload. Or all of those.

So, recently, I've been taking Jerry's advice...

I've been cutting down on the number of projects I want to do. I chose the three projects that I care for the most and put the others on hold - in reality, though, they were already on hold). Three projects... for me that's a MUCH lower goal than usual.

Also I've been splitting each of my projects into smaller parts (smaller goals)... and you know what?

I've been focusing on doing the SMALLEST parts first. You know, the things that only take like 5 minutes or something, tops. They're easy to do, so easy. And so I actually get them done!

And you know what else? Getting something done turns me on, so that I want to get MORE stuff done. It's the weirdest thing!

I'm not the world's greatest procrastinator anymore, and that's a good thing!

I just thought I'd share it with you all. It may not be such a big thing, but it works for me. You know, really works.

So DO try this at home, folks! :-)


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